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  1. @slysniper It depends on you what is meant by overspend. If you mean the US economy's overspend, i.e. the US economy spending more than it earns (the current account deficit), the point when the overspend would be forced to stop would probably be if/when the dollar no longer held 'reserve currency status'. Reserve currency status is when a currency is held by foreign central banks as part of their reserves and is also the currency that most (about 80%) of international transactions are completed with. This increases demand for a currency, which keeps its price up. The Euro, Yen and Sterling (for now) make up most of the other 20%. Of course economies can turn around a current account deficit all on their own. If you mean US Govt deficit, which is what I think you meant, the overspend would be forced to stop when investors felt that they would no longer receive interest payments or possibly receive their principal back. As at present we are in a risk averse part of the cycle, demand for Govt bonds is very high as they are seen a ultra safe, which is why they are so cheap and their yields so low. Of course a government can choose to spend less at any time. So basically, the US will probably not have to pay the price any time soon, although it could choose to. It just has to keep up the mortgage payments.
  2. Thanks for this advice. Solved First Clash crashing for me. Cheers, Eddy
  3. Dear Battlefront, Thank you very much for my 41st birthday present. So far I have received a CMBN demo, and an indoor herb garden from my brother. Don't tell him but I prefer yours. I feel awful. I didn't get you anything for yours. I'm sorry, I was really busy at the time. Any ideas what you want for your next birthday? Remind me again when it is. My memory is terrible. Do you like herbs? Ed
  4. And his conclusions, as always, would have been self preservation, mixed with a healthy dose of oppurtunism. If Hitler had offered the MR Pact after the invasion of Poland, there is every likelyhood Uncle Joe would have accepted it. Hitler could have offered an M-R pact for the following reasons 1 as a smoke screen 2 to stop any alliance between the Soviet Union and the western allies, who would have been severely worried after the invasion of Poland. It doesn't necessarily follow that in this hypothetical situation that Hitler would have felt strong enough to invade the Soviet Union in 1940 or even 1941. (I know you said "could have invaded " so please don't think I'm missquoting). IIRC there was some grumbling after the invasion of Poland about the will to win of the German soldiers, and so Hitler may not have felt confident enough in 1940 to invade the Soviet Union. Also, his generals may well have dissuaded him from invading Russia. It real life, after the invasion of Western Europe, he was in too strong a position to be dissuaded. Furthermore, as pointed out before, the Soviet Union was still regarded as very strong militarliy, and in 1940 Hitler could well have baulked at invading. As for Stalin, he may well have still invaded Estonia and Latvia. Don't know about Finland, I can't remember exactly why he invaded that Cheers Ed P.S hope this makes some kind of sense. I hit the damned Add Post while I was still thinking about it, and lost whatever train of thought may have existed [ December 09, 2004, 08:14 AM: Message edited by: Eddy ]
  5. Yep, makes sense. So that that then. Sardinia, Corsica, Italy, France, the BeNeLux countries, then Germany. A bit like the Grand Tour And as for Stalin, the allies can tell him to make his own damn boots. Cheers Eddy
  6. Thanks Michael. After reading your post ,there are some further advantages for invading southern France that I can think of. 1. The number of Free French would probably increase as more and more of their homeland was liberated. 2. Invading Southern France a year before Normandy would solve problem the shortage of landing craft which delayed the real Anvil. 3. If, after Overlord, the Allies were bogged down in the beachead in Normandy and the Germans won the battle to reinforce, the allies could shift the emphasis back from northern France to southern France. 4. It allows unblooded troops to gain experience. So, completely changing argument (aka being a pain in the arse), why bother with Italy at all? It was after all designed to tie up German troops, which would be achieved by invading southern France. The terrain is not very favourable for the attacker. And it ended up sucking in more allied troops than German, thus defeating the point of the whole thing. Despite my earlier posts, this is closer to my actual position. I have always thought that the invasion of Italy was pursued for the wrong reasons; specifically by Alan Brooke and Churchill, i.e. to avoid decisive action with the Germans as they feared a blood bath, and to appear to be doing something while waiting for the Allied strength to be built up in Britain. France is as good as Italy in these regards, with the added advantage that once Overlord is launched, the two fronts can work in tandem. Cheers Eddy
  7. Michael, Good points, well made but what would you tell Uncle Joe? He would surely see the taking of Corsica and Sardinia as further prevarication while his own troops did all the dying. This would further bolster his paranoid psyche that once the Germans were nearly beaten, the US/UK would walk into Europe all the way to his borders. It's probably what he would have done, if the roles were reversed. However take Stalin out of the equation, if Corsica is taken, why airdrop in Rome? The allies could invade way up north near, for example, Genoa with a seaborne and airborne invasion. Looking at the map, it doesn't seem that far from Corsica so presumably air cover wouldn't be a problem. Furthermore, if near Genoa was invaded, and the allies struck east, the whole of the boot would be cut off. Cheers Eddy Off topic: Err bit embarrasing this one but what does the D in D-Day stand for? My brother asked me, I didn't know so I lied and told him it was Disembarkation Day. First thing I could think of.
  8. Back on topic, what advantage could be gained by going to Sardinia/ Corsica? I suppose it allows the allies to invade further up the Italian coast, as well as threatening southern France. Here's the but... IIRC part of the idea of invading Italy was to draw some troops away from the Eastern front, as well as providing strategic airbases. As such, does it matter where you invade as long as German troops are sent to Italy and your bombers can reach central Europe? And as for France... I don't know the terrain in central France. Is it be favourable for the kind of sweeping tank battles the allies envisaged for the liberation of Europe? Or are there areas where an invasion force could become bogged down. One thing I can say is it's an awfully long tail from southern France to the German border, and a long way for the air forces from Britain to support them. Also open to flank attacks form western, or north western France. Just a few thoughts. Cheers Eddy
  9. As well as the seperate peace, as Michael and Koenig have stated, there were a few other, more subtle, levers with which he could apply pressure. The first was specifically the question of Poland after the Nazis had been ejected. This had been the catalyst for the the UK's declaration of war so was still important. Churchill hoped that if he kept Stalin sweet, the London poles would have a say in the post war Poland. And for Poland you could read all of Eastern Europe in general as well. The second, and probably more important, was that the US and UK wanted Stalin's help with defeating Japan, after victory had been achieved in Europe. Japan had been very careful not get into hostilities with the Soviets. If Britain and the US had been tardy in opening a second front, Stalin could very well be tardy in opening a front with Japan. So the amount of pressure he could apply was considerable. However, it works both ways. The western allies and specifically the US could apply pressure back by through logistics. They shipped a staggering amount of material to the Soviets e.g. 13 million winter boots ( very handy ), 2000 locomotives, 5 million tons of food, 427000 vehicles, and loads more boring numbers. Cheers Eddy
  10. With Clusters, I seem to recall it was diplomatic pressure. I think it was in Roy Jenkin's excellent biography of Churhill. It was nothing as explicit as threatening to break friends, more like sniping at Churchill at the conference in Moscow (IIRC) and to the British ambassador in Moscow (whose name escapes me) nearly all the time. Churchill also had the problem that around this period the Murmansk convoys were stopped, further giving Stalin a stick to beat Churchill with. Churchill was desperate to keep what he would see as Britain's status as a world power, and possibly he felt that if Britain looked like it was letting the side down, it would undermine this position. Anyway, in answer to your question I would say diplomatic pressure, with adding complaining and sniping. Cheers Ed P.S. Churchill probably felt far more pressure to keep the US happy. They could have changed their policy from Germany first to a Japan first, as Admiral King and I think Gen. MacArthur were pushing for.
  11. IIRC the decision to invade Italy and not Corsica was for political reasons as well as strategic ones. The western allies were under a great deal of pressure from Stalin to open up a second front, and the British where under pressure from their US allies for an invasion of the Atlantic coast in 1943. Haunted by their experience in the first world war, Allan Brooke and Churchill were fearful of such an invasion, as they believed the western allies, specifically the US army, did not have sufficient experienced troops to be able to successfully invade France, and that such an invasion in 1943 would fail, with catastrophic consequences. However, the British had to come up with something to appease both the US and Soviet govt. It is doubtful that anything less than an invasion of mainland Europe would have been enough to placate Stalin. Corsica or Sardinia would probably not cut the mustard with either Stalin or Marshall, who already had doubts about the British will to win. Also, the invasion of southern Italy would allow bases for the strategic bombing of central Europe, such as the mining of the Danube, central and eastern Germany etc. Remember, at the time (1942 – 43) there was still a belief by many that strategic bombing could be the decisive factor in the capitulation of Germany. Corsica or Sardinia may not have provided the Allied air force with such bases. Thirdly, they (the British) probably thought it was a soft underbelly, and that it would be easy. Cheers Ed
  12. http://www.gamershell.com/download_init.shtml?hellID=5024&mirror=4&a=18970197532273 Try here and click on the "download will start i 10" because it didn't auto download for me. Cheers Ed
  13. There was something about this on QI a couple of Friday nights ago. The British Army used the experience gained in Empire building, and from the East Indian Company's troops, in realising that disaease was linked to sanitation. Hence from Napoleonic times, losses from disease were lower than many other armies. However, I'm reading Alamein, by two blokes (can't remember), and they have just been writing about the high level of dysentry in the Eighth Army. With this in mind, BFC should patch a v1.05 with smellovision for the correct realism. And flies. Lots of flies. WAV packs of soldiers thowing up in five different languages..... Cheers Ed
  14. Blutzeit CMx2 is the name given for a game currently being developed by Battlefront.Details are farily patchy, but we do now the following; 1. It's being developed by Battlefront 2. It's a game 3. It's probably another wargame 4. CMx2 is it's development title 5. It's a complete waste of time asking Battlefront about it 6. Nearly everyone has a view to what it should be If you wish to lose the will to live, do a search on CMx2 or CM2 or CMXX, go to the earliest post and read them all the way through. Cheers Eddy
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