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  1. Sgt Aubrey Cosens VC 1st Bn Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C. - Killed 26th February 1945, age 24. - Son of Charles E. and Yvonne Cosens, of Latchford, Ontario. - VC citation London Gazette 18th May 1945: In Holland, on the night 25/26th February, 1945 the 1st Battalion The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada attacked the hamlet of Mooshof. Sergeant Cosens' platoon, with tanks in support, had as their objective enemy strong-points in three farm-buildings. They were twice beaten back and were then fiercely counterattacked. Their casualties were heavy, including the platoon commander killed. Sergeant Cosens assumed command of the few survivors of the platoon, and placed them so as to give him covering fire while he crossed open ground to the one remaining tank and directed its fire. After a further counter-attack had been repulsed, Sergeant Cosens ordered the tank to attack the three farm-buildings, the remaining men of his platoon following in close support. He himself entered the three buildings in turn, alone, and killed or captured all the occupants. Immediately afterwards he was shot by a sniper, and died almost instantly. His outstanding gallantry, initiative and determined leadership resulted in the capture of a position which was vital to the success of the future operations of the Brigade. Groesbeek War Cemetary
  2. Good idea. The latest version is posted to the Proving Grounds. Proving]http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/scenario_details_link.html?sku=1131]Proving Grounds I hope someone can beat this. I may have created a monster.
  3. Hi folks. I'm looking for a couple of people to playtest a very small 13-turn CMAK scenario I cooked up. It's a meeting engagement meant for play against the A.I. I've tried to script the A.I. to give you a tough, but not impossible fight. So if you've got a little extra time and want to give it a try, I would appreciate it. You can download it here: Download Fast Clash Email me at dphelps05@mac.com if you have some suggestions, along with your name or handle, and I'll put ya in the credits. Also, I'm not too good at official war talk, so if you see a way to spice up the briefings or make them more credible, that would be appreciated, too. Thanks.
  4. One of the reasons I ask is that from the little I've read about it, (like here: http://www.gebirgsjaeger.4mg.com/kreta.htm ) I don't see any mention of the Germans using tanks. It seems like it was mostly an airborne assault, whereas the scenario edtor does list small and medium tanks. So I was wondering what a typical force might have consisted of.
  5. Could anyone help me out here? I am doing a Crete scenario which will have the Germans attacking a British outpost. I've looked over the unit possibilities and I would like to put in a unit selection that would have been typical of the German invasion. I'm not enough of an expert though. Could anyone suggest a force mix for both sides that would have been "typical?" Since it's made for an AI attack it will probably be about 2000 points German, 1000 points or a little more British, I think. I might want to add planes too, if that is reasonably realistic, so I'd like to know which ones might have been likely used. Thanks. I'll give credit when I upload the scenario.
  6. A lot of what you guys have done so far works really well. As someone who is not a heavy duty wargamer, but more of a gamer in general, I eventually learned the limitations of the AI. Playing against people is best, but I would like to play against a decent AI, too. Thanks.
  7. Thanks all for the suggestions. I will check them out. In fact, I'm going to go look up Grand Halleux right now. Getting the AI to fight right in CM is an interesting challenge. I'm enjoying look at the way others did it and developing a map myself which will draw the AI into a fight that makes logical sense and isn't just throwing lots of firepower at me. When they come out with the next version of CM I have one major wish for the AI--and that is that improve command and control. One of the things I can't believe when I see it is how the squads just amble away from their platoon leader. After all the talk we hear about how important it is to keep radio contact.... This one improvement would make a BIG difference in how the AI holds up.
  8. Thanks, Hans. After all those scenarios you've done, there are none in BO that you thought put up a good attack?
  9. I've been playing with developing scenarios, watching the AI and how it pitifully attacks (can't imagine any armies attacking like that in real life) and was wondering if there are any scenarios that really highlight how to make good attacks using the AI. I've learned a few tricks, but would like to see a scenario that does it well. Only have BO at this time, but maybe CMAK soon. This reminds me of another question: Does the AI improve in BB or AK? (Don't want to sound too harsh. I'm sure it was tough for the designers to make the AI even as good as it is). Thanks.
  10. Anybody know if the "crawl" command is more sneaky than "sneak?" I was wondering if it would allow me to get even closer to my objective without being seen than sneak will. If not, what is the main purpose of "crawl?" To take on less incoming fire?
  11. Hey hun. (Seems strange to say that.) I have a mac too, and your question jogged something in my memory. On page 168 of the BO manual it says, "Some users of iMac, G3, and G4 computers might have a problem displaying text as "white" and instead show it as "black." If this is happening to you, you will need to use MacOS 9.1 or greater to fix a video driver bug in earlier versions." Hope this helps.
  12. Oh! Okay, they have the same display. That's what threw me. Thank you. They did seem a little aggressive for Regulars, come to think of it.
  13. Does the computer experience bonus actually work? I can't see any difference when I use it.
  14. Good replies all, the long and short. They've given me good things to think about, and hopefully, will allow me to use my troops in a more thoughtful manner. Many thanks.
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