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  1. Hi: I am not interested in the desert itself but I believe there is a mod for playing Western Front scenarios using the CMAK engine. So instead of getting the older CMBO I might be interested in getting CMAK. How did the game change going from CMBB to CMAK briefly? Or maybe you can point me to an article comparing them? Thanks.
  2. Many on here probably laugh at boardgames but if a minefield is cleared there, it is cleared. Just don't understand people defending something that is not working in a reasonable way. Surely the way forward for the games is to have cleared minefields work as such so that the player that tactically decided to clear them can now use them.
  3. Thanks. That helps me. But I still find maps and LOS not so intuitive. So for example in the scenario it is a squad near the road that sees the Tiger. But I have a few section leaders on the side of the map where they are higher than the road and they cannot see any of the sighted items I think. In terms of planning you would move a unit there usually as you think they would have LOS. 1. If you click on the sighted unit does it show which of your units see it? (I think I can find this out by clicking on each of my units and then the target unit shows clearly, not a "?", for that unit but it is a lot of clicking. 2. I called in some Mortar even thought is is on the board. I believe it is the leader that needs LOS then not the Mortar, right? 3. Is there some indication of which leader you used to call in the Mortars? I clicked on each of them trying to find him again and I cannot see anything. On calling it in it said eta of three minutes but I am trying to get an update. 4. Using the Hunt command the troops go to ground immediately on seeing the Tiger even though there was no fire. The only way to have them move forward in that situation is a Quick or some other move command? IOW the Hunt command seems very conservative. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks very much. That 3,000m range thing: the 3000 m shows in the icon in the unit info panel - the little pic there makes it look like a PSW 234/1 with an antenna. But the vehicle on the map does not have an antenna that I can see. The 3000m is written about "Heavy armored car". It must be very difficult to set up those keyhole spots - well for me it will be. Isn't there something going on where you don't for sure if you have LOS from a waypoint? Something about how the target line is drawn. I want to say thanks for the tips.
  5. Hello All: I have done scouting in the first few minutes and have spotted a Tiger (facing the wrong way) and a PSW. On board I have infantry and 4 tubes of 60mm and 4 tubes of 81mm Mortars. I should be getting 3 Shermans and 1 x 105 Sherman in a minute or so. So naturally I am wondering how to proceed. Do you fire some mortars at the PSW now? I assume you wait for your tanks? On the PSW it says range 3000m - no such note on the Tiger. Is this the distance to the PSW and is there a way in game for the player to estimate distances? I assume a leader with binos estimated that distance to the PSW? Is weapon range included in the Encyclopedia? Appreciate any help.
  6. I understand. Some beginning players in the future might find it helpful to see a higher level treatment of how to play tank vs tank or AFV vs AFV in a more general treatment - how the different nationalities tanks match up, what match-up to shoot for and avoid, etc. More higher level that what you were thinking with the Sherman even though there is overlap of course. In general some things are fairly obvious but in your squad videos you showed how things are very detailed and may not be obvious to the neophyte. I should also add to ignore me! I shouldn't be asking for things when I am not 100% sure I will be playing the game. Keep doing your great stuff.
  7. One possibility for those that seem to complain frequently about issues in the game could be their frustration at not being able to enjoy the game as much as they would like. I feel I am one of those. I am trying to get into it again but I may just have to give up. If you search my post history you could find lots of complaints probably but a lot for me is borne out of frustration. The game is very cool in many ways yet may not be playable for me. That is a frustration. I would encourage you to bear with us! But what do I know. I just watched Patti Smith sing Dylan's song at the Nobel ceremony (someone just sent me the link) so I am a bit teary eyed.
  8. Just curious if you have analyzed vehicles in some videos the way you have broken down squads and platoons.
  9. I know. Can be very beautiful when it is cold also! If the maps were more like this ..... That cheered me up!
  10. The troops and tanks, etc. are more than fine. To me the turn-off is the grey/darkish portrayal of terrain. Personally I don't need that to know it is miserable in northern Europe in Winter. The gameplay itself would be immersive enough. Sadly today on many forums I see a very negative reaction if someone has a complaint about something or wants something different. Happened to Bulletpoint here and Erwin (?) in another thread recently. I am glad to see some are fine with dissenting opinions. Onwards and I hope the terrain depictions brighten up a lot. Realize also it may not happen. Take care.
  11. Really nice of you to do these. I had started watching the ones about the composition of squads. Great stuff.
  12. Thanks Slim. And I see the forums sport both a Father Ted and Basil Fawlty
  13. I am one of the naysayers that has problems with the graphics. In terms of how dark and non-pretty they look, as in say FB. Again I have praised the realistic maps but to me as a gamer, and not someone wanting so much a simulation system, the maps are not attractive to look at.
  14. Thanks Erwin. Having them Stay Calm and recover from Fatigue seems reasonable.
  15. I assume not giving them orders for a turn or two should help them recover? I don't know why hiding them would not help as they are trying to stay out of harm's way and again resting.
  16. I don't know about the beer offer but he was interested in the feature for sure in the thread I started on the FB forum. So maybe he was more interested than I thought!
  17. Thanks again for the graphics. You mention a group command. Is that the camera groups you are referring to? I use it but is only active for a session. You have to reset them every time you load the scenario. But better than not having it at all.
  18. Does it follow along in sequence by teams - squads - platoons related to the unit you start with? Or is it a more random thing? Thanks. And sorry Mark if I derailed your thread.
  19. Thanks everyone. And Mos that is a really neat idea. I am a very visual person so I will try that.
  20. Hope you don't mind me coming in here Mark but I am interested in the answer also and I have a similar concern. I was watching a video series by Chris M. explaining squad differences by nationality and their flexibility in terms of creating different kinds of teams from the squads. Great stuff and shows what an incredible series this is. But I am afraid if I break most of my squads up I will be totally lost - looking for that AT-team, where is assault team, how to keep it all organized somewhat, etc. So looking forward to some feedback. Gerry
  21. Thanks very much for the mod. I was just going to post about terrain mods when I found this. I know many like very realistic terrain, and the maps are incredibly good, but I disliked looking at the maps in the CMFB demo as everything was so grey it was depressing. I am looking more for a game than a simulation anyways so brighter maps are fine with me. It looks like your mod has brightened up the snow terrain (which is what I have in the demo)? If there is an even "brighter" mod out there that would even be better for me. Did you also do a similar mod for CMRT? Thanks again.
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