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  1. ah, I realize I didn't mention that in this scenario Iraq is Allied and the UK successfully defended her against Axis invasion... and paid the ultimate price. It looks like all the MPP will go to the UK minor account even if Russian troops sit in Bagdad. It is a bit of a bummer because I actually wanted the game to proceed down this path to create an interesting situation... oh well Stalin is not happy!
  2. situation - UK held Iraq. Axis take UK in a Late Sealion. Russia rushes in and occupies the oil field but the friggin MPPs are going to a useless trust fund in the name of the Queen. Is there any way to unlock those assets other than retaking the UK? thx FF
  3. Operation Overlord has failed and Germany turns the tables! London is surrounded by invading German marines and after several weeks of hard fighting the city capitulates. Germany launches a supercarrier just to show off a bit. In the east, the Germans concentrate on widening the division between north and south Russia. Stalingrad falls and the Urals come under attack. Some very good armor units are entrenched in the mountains but it is only a matter of time before the end. With the fall of Manchester the we call it quits. Bill and I have restarted, no change in rules or sides, and this time the UK is offering some ground support to France. This is enough to prevent a breakthough and so my Axis troops are forced to grind on to Paris.... I may post a game summary later, but not a detailed AAR. hope you enjoyed this one. Thanks to Bill for the game. FF
  4. July 1943 Germany counterstrikes in the West after securing Rostov! The Americans retreat in disarray after the C&C infrastructure in France is wiped out by the Luftwaffe. Generals Bradley and Patton are MIA. A US airfleet in Brest is wiped out during interception and Italian BBs (str 13) destroy the port in Brest preventing escape. A horde of German and Italian corps begin takiing prisoners by the score. A few German corps units have arrived on the English coast and Berlin calls for immediate surrender or the invasion will proceed. The Prime Minister calls the bluff and the resulting naval and air battles leave the allies short a very experienced American BB and a couple of air units. A RN carrier strike is intercepted by a full strength L4 German air fleet commanded by Manstein (4 star), it survives, but can it fight again? Germany leaves four Luftwaffe units in the West and once agains turns her attention east. There, the situation for the Allies is nearly as grim. Moscow has fallen. Lennegrad is surrounded and Finland has joined the Axis. The Russians still have many units defending the Don in the south and the Volga in the North so Germany takes the easiest route and drives a wedge through Voronezh towards the east edge of the map. Colonel Yuri Pederov, leading the 2nd Soviet Army air force, continues to fly missions against the Italian defenders in Iraq. General Balbo's pleas for air support are ignored by the high command in Rome. On New Years Day the Colonel accepts an invitation to Bagdad and vodka is exchanged for grappa. The next day Russian planes blow up a fuel depot and strafe the HQ... tech of interest, as known to Axis spies: Germany IT4, LR4, J4, HT1, AT3. Italy. GLR3. USSR: AT1, HT2, LR2? IT5, J1, USA: J4, AT2, IT5. UK J2 [ November 14, 2005, 10:23 PM: Message edited by: Friendly Fire ]
  5. my secret is out of the bag. but Bill and I continue, here is what is going on April 42. RMKO line falls and the Russians prepare a defense in depth along Smolensk. The Americans begin building up a massive invasion armada, but is it too late for Stalin's army? May 42. The Russian armored division guarding the mine at the east edge of the great march is killed off by inferior Panzer tanks aided by the Luftwaffe commanded by General Manstein. In the north German forces push inland, bypassing both Lenningrad and Smolensk and drive towards Moscow. June 42. D-Day. Waves of Americans come on shore at Brest and along the coast. It is really quite impressive, there are some ten or so level 12 armies lead by 2 HQs. Germany defends the air with 3 air fleets and as the libertors flood the continent many Italian and Germany corps are sent in and form a two hex deep wall from the coast to Paris to Bordeaux . USA has AT 2 and the Italians cannot prevent them from quickly reaching the edge of Paris, so now the supply situation is very good for the Allies. July 42. Germany commits another air unit to the defense in the west an RN carriers suffer intercept losses. One UK air unit dies during intercept at some point. The Americans kill a unit or two here and there, but without air superiority cannot force a breakout. (Germany has jet 2) A fierce naval battle is fought south of Brest. The Italians reveal gun laying radar 2! Allies retreat after taking moderate losses, and the Italian Navy returns it's new home port on the French coast for rest and repair. In the east, a pincer movement is underway, north and south of Smolensk. If not countered several army groups will be surrounded (12 units or so!!!). Bill wisely retreats everything to the Moscow line, vacating Smolensk. Siberians transfer. August (or so). Germany reaches the edge of Moscow, fighting across a broad front. In the south, with a bold Blitzkrieg attack a Panzer division crosses the Don and cuts off Rostov. The armor unit in Rostov is pummeled from entrenchment 4 str 12 to str 4. T34s are sent in and at great cost kill the lead armored division and restore supply to Rostov. The garrison re-enforces but the city falls under relentless pressure from the Luftwaffe. The gambit to sieze a bridgehold across the Don was failed and the Russians defend the other side of the river. A few british raiders have show up in Denmark and cut off supply to Scandanavia. Soon enough, they join the other POWs... (This game is a good case for limits on air tech. Long range is kind of ruining this game, Bill can't put any HQs in reach of his armored units so they are vulnerable to air strikes) Germany acquires AT2 and reaches also IT4 so her economy is in very good shape. more later. [ November 08, 2005, 06:49 PM: Message edited by: Friendly Fire ]
  6. Barbarossa A bunch or armies, corps and a few armor bust across the eastern border and pummel the helpless Russian units. Some Russian armies survive and will be able to retreat as the Luftwaffe concentrates instead on killing two couple air fleets caught on the ground. Portugal attacked and down to Str 5 Allies continue to blast Brussels into rubble.
  7. late summer 41 The RAF stayed in Iraq a bit too long. One airfleet intercepts a Luftwaffe strike on a nearby corps, and it dies when attacked direcly by another Luftwaffe. To add serious insult to injury the RAF fleet that intecepts this attack is killed also! Iraq falls soon after. Ike's D-Day plans called for air superiority, uh oh! Gibraltar falls and a couple of RN ships in the vicinity are get mauled by the Italian navy supported by Luftwaffe fleets based in Spain. The Free French corps in Bergen is punted out. Allies still hold Brest. Still no jet advances despite very heavy invested by Germany! USA is waking up and the war in the east will start in a couple of turns. oh, this is worth mentioning. On the replay where the str 1 Italian army landed near Beruit and killed the str 1 corps, the unit is displayed landing as a STR 15 unit! Everything is back to normal the next turn. We are not sure if it is just an optical bug or if the army really attacked with superherioic firepower. Has anyone seen a bug like this before? [ October 31, 2005, 11:49 AM: Message edited by: Friendly Fire ]
  8. by the way, no jet tech advances yet, all sides still have level 1.
  9. late spring '41 The Italians get the last laugh. Long range air pounds the Beriut corps down to strength 1, then a 1 point (!) Italian army lands adjacent and kills the corps off. Another Italian Army unloads into the port, gaining Axis a supply center for the assault into Iraq. UK defends with 3 corps, an HQ and 3 air fleets. Spain invaded by land and sea and falls quickly (2 turns). UK corps transports get bold and attempt to seize undefended assets in France, they are strafed by the Luftwaffe and run away. Yugo coup. Belgrade seized but they fight on. Allied ships and bombers continue to harrass Germany (lots of innocent Belgians killed by Allied shells and bombs) USA is not in yet, the UK invasion of Ireland has slowed down their entry.
  10. Vichy trashed by maurading Axis invaders, but the gambit to cut UK troops out of Beruit fails, fooey. Axis minors have joined the party... Axis reveals developments in LR tech... very handy for the Battle for Middle Earth, oops I mean the Middle East.
  11. not sure if anyone reads this, the forum looks pretty dead, but I may as well continue Fall 1940 Axis invade Norway and Sweden, French air force in Malta destroyed. Bergen held by Allies as is Brest. RAF Bombers strike Brussels port but are intercepted by the Luftwaffe, RAF AF escorting. Italian navy supported by the Luftwaffe attack and sink several RN ships near Alexandria. As yet, no Axis minors have joined.
  12. For some reason I am not in the latest list, have I been kicked out for bad behaviour? still active and available for games: friendlyfire@fastmail.fm
  13. July/August 1940 (btw, FF Axis, Bill Allies) Norway conquered, free French corps lands in Bergen. RAF Bomber crews hits mines in France, Hitler youth ordered in with umbrellas to catch the falling bombs. Canadian corps unit captured in Bordeux after the port is wiped out preventing escape. UK still holds Brest. An Italian scout sails to Alexandria and is pummeled by the Royal Navy Free French pilots try to defend the Malta port but are hopelessly outmatched by Luftwaffe ME109Gs based in Sicily.
  14. Hi, just thought I would post a note about a mod Bill101 and I are trying out. It is based on the 39Mod2 scenario that is (was?) popular among German players a while back. If you are not familiar with this scenario it is worth checking out. (quick run down - USA has 1000 extra MPP and IT 5, USSR has IT 5 about 2000 MPP, AT 1 HT 2. UK has Iraq and assets in Egypt. Germany has an extra HQ and air unit) We tweaked the scenario to make it harder for Allies to launch an unstoppable preemtive strike on strike on Tobruk as soon as Italy enters (even granting the one turn grace of the "no landing on a major the turn they enter" rule) The modification has Italy activated but neutral in 39. All her armies have been taken away. She is allowed right of transport to her African holdings but is not allowed to do much else (there are some rules and if Italy breaks them then Allies can DOW on her) The idea is to allow Italy some time to prepare a defense of Tobruk prior to her official involvment in the war. The early part of the game was fun, with Italy buying and moving units around but staying out of the war. Now it is June 40, France has just fallen and Italy attacked without much warning Allied shipping in the Med! (bastards!) She is about the usual strength and the game will proceed more or less normally from now on. will keep ya posted! (thanks to Bill for trying this out with me)
  15. bummer about the wood mod, nice try though while not comparable in scope or ambition, I still have the "silent war" mod available for anyone who wants it, mentioned earlier in this thread... FF
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