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  1. Me, too. You also have to pay customs duties when shipping the item to Europe. Unfortunately, there's no "download only" pre-order.
  2. I would also pay money for an engine update to the old SC2 titles, but I think it would be easier for Hubert to include the classic "Fall Weiss" Scenario with its big Europe map in "SC - Global Conflict" in a future patch/addon.
  3. I hope that the game will also include a campaign with the traditional big Europe map from Weapons and Warfare or at least give us the opportunity to import the Fall Weiss Scenario/Map form WaW. Since I purchased and enjoyed all SC-Games so far, "Global Conflict" will be the game of the year 2010 for me.
  4. What about a game like "SC2 Blitzkrieg Gold" with the latest SC engine, offering the scenarios and improvements of both add-ons in one game. That would be a fine product.
  5. Is there any chance that you add the new decision events from PDE also to WaW in the patch 1.04? Is this technically possible?
  6. That's true. I've played the Storm of Steel scenario with axis. Even though I conquered France, Spain, North Africa and Iraq, I've got a lot of problems in the USSR, since they seem have tons of resources in late 1942. So, I'm going back to Fall Weiss of WaW, since this scenario is much more balanced for the axis.
  7. Did you play the full version of the game? If so, does the US produce much more MPP than in the WaW addon?
  8. Hello, I recently downloaded the demo of 'Patton Drives East', even though I'm not interested in the "East vs. West" scenarios. However, I was surprised: the new 'Storm of Steel' scenario is very interesting, offering the player much more options than the original Fall Weiss scenario. Nevertheless, before I decide to purchase this expansion, please answer the following questions: 1. Storm of Steel Scenario The USA is much bigger here than the USA in the 'Weapons and Warfare' Add-on. Thus, I want to know how many MPP (military production points) will the USA generate in the Storm of Steel scenario with 100% readiness and no industrial technology research? In WaW, the USA generates 160 MPP. The US should not be able to produce more MPP in the Storm of Steel scenario, since this would destroy game balance in my opinion. 2. Fall Weiss Is there any chance, that you will add the classic Fall Weiss scenario to the 'Patton Drives East Expansion' as well in a future patch? I would love to see this classic scenario with the improved AI and the new Decision system. Thanks. Frank [ May 22, 2008, 03:02 AM: Message edited by: Franky-Boy ]
  9. Can someone please look at this "Benelux Bug", which appears in WaW: Today, I destroyed the corps in Bruxelles (Fall Weiss Scenario), but did not take it. The next round, the Allied AI buying and placing a corps there. The following round, I could not attack this corps with any of my surrounding units. This corps seems to be some kind of invincible. Thanks.
  10. I had the same problem today with SC2:WaW. I destroyed the corps in Bruxelles, but did not take it. The next round, the Allied AI buying and placing a corps there. The following round, I could not attack this corps with any of my surrounding units. This seems to be a bug also in WaW.
  11. By the way: why can't I pre-order only the download-version of the game? If I pre-order the normal CD-Version, I can save 10 $ over the regular release price, but the cost for shipping and handling to Germany will cost more than the discount of $ 10.
  12. Can I use this AI script also with version 1.04, since there are some changes in this patch affecting gameplay? Thanks.
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