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    Worked like a charm. I hadnt set the options executable to admin as well. Love solving my own problems lol. Thanks to all the other users who posted their fixes a few years ago :-)
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    Have just had a quick search for other reslution issues with ToW2 and it seems Win7 fix is to run as admin - thought I had done this, but will try both options and game exe's and see if that works
  3. Hi there... this seems to be a very dead forum, so fingers crossed. Recently got ToW2 from my bro, is working fine, but Im having trouble geting any resolution other than 1024x768 to display, infact that is the only option I have for some reason :-( I used to have Tow 1 so am familiar with working the .ini files, but no matter of twea=king has produced an results, I have also use the options.exe in the game root folder, but alas this doe not work either... the game appears to be ingnoring both of these. Also, any options set in game in the settings tab return to default upon reopening.
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