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  1. I guess I need to work on my assaults with covering fire. It just seems everything falls apart when I move in for the kill. It seems my covering fire didn't pin the enemy at all. I've also probably have got to take the time to move all my units individually. Later last night I had more luck with "A deadly affair" I didn't win (weird things happened late in the battle) but I guess I've gotten a lot better. JP
  2. I am obsessed with this scenario, but I just can't win as the axis. I'm pretty new at this game and I haven't won that many scenarios at all anyway mostly just the easier tutorials but I don't like to keep playing them because I don't feel like I'm learning much with them. I've come pretty close to winning (26%to74%) but I ran out of time. I just tried again with a +25% bonuse to me and I still lost. This is what I typically do. leave the machine gunners and the 72mm mortars where they start. Run the other squads up the side of the map. Kill the ambushers. Go past the barbed wire and line up my troops along the edge of the woods. I kind of come in on their back corner. At this point I am really low on time. This is like turn 16. Then I have the mortars and HMG's fire in the direction of the trenches. Then I think this is where it all falls apart. I try to advance on the trench by the closest wooden bunker with my infantry. I can normally flamethrow the bunker and kill it. Then I get all my troops bunched up in that little patch of woods and slaughtered by the trenches, and then I run out of time. What am I doing wrong? Am I taking the wrong approach? SHould I move my HMG's? My mortars seem like they are already in the best place. How do I get rid of all the people in the trenches. My flamethrower always dies when I try to smoke them. I just can't get the hang of this game. I've played this scenario at least 10 times with the same results. Is there another scenario that's easier but not a joke? I guess i need the strategy guide but it's out of print for a while. Sorry for the long post but I'm frustrated. thanks
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