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  1. billy_sp

    Helmet goggles

    Hi Oleksandr, I'm afraid I don't have time to test this thoroughly but I did swap soldier models in CMA, so hope the same principles apply. The helmet model files are in black sea v100a.brz in the data folder They are: (I just ran a search for helmet in the exploded folder) smod_american_helmet-soldier.mdr smod_american_helmet-soldier-lod-1.mdr to smod_american_helmet-soldier-lod-5.mdr ( 1 through 5 levels of detail) smod_ukrainian_helmet-soldier.mdr smod_ukrainian_helmet-soldier-lod-1.mdr to smod_ukrainian_helmet-soldier-lod-5.mdr smod_russian_helmet-soldier.mdr smod_russian_helmet-soldier-lod-1.mdr to smod_russian_helmet-soldier-lod-5.mdr Try renaming the russian to american and vice-versa, and seeing what happens in-game. Might also have to rename the chinstrap models as well. Would be interested to see if it works! Cheers, Bill
  2. billy_sp

    Helmet goggles

    Have tried to apply to be a mod author at CMMODS- they have a CMFI mod of mine there, but it was migrated from the old site or the BF repository. As of yet have no reply. So, yes, pm me and let me know what you're interested in.
  3. billy_sp

    Helmet goggles

    Hi Marwek, It's my own adaptation of Steppenwulf-UI-mod-v2.0 weapon icons, with minor graphical adaptations and a coloured background. I would be happy to share it if you're interested, but seeing that 90% of it is Steppenwulfs' work I probably ought to ask his permission before I did. The uniforms are a mix of mods from Vein, Stagler and Kiemie, all available on CMMODS, I've just rag-tagged them in my Z folder.
  4. billy_sp

    Helmet goggles

    Hi dragonwynn, I made a mod for my own use that eliminates some goggles- i.e. rag-tags helmets. I can put it up on cmmods if you like, with both rag-tag and no goggles options.
  5. billy_sp

    More floating icons

    Hi Ian, really like your icons for CMRT and CMBS. Nice work! And better researched than mine. Here are some images of my efforts...
  6. billy_sp

    More floating icons

    Whoops, can't upload plain style, the file is too big. I'll put it up at the Repository later.
  7. Just a couple more variants on the theme. Nato-style in plain vanilla or HUD style. Comments and feedback welcome Nato Floating Icons_HUD.zip
  8. billy_sp

    NATO Military Symbols

    I've made a couple, one standard NATO style and the other HUD style. What was puzzling was how to make the FOW icons so they're easily discernible. I managed so-so with the HUD icons, but the standard NATO FOW icons I've tried with an outline that isn't really working. Will be interesting to see how other Floating Icon mods deal with the FOW issue. It wasn't an issue with CMSF, of course. If anyone's interested I can post the mods when the repository is up. P.S. Can't work out how to add images to this post, call me an antediluvian peasant. Ah, Think that's it
  9. billy_sp

    CMBN Icons_billy_sp.brz

    Hi db_zero. Glad you like them. I did an updated version for CMRT which is available both here and at GaJ's site. I've not yet got around to doing either Russian with German symbols, or Germans with Russian symbols, sorry about that. If I have time I'll get it done. Otherwise, if you feel confident enough, feel free to re-name and re-colour the Russian icons . I use Gimp. Cheers, Bill
  10. Hi Erik. Have done a CMRT update to my CMA icons, similar to the picture you show below, but in red. I'll post it as soon as RT is out. I've tried various small icons for CMBN, but have always found visibility a problem on a cluttered battlefield. Plus I rather like the German symbols- and they stand out better against a dark background. I have done a similar mod to yours above, but it needs a bit of tweaking. Also doesn't look as good as yours!
  11. Hi again, I've also put them up on Green as Jades' site. Take a look under authors name there, you should find them. They're quite a bit changed from the originals, but hope you like them
  12. Hi, just uploaded a new icons version to the repository. It contains German and Allied tactical symbols updated to 2.12. I've been using it myself for quite a while but haven't got round to posting it. Also have Luftwaffe Blue and British Brown versions if anyone's interested. Will try to work on Soviet symbols soon, as my CMSF version is very very low-res, but cannot guarantee anything, real life intrudes at this time of year. Any new sources for soviet symbols welcome! Have previously used some of the above pages and APOS. Cheers
  13. billy_sp

    Uniform Mods

    US Army Ragtag Uniforms v2.0, by El_Terrifico: http://cmsfmods.heroku.com/mods/4108/details
  14. billy_sp

    Problem with mods?

    That's such a good guess it's almost bound to be right.
  15. billy_sp

    Problem with mods?

    Hi. Just tried and I've got no problems. Using Vista though. Is it only since you patched to 1.03 that you've had this problem?