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  1. Thanks a lot, that was useful information. I thougt that the problem perhaps could be solved with an older driver or something. I bought another card, an XTX GeForce 6200A, and now CM1 works again. But I have the impression that it's not really as smooth as before, and the editor in 2D is definitly like scrolling in jam - I know the trick with turning of height, and it helps, but MappingMission will not work. That is a driver issue, since my old card worked well up 'till Nvidia 30.82. Does anyone has any suggestion for the best driver for GeForce 6200 and CM1?
  2. Hmm ... Dispite my high hopes .... Tested now with my ongoing PBEM, and it wasn't good at all. Very sluggish and slow. Tuned of more or less everything, from flags to smoke, but it didn't helped. Can changing the driver fix this thing? I have ver. 8.523-080808a-068178E-ASUS from ATI 2D driver - Direct3D version - OpenGL version -
  3. Redwolf! The day you was born was a blessed day! I bought a new PSU-430W, and now everything is working much smoother. I have smoke, fog and with the Radeon/ATI text fix, I can read the signs. Havn't played anything yet, but I have high hopes for the best. The only issue is that the editor is extremly slow in 2D. I had the same problem with my old GeForce for any newer driver. But using an old driver (Nvida 30.82) it worked perfect. Is there any particular driver version that can fix this problem with Radeon? Thanks! -------------------------------------- BTW, I noticed that BFC sell (sic!) a fix for Vista. It surprised me (as a PhD in business administration) that they not included more fixes, e.g. for ATI grafic and fixed some things in the game as well (perhaps uppgradet CMBB to CMAK standard). Then I believed that every one of us gladly would have payed $20-50 for it. (But I can do witout that "e-licence" thing?)
  4. Perhaps the name is AOpen? It's 300W, and I think that the recommendations for the card was 325W. But I was told that if the clock frequence didn't drop, then there is no problem. I don't know how to check that, but other games like IL-2 and Silent Hunter 3 seems to work just fine. Since the most importent thing is to have a PC that can run CMBB/AK (been a part of my life for 5 (?) years now), I'm willing to throw away the card and try another. Is XFX GeForce 6200A 256MB APG a card that is known to work with CM? Seems to be a cheep and simple card that isn't too much for my old PC.
  5. Hi! Thanks for the replay, your effort is much appreciated. "What do these Asus numbers translate to in real graphics card designations?" Not sure I understand the question! Here is some tec. spec; ¤ ASUS AH3650 SILENT/HTDI - graphics adapter - Radeon HD 3650 - 512 MB ¤ Graphics Processor / Vendor ATI Radeon HD 3650 ¤ Core Clock Speed 725 MHz ¤ Graphics Card Performance: This card is compatible with the new rendering features of DirectX 10, which is featured in the Windows Vista operating system. ¤ Video Memory Installed 512 MB ¤ Technology DDR2 SDRAM 128-bit ¤ Memory Clock Speed 1 GHz "Most likely your problem is that the power supply isn't sufficient for the new card. In general you can't just go and plug much new graphics cards into old PCs when the old PC was cheap." The card take extra power (not only through the AGP-port) and I have connected that cable. "But you didn't tell us what graphics card the ATI is so who knows." Again, you expose my ignorance. I thought that the graphic card was "ASUS AH3650". "Buying an ATI card in a panic situation is understandable, about as much as somebody with sudden severe vertigo jumping right off a roof." The sence of vertigo describe the feeling quite well, when my PC broke down. The demand for AGP limited the number of suitable cards (actually there was only two in my local shop) and since I had ASUS before, then I bought ASUS again. (Stupid consumer logic, but who says that we always "know" what we bay?) Thanks again!
  6. Hi! My old friend, ASUS V8460 GeForce4, a card with AGP, have given up. I paniced and bought the only available grafic card, with AGP, that I could find with short notice - It was ASUS AH3650. The driver is; ATI ver. 8.523.0.0 I removed the CMBB Prefs, and CMBB suggested "1600x1200 at 60MHz" (And it even mention the name of the card! Never seen that before). BB works in 2D. In 3D the text drops out, there is some black parts and nothing moves/works. System hang if I try do look around. The card pass the 3D-test in Dx9.0c Monitor is set to 16 bits (CMBB never worked in 32 bits for me) My rig: OS - XP SP3 MB - ASUS P4S8x with 2GB DIM-RAM. (SIS AGP - Driver is SIS ver. CPU - Pentium IV, 2,65 GHz Thanks in advance, for any help/suggestions!
  7. There can be many reasons. I suggest that you use MM2MC, a wonderful little program by "Author: FredKors, an addicted player of Combat Mission and proud member of the Band of Brothers online gaming club (http://www.webandofbrothers.com)." for transfering it into MapConverter and export it from there. One of the benefits is that the time for creating the map is much faster this way.
  8. I send you a new one, a while ago. I assume that one was OK?
  9. McAuliffe! You got mail! (You seem to have a spectacular surroundings there at N25/E55 :-)
  10. McAuliffe! It's delivered. Let me know if there's any problems with the mail. 2600m doesn't work in CM, so your maps is 2640m now. You got 40m with nothing on the north edge. //Regards
  11. Perhaps you can make an torrent, for every CD, at e g [url removed] Then the community can share it in an easy way.
  12. I like to help you, but unfortunatley "cellespat.bpw" is nothing that can be opened in neither Mapping Mission (.map) or Map Converter (.bb).
  13. Been there myself, tried to "point" the tank in the right direction by giving a target order, can at least speed up the time to fire. Unbuttoned the tanks to make sure they see the StuG. I guess you make sure, that the tanks had AT ammo?
  14. Crimea Anyone who can recommend a good book about the fightings on the Crimea? I have Manstein's "Lost victories" and have also read Bidermans biografi.
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