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  1. I saw this article pop up this morning that may be of interest. Russia Signs Initial Contract for 100 Armata MBTs http://www.janes.com/article/63616/russia-signs-initial-contract-for-100-armata-mbts?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Defense EBB 9-13-16&utm_term=Editorial - Early Bird Brief
  2. I'll agree to that. The only decent pizza I got there was the stuff from Anthony's Pizza at the BX food court. Now pide with some sujuk on it isn't so bad.
  3. I loved my time being stationed in Turkey. The people are amazingly friendly. The history and culture are wonderful to explore. The food is delicious. Their music is definitely not to my liking. It's way down on my list of music right next to traditional Greek music which I had to endure while I was stationed there. (Here's a secret... those countries are really, really similar. Just don't tell them that)
  4. That's actually a great question. In the CMBS scenario Turkey would be forced into a bad position as a NATO member due to their position. They're the closest NATO nation to Ukraine so obviously the US would want to use Incirlik AB along with many other Turkish airbases and military facilities. Even more of an issue for Turkey is that they control the access into the Black Sea via the Dardanelles and Bosporus Straight. Does Turkey restrict Russian merchant vessels from traversing the straights? They would almost definitely deny Russian military vessels access. All this makes me think that yes, Turkey should be in the game. I don't see a way they wouldn't be brought into this conflict. Also think of all the great toys! You have indigenous vehicles like the Otokar Altay, Arma, and Cobra along with stuff like the ACV-15. They also have some older US stuff like upgraded M60 Pattons (Sabra) and M113s. I know people are excited for the addition of the Polish forces and their mix of new and old Russian equipment. I think Turkey brings a ton of great and varied vehicles to the game and as I said above, I think bringing Turkey into the fight would be totally justified.
  5. Because one double kill in the battle isn't enough...
  6. I'm playing the first mission on the US campaign. One of my Abrams is in the right place at the right time because he manages to take out two Russian tanks with one shot.
  7. Ever since CMSF I've been a huge fan of the Stryker. My favorite scenarios in CMBS involve the vehicle and many of my QBs have them as well. I've definitely ran into many a fight where the added firepower of a 30mm gun instead of the .50 machine gun would have made the difference in my favor. I think it'd be a wonderful thing to see in a future module/CMSF 2, etc I also think it's certainly a needed, real world upgrade. http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/show-daily/ausa/2015/10/14/firepower-upgrade-planned-strykers/73943576/
  8. I'm up and running. Only thing I had to do was get the new nVidia driver. Not only is CMBS working but upgrading to Windows 10 actually fixed CMSF for me. I was having an issue with it starting up in 8.1 but never got around to re-installing it. Now I don't have to.
  9. Thanks for that Steve. I've had a license issue or two in the past and you guys have always been awesome about resolving it. My upgrade got put on hold by a cranky toddler but based off what a few of you have said in here I'm gonna take the plunge this weekend.
  10. The relicense issue was definitely big on my mind. Glad to hear that was not a problem. I'll probably upgrade this weekend and can report back how well it goes.
  11. Sorry to revive an old thread but with Windows 10 now released I wanted to ask the community... Has anyone upgraded to 10 and have you had an CM related issues with the upgrade?
  12. Personally I would like to see a slider that adjusts audio level added into later versions of the game or at least the next engine upgrade. Having only on/off is rather limiting. I like playing music or having a video/movie running on one monitor while playing CM on the other and without the ability to adjust the audio levels in the game, and the game being rather loud when right on a vehicle or when things are going boom, it can drown out the other audio also playing on the PC.
  13. Great! I enjoyed your last play through quite a bit. Glad to see you are doing more.
  14. Polygon.com has a story up about CM:BS... http://www.polygon.com/2015/2/13/8036183/combat-mission-black-sea-launches-amidst-real-life-tensions-in-ukraine
  15. If you need someone to install the game and make sure there are no issues just let me know.
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