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  1. LOL! Ya guys really get me rolling!!
  2. http://www.battlefield.ru/tanks/is2/is2_2.jpg Umm, this one is real hot!!
  3. Yeah I can tell you that MZO CM is a great place to be. It adds another dimension to CM PBEM playing. You can start your own threads in the PBEM forum and tell other ppl about your games and post pictures (which is really easy BTW). There are lots of detailed AARs too with pictures. The ppl are very friendly. So go and have a look.
  4. Stikku, talking about ... cough... umm, get ready, here it comes : 'Nahverteidigungsaffe'?
  5. LOL, yeah that sure works... ...unless my opponent has a Firefly. dieseltaylor, ya reading this?!
  6. Great tips. I always thought that AT rifles were worthless, but now I'm gonna use them more!
  7. Hi, Since playing von Lauchert I have become an absolute fan of the Panther and so far it hasn't disappointed me (well, except for getting KO'd in a recent PBEM by a M10 which hit the turret which is the 'weaker' spot, 100/curved). I now strongly believe that it is better than the Tiger, though requires more micromanagement as the sides aren't all that well armored. They can stand up easily to IS-2's and their accuracy is, well, quite deadly. The 75L70 is a beauty, only the 17 pdr is better that it in it's calibre. I was wondering, after reading the PanzerIV thread if you guys have any good tips on using the Panther more effectively. Any tips or tricks will be well appreciated. TIA!
  8. *I had the same problem, try hitting CTRL-F5 after logging in. Thanks * Thank you very much Viriato. It works!!
  9. Does running tire the infantry more than advancing?
  10. I 'run' a lot, rather than 'advance', due to the speed. But in a recent PBEM turn I have had several casualties during a relatively short run when hidden enemy infantry fired upon me. Question : Is running worth it when you are near the objective and run the risk of being fired upon?
  11. Hi all, I have been trying for the last few days, without any success, to log on to the cmmods site (www.cmmods.com). I have used several usernames and email addresses but nothing seems to work. When I give the site my username and password it just goes back to the same old intro page. I have sent an email to cozog@cozog.com but as yet have received no replies. Any idea what is causing this problem?
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