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  1. Before your M10 was knocked out I thought it had a side view on both a Pz IV and the Brummbar? From one of you previous pics. Gerry
  2. This is the way I see it now. It seems it has great potential to be a training tool for the military. Gerry
  3. "And as someone pointed out, it's possible that the LOS that I had when I placed the bunker was better than it has eventually turned out to be" I know someone said this but how can this be? This is a game that tracks every bullet. In terms of spotting Womble raised the issue that all the problems were on Gaj's side. Well in the previous AAR I remember Bil being pretty ticked when his stationary Shermans didn't spot Gaj's moving PzIVs. Gerry
  4. An interesting discussion. I must say that watching this AAR for me is more like watching some clinical operation taking place. I think it is very boring. Seems more like completing a work project than having fun in a wargame. Gerry
  5. I think Seedorf was raising questions about the spotting in the game. But some people don't want to think that is a possibility. It does seem strange that 2 ATGs are lost w/o firing a shot. Does not seem realistic? Gerry
  6. Thanks everyone. It worked today even though I am not quite sure what I did differently. Maybe I was put off by the combo orange-black targeting line? I thought there was also a Target Wide command or is that only for artillery? Gerry
  7. Hello All: I thought the procedure was: - Mtr unit to be in command - HQ has LOS to target area - Give a target order to the Mtr unit. Cannot get it to work. Units are Green; does that matter? Thanks, Gerry
  8. Assuming at ATG team wanted to hide a 76mm in that location in RL, how would they try to conceal it more? Would they dig a pit for example to reduce its profile? Gerry
  9. I just don't understand how they feel they can leave things like this out of the manual. It is poor customer service. And people are paying $50+ for each game with modules around $35. It seems to me that the customers deserve better service. It is unfair to have customers have to set up tests to figure out something that someone in the company obviously knows. Gerry
  10. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the 2 PzIVs survived a bit longer. For sure unopposed armor killed it at the end. Gerry
  11. Bottom right of screen, click Login. Go to bottom right of that screen and you will see the Register button. Gerry
  12. Curious why they don't do an AAR of a scenario even if the scenarios are in playtest. This would give both players a more balanced forced for the relative tasks at hand. And remove the part of the debate about force selection. Maybe would give BF a chance to highlight better the new forces in the game. Gerry
  13. Nice AAR by both of you. I applaud GAJ for taking on Bil, who in my mind at least, has a 2-0 record in these AARs. Obviously a very strong opponent. Gerry
  14. Hello Bil: It looks like you are not splitting squads? I have read where people do not split squads. But with lethal mortars etc. it always seemed a recipe for disaster to me. Not splitting would sure cut down on the micro-management. Gerry
  15. Hello All: 1) Sometimes there are multiple victory locations on a map. How do you know what each is worth? Seems it would make a huge difference to your plans. 2) Is there a chart that shows the amount of cover by different terrain types? Thanks in advance, Gerry
  16. In real life, if it was the commander that saw the PzIV, but the gunner could not, they would soon figure it out and adjust. There is no possibility in the game for the player to do this adjusting. Would be nice if the gunner cannot see something that the game shows this somehow. I think the same can happen with ATGs when someone can see a tank but the gunner cannot. Gerry
  17. Pretty sure I had one of those spotting-aiming sequences with a Sherman in an overwatch position against a PzIV for 10s of seconds and the Sherman didn't fire. But the PzIV did. Gerry
  18. Thanks for your help. One other thought on LOS. You cannot be in the middle of the floor and see out all sides I presume? To see out the north side of the building they have to be near the north facing wall of the building, right? Gerry
  19. Why would Bil's tank not fire for 30 secs when he has spotted the Pz IV and the PzIV got off a shot very quickly? Has it to do with better optics? Better crews? Thanks, Gerry
  20. Hello All and thanks for the previous help. How much abstraction is used with infantry in buildings? If a unit is in a building can they see out all sides or do they have to be positioned near one wall/window? Are there special commands to finesse their placement? (In CMx2 for example there is a face command). Thanks, Gerry
  21. Hello: I set an arc where I know an enemy vehicle is hiding but I have my AFV moving. As my tank moves the arc moves with it. It ends up not "looking" where the enemy AFV is anymore. Any way to set the arc, be moving, and have it still cover that original arc area? Thanks, Gerry
  22. Hello: Wondering how the patch has affected artillery but especially small mortars. Are they still as lethal? Thanks, Gerry
  23. I appreciate it is a simulation. And I am happy for those that like it. It is not a game, for me at least. The Artillery was one of the things that makes it impossible for me to enjoy it - the small mortars that killed way more than MGs; and so much Artillery per scenario. I play wargames for scenarios and campaigns, not QBs so I do not want to go the latter route. Gerry
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