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  1. Man, some people get worked up over the smallest of things. BFC will announce a date; check in on that date, if the game's out, buy it; If it's not, check in again on the revised date. In the meantime do something else. Life goes on.
  2. Quick question, my CMSF installs were about 2 & 3 computers ago and I was never able to deactivate either of them. IIRC, we had 2 installs for our license then it got locked. Will I need to get my licenses unlocked before I try to install CMSF2?
  3. Damn, Aris. you've gotten better over the years. I remember your CMAK ones, these are on another level entirely. Extremely well done, mate.
  4. No apologies needed mate. Just do what feels right.Looking forward to your masterpiece.
  5. Well done mate.What a stunning map.Looking forward to trying it out.
  6. Ali-Baba, If you still need your scenario I've uploaded it: http://www.mediafire.com/?wxwkg354fge
  7. LOL, definitely a premier league club .I think I got carpal tunnel making it too , especially getting rid of most of the internal walls.How big is your map? I haven't finished my map yet but I'm thinking I might reduce it's dimensions.It's currently 1km x 1km with not even half of it done and it's already starting to lag on my old P4 2.6 6600GT rig.All those buildings I guess...
  8. You beat me to it. Really nice looking map you've got there. I've been creating a map with a football stadium as well but yours looks a lot more middle eastern than mine:
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