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  1. I recently tried to fire up CMBB, on my Win 7 rig (where I had no difficulty before). I got a message from the elicense app that my license for the Vista patch had "expired". I tried to reinstall the license I got a message saying all licenses have been used. I tried to generate an off line license and got the same message that no licenses are available. Please help. I definitely paid for the license so this is disturbing....
  2. Yes, the missionGen needs to work in Vista64. One other thing I forgot the mission generator should also have a save and load feature! If you set up a battle then want to tweak it later, your only choice is to build it again, or go to the full blown mission editor...something you were trying to stay away from anyway.
  3. Here are my thoughts on what I think would be some high impact quick enhancements. -Skirmish mode. Basically already there...ie. multi-player game against the computer. Just need to offer more choices for number of points (say double the max allowed now) and force mix. -On rookie / novice level, dramatically tone down AI accuracy against infantry. -Allow player to select smoke barrage or HE barrage for artillery. -Sometimes units don't take the facing command. -A hold command that is not breakable. ie. the unit will only move again when told to -Allow infantry to climb steeper slopes. I'm sure other folks will have some thoughts as well.
  4. Hi all, In case you didn't catch this. http://www.armchairgeneral.com/theatre-of-war-2-africa-1943-pc-game-review.htm
  5. I really appreciate what you guys are doing to learn the map and battle editors. I have done my time writing code, so I have a good sense for what it takes to learn it. I would like to see the community take off as well... But I honestly think the learning curve for the editors will keep most players out. I really wish 1C would look at polishing the editors up, so that we would not have to do so much work to build good battles. CMSF is a good model in my mind. Players can build very complex scenarios, right from a unified UI. The result is a very large set of user created scenarios.
  6. Hi Synchro, I believe the building problem was why TOW2 uses an updated engine. TOW2 lets you use buildings as they should be used. It's really something to see two squads fighting it out in buildings. Rifles firing from windows, guys charging across streets, laced with machine gun fire. Of course the best way to win building fights is to take buildings apart with HE rounds from tanks. Everything we always wanted. Of course TOW2 is limited to Tunisia for the time being....but oh well...
  7. Thanks for this great advice. I had the same problems with Vista. I was skeptical of Virtual PC at first, but tried it anyway; and what a wonderful thing it is! DIF works fine in my new virtual XP machine! I even set up a virtual Win 98 machine for older games that I can't play XP. It did take me quite a bit of time to figure out how to build the Win 98 machine, but building the XP machine was a snap. BTW, for anyone wanting to build a Win98 machine, here is a great link: http://vpc.essjae.com/ Certainly a great tip, thanks.
  8. 4.5? at Gamespot? I think if you look at what is top rated at Gamespot, it is pretty clear that graphics, sound and easy learning curve always do well (although, CMx1 series did very well...). Many of the good wargames that I really like to play don't fall into that category. For a gamer who has only been exposed to the likes of CivIV as a wargame, I can see that CMSF would not be that fun. Looking over Gamespots rating, here are a few other interesting ones: Avalon Hill's swansong, Third Reich got a 3.7, and I just sold my copy on ebay for USD $80, so somebody must like it. I did, but liked the $80 dollars better... GI Combat, got a 3.0, certainly not a great game, but good for a few hours of entertainment anyway. 3.0 is one step above drink coaster...and the game was not that bad... Playboy Mansion got 6.5...who says box art doesn't make for a great game...
  9. Love'm or hate'm, Battlefront is the only developer / publisher putting out realistic 3D tactical games.
  10. US Engineers ambush a column of Panzers, using mines and bazookas. Battlefront dev team built this scenario for the Armchair General. http://www.armchairgeneral.com/articles.php?cat=58&p=3493&page=1 Link to download scenario is on page. Scenario has a new map for all of you scenario editors out there.
  11. This heated discussion and comparison to CM, reminds me of my own CM experience, at the very begining of CM's history. I was one of the early guys who salivated over CMBO screenshots before the original release. BF put out a lame demo before release (something about a platoon of GIs having to charge a german MG), and that almost turned me off forever. I thought the graphics sucked, and the interface sucked...but my inner wargamer took hold and I still bought the initial release. When I finally got the game, I had such a hard time with it (interface, features, lack of control, etc...the same sort of TOW complaints we see now) that I put CM aside for what must have been a year, or at least until the first major patch. For me, the lesson is that I had a hard time with CMBO because it was unlike anything else I had ever played, and this coupled with the first buggy release, really put me off. But once I became used to the interface and game concepts, I grew to love the series greatly. I think that TOW will be the same for many of the folks posting their bad experiences. Its my guess that in five years, we will all be complaining that they 'should have done what we really wanted, and just updated the graphics on TOW rather than give us a new game.'
  12. I am starting a campaign game based on Operation Crusader, the British relief of Tobruk in Nov - Dec 1941. There is room for up to six dedicated players, 3 Axis, 3 Allied. I will use Talonsoft's The Operational Art of War (TOAW), to track unit strength, positions, TOE, supply levels, airforces and to execute combat in backwater areas of the strategic map. This is for dedicated players only. If you are interested, please send me your email address, and I will send you the rules. My email is: larizona55@yahoo.com Some requirements: 1) You must have a copy of Combat Mission Afrika Korps. 2) You must have access to an email account that allows for sending and receiving of files up to 2mb in size (the map files are large). 3) A paint program that allows you to draw colored lines and text on a JPG image and save them. 4) A fairly current computer system with lots of memory and CPU speed. Many of the battles will be gigantic; maps 5Km across with three battalions to a side. 5) You must have time to play. This game needs to keep moving. In general, you must be able to play a turn of PBEM CM a day. In short you must be a dedicated player. If you can not do this, you may find yourself being replaced. Temporary replacement may happen for those on vacation etc. 6) You do not need a copy of TOAW.
  13. How do you individually place reinforcements on the map? I can only find the reinforcement marker on the editor map. I would like to individually place vehicles; not just have CMBB randomly place them. I have seen several scenarious where it looks like this was done. Thanks for your assistance.
  14. Several posts suggest going back to older drivers. How do you do this in Win 98? Do the older ones just over-write the newer ones?
  15. Just upgraded to a GEForceFX 5200. I have not noticed bad lag, but have a pretty good CPU. I have noticed that text colors have changed, and are now not very nice to look at. For example the word "Hunt" is now a deep dark red, it used to be white. Damage is now aqua. Is there any way to get the old colors back?
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