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  1. CMMODS doubles or triples the value of the game. What more can I say?
  2. I did a search and checked a couple of the Marines module threads and can't find a any comment on the beta manual that Moon announced a couple of days ago. The way it's presented on the web site is excellent: very easy and intuitive to get around, magnify, etc. Even better is the email play explanation: about 1,000 per cent better than before. Thank you, guys.
  3. So when is the Georgian module due? I've already modded five South Ossetia uniforms and four different kinds of Ossetia grass...
  4. I agree--I did a couple of cartoons on this ("Find the door!"), but it just happened again: my troops decided that instead of going in the back door (10 feet away, no apparent space limitations (like a courtyard) or other problems), they would rather go in the front door 50 feet around the front of the building on a road covered by enemy armor. They were, of course cut down. Very frustrating. Another (maybe more realistic) way of handling this would be to have troops simply stop moving and hit the dirt and await new orders if they go to a door that doesn't open. Anything would be preferable to the AI interpreting a "go through that door" order as a "get in the building any way you can if you can't get in the door in the orders."
  5. Actually, remembering that I had seen it mentioned in the forum was the main reason I kept searching rather than giving up--but I couldn't think of the right combo of search terms apparently. As for how easy the procedure was to discover...I went through most math classes in school with other students saying "all you have to do is..." and then they would effortlessly write out lines of equations on the board...nice for them, no help for me. We all have different perceptual and problem solving capabilities: a web site should aim at the lowest common denominator if it doesn't seriously compromise the experience for others.
  6. I am just now able to start exploring the new forum/community pages of the new web site. Just to start, I am delighted to find that I don't have to scroll to the bottom of the screen to post a new message. Small thing, major improvement. Thanks to Martin and everyone who made all the highly useful/pretty changes. I have a request, though, that could have saved me a lot of effort and some swearing: Can the location of the "[ Click Here for Full Screen View ]" message/link location be changed to the top of the first community section/forum page? Here's why: On my large widescreen monitor set to 168x1050, it takes **three "page-downs"** from the top of the first Community page at: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=259 to reach the full screen toggle. It took going through the site, reading the FAQs, doing a search, and finally, accidentally, going back to the home/main Community page and idly scrolling down past: - 19 forum names - the "Contact Us - Battlefront.com - Archive - Top" menu - the "Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.6.10 Copyright ©2000 - 2008, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. © 2008 Battlefront.com, Inc." credit - the " [ Back ]" link ...to the dead last bottom of the page, where there is usually no information, let alone the most useful link for changing your forum view. That's where I found the full screen toggle. It looks like it might have been stuck on, down there, as an afterthought, but being able to change to what used to be the default view for the forum and the only way for most of us to enjoy pictures (and text without an awful lot of scrolling) is really important, I think. So now everyone can tell me the obvious places I didn't look where it would have hit me in the face immediately, and where all the FAQs mention it, etc., but if by chance that's not the case---please put it in a better location? --Max (RuhrRiver)
  7. Thank you Kip. To properly credit the scenario, it was Encounter At As Samawah--nice map, interesting problems, and one or more lurking huge car bombs (see the current end of the Best Screenshot thread for screenshots of the bomb inside the car above).
  8. In this case, a "designated die-er." Weren't you blitzed in London?
  9. Maybe this has been noticed, but I haven't seen a screen shot of this particular large economy size car bomb payload. Note great detail and worried look of driver...
  10. From a recent game: just before my scouts got the Big Picture...
  11. It's Stonehenge! Great pic. If only we could harness that power for Good...
  12. Moon: In the cartoon setting, there was a clear withdrawal path for the APC, back into the town...at least, it looked like there was. Also, in my test setup, one of the APCs attempted to withdraw when another was getting pounded, and did back out of los of the enemy. But that was once with one. Troop quality: Republican Guards--don't know the exact rating. Could they be green?
  13. Okay, I've done some tests. Using this setup: Can't see them very well, but those are two Syrian APCs in between the buildings. I ran Bradleys past them at "quick" and "move" speeds along the track shown by arrows 2 (a few hundred meters) and 1 (about 50 meters). Some conclusions: 1. If the Syrian APCs were set on "hide," they tracked but never fired, no matter what. Even if a Bradley stopped 50 meters away giving the "hiding" Syrian armor a clear shot at its rear armor, the Syrian did nothing. Not only did the Syrians in hiding not fire when the Bradleys went past, they didn't fire back when fired upon--probably because they died so quickly. In fact, in an earlier test I had Syrian tanks hiding, and a Bradley going past spotted a tank (about 100 meters away) and started firing, went on (firing) a ways, then turned around so it could fire while facing front. The undamaged "hiding" Syrian tank didn't fire back. I only did this once, though, so don't know how unusual that was. 2. If I set a Syrian APC to hide and placed an arc: At 50 meters (red arrow) it was very hit or miss as to whether the APC would fire at a Bradley going past--especially if the Bradley was moving fast. At about 400 meters (black arrow), the Syrian APC on "hide" with an arc reliably fired at the Bradley with a missile and killed it. Lesson: "hide," as several people have pointed out, apparently means "don't fire in almost any circumstance," and is not useful for setting up an ambush--unless you add an arc and there is enough time for the hiding vehicle to react. I haven't tried comparing hide with an arc to just an arc or no arc--be interested to know if anyone else knows from testing how those compare in reaction time. Thanks Moon and everyone else for the observations and suggestions. [ June 08, 2008, 06:46 PM: Message edited by: RuhrRiver ]
  14. Thanks George Mc. I'll try setting a cover arc along with "hide" and see how it goes.
  15. Thanks for responses/suggestions; I'll check on the ammo situation. I should say again that the Syrian APC appeared to spot the Bradley as soon as it came became visible to the APC--it turned towards the Bradley about 30 degrees so as to be head on..but then didn't turn to track the Bradley. The other thing I forgot to mention is that it was set to "hide"---would that cause it to hold fire until the Bradley fired first? Seems like the "hide" order would be superseded by "you've been spotted."
  16. Okay, these are screen shots from an actual "encounter" between my Red APC and a Blue Bradley overseen by Mark Ezra. More at the end. My APC spotted and turned towards the Bradley and then watched it for 30--count them--30 seconds while it crossed in front of it, then stopped, spotted my APC, turned towards it, and fired. Gotta be something odd happening there...
  17. Heck, everyone else is coming up with better captions... :mad:
  18. Heh-heh! Great alternative/additional captions; I didn't see them as bullet holes at all. Must be one about a kevlar skull...
  19. Concerning the screenshots of Mark's game with me: Something that may have thrown URC (not that it makes much difference to any arguments here) is that I almost always zoom in when doing screenshots--for esthetic reasons (I like how it looks) or to get more or less elements in the final shot. Just as in any zoom view (including photographs taken with a zoom lens), the elements of the picture are compressed and seem nearer to one another than they actually are.
  20. Thanks for that vote of blind confidence Mark! And MIA1TC, those aren't rocket fins--those are straight razors in case the rocket doesn't work and he has to assault...
  21. Can the Philly Photoshop Phanatic turn out one of these Phun-Philled Photos every Phreaking Week? :confused: :eek: What the heck---worth a shot...
  22. Gee--you don't know about the "word balloon" and "thought bubbles" features in CMSF? "word balloons on" = cntrl-shift-6 [PLUS] /-pageup-x "thought bubbles on" = cntrl-shift-6 [PLUS] \-.-end Try it! : ]
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