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  1. I think I may have experienced something like this (and even posted about it here). So the resolution was awful. Bought the gog.com version and it seems better.
  2. Hello: I see this symbol and he seems to indicate a possible enemy unit, in this case a crew but it has been used for Infantry too. Using the gog version of the game. I did not have the original CMAK so I am wondering if this is a standard symbol or some graphics anomaly? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for letting us know about gog. I just saw now in a comment that it is patched only to 1.03 which should be fine they say. I bought it. Thanks again. The reason I asked about patches was, if you see the other threads, people have trouble getting it patched depending on how they acquired the game.
  4. Which version of CMAK did you get? Was it the fully patched 1.04 version? Thanks. The CMx1 games are still not available in the new Battlefront store.
  5. Thanks. You gave me that link sometime ago! I found it helpful. For example I had a German infantry squad killed a T-34 with a grenade bundle or Panzerwurfmine - cannot recall. Spike showed the distance you needed to close to, to make this work. Thanks again.
  6. 15+ Turns and it's a small map - from the StuG to the building it is only about 215m. So your idea seems very good. I was wondering what to do with the HT as it only has a 37mm gun so I thought they meant for you to tow the Gun somewhere. One of my problems always is how to know if you will have LOS from somewhere. So I have a MG34. I could move it through the scattered tress to the house I suppose as that is on a rise so I "should" have LOS to the village from there. How do you try and find places for things like MGs in a scenario like this. The HT can carry a team so I suppose I could carry the MG team in the HT to the house area? Is there any resource that tells you how fast HT move through scattered trees? Thanks very much.
  7. Hello: (I know that most CMx1 forums are fairly quiet these days so hope it is OK to post this here as well as on Blitz.) Not great at these games but I am still dabbling a bit with CMBB and was wondering if you could help me figure out how to approach Gefechtsaufklaerung as the attacking Germans.Here is the map. I have an on-board IFH18 105mm artillery piece with HE and 3S. Plus I have an Sdkfz 251/10 command HT. There are scattered tress around the road in the setup area. The house on the right is on a rise. Also have a StuG IIIB.Do you leave the Gun in the setup area (best LOS is then when it is placed on the road in the setup area). Or do you tow it somewhere with the Sdkfz?I am struggling to see how to use these tools at my disposal. Any help much appreciated.Gerry
  8. Hello: Thinking of buying this but I don't see it on the new site?
  9. Thanks. Maybe mine doesn't look so bad then. I will try and add the terrain mod that I have on my Windows 7 computer. So please don't go setting up a test for me. I will play around with it. Thanks again.
  10. Ignore this as I figured it out. I installed it on the Surface Pro 3 + Windows 10, set to XP SP3 Compatibility, and got 1024 x 768 resolution. Good as I can see more of the map as compared to 800x600. BUT the terrain seems very power quality. The Open Ground terrain looks really poor. Any idea why this might me? (Didn't do anything with DLLs on this computer).
  11. Can you remind me how to access the license program/site so I can free up one install. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for your help. The choice comes up fairly quickly. I used the update driver option in Device Manager and it thinks it is the most recent driver. I will try and un-license and put it on a Surface Pro 3 that I also have. Gerry
  13. Anyone else getting 800 x 600 as their highest resolution choice??
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