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  1. Yeah, you need to send your armor, around to the left, and I even took a couple of platoons of infantry to the right, behind that one little building to the extreme right of your starting position. Then ran them straight across the road to the bushes. Then I approached that stone wall/graveyard from that direction. IIRC, I even set up a HMG by that lone building and had it cover the whole road/church/graveyard. I put my arty spotter on the front edge of that clump of trees/ridge to the right of your starting position.
  2. Having just downloaded and played my first scenario, I must concur this CMETO is awesome. Good work David, and all the authors of the scenarios. Yes, I know, I'm about 9 months late in getting this. I always thought the original CMBO scenarios would have been even more awesome, if they had the added features of CMBB and CMAK. Are there any scenarios where they use the actual members/names of the 101st, Easy Company guys? Are there any mods to give a more realistic effect to the US paratrooper's uniforms? Like with the branches and stuff in their helmets, and more of a brown/washed out type color to their uniforms, as opposed to the OD greens?
  3. Ok, I'm a noob, so fire away if this is something I should know, but I can't find it anywhere.... Ok, I'm playing the "boys from texas" cmak scenario and this might have a few spoilers..... I've got my two shermans playing peek a boo from the buildings. I have them shoot and scoot and they have cover arcs to the hill on the right of the road (as the shermans look at it). There's a tiger up there. However, there are also like 2 squads of german infantry directly in front of the tiger (also in the cover arc). So, when my shermans come out of hiding, they always fire at the infantry, and the tiger busts their ass. How can I get the shermans to IGNORE the infantry (my own infantry can deal with the german infantry, i'm not worried about them), and just pop out, aim at the tiger, fire the shot and get back? They always open up with their mg on the infantry and waste time they should be concentrating on the tiger.
  4. Got the new disk today. Installed CMAK on the first try, no problems whatsoever. BFC should be commended on their swift attention to customer service. However, I have to ask, was the 2nd disk any different than the first??
  5. And I managed to do msconfig, run in safe in diagnostic mode and got the cd rom to work, however, still end up with "read beyond end of file error." At this point, I'm out of ideas....
  6. oh yeah, I"m running WinME. I've got cmbo and cmbb on the hd, so it shouldnt' be a min specs issue...
  7. Ok, I read the trouble shoot page, and that didn't help. CMAK won't install. Drive hums along, light blinks for a while, and then I get a "Read beyond file error" or something. Tried to install in safe mode, but in safe mode, I can't access my cd drives. Only the hard drive and the floppy. Any help?
  8. YES!!!! Tried going around the left last night with the armor. HUGE difference. You can go ALL the way left, and come around to the back of the germans in the village, and use the buildings for cover as you advance toward the church/cemetary. If you try and advance over the open from the ridge to the church/cemetary, you get shredded. By going all the way left, you can also get shots on the german tanks waaaaaay behind the church, PLUS, if you still leave 1 or 2 tanks on hte ridge right in front of the setup, on the right hand side, you can play "sping the turret" with the panzers and tigers with them and your tanks that went all the way to the left. I never thought of sending them that far around the left. I'm pretty sure Adolph and company are finished tonight.
  9. Well, that explains why I had so many platoons out of command last night. Gotta keep the lt with his own platoon. I was trying to attach a couple more squads to a particular Lt for a flanking move, while I was using their Lt. to bolster some other platoons. I kept wondering why the black line was stretching clear across the map to their original Lt, when there was a perfectly good Lt right next to them. But a HQ unit can command ANY of the platoons under its command, right? IE, it can command ANY of the different Lts' platoons A platoon, B platoon, whatever (as needed), but Lt A can only command the squads in A platoon, right?
  10. Damn, never thought of that. Get your tanks up to mach 1 speed, and ZOOM over the crest. Giving less time for Adolph and his boys to take shots at my commie tanks. I usually park my IS-2's just my side of the ridge. If anything the gun in the cemetary can see the TC's head but not much else. And when I begin the assualt, I just do it from there, and they lumber over the ridge, and get creamed. If they were going balls out when they go over the ridge, that would help minimize their time of exposure until they get to their next cover. I'll have to try this tonight. Damn I'm a newb. This game should not be able to be acquired without a prescription its so addicting. It's all I can think of here at work.
  11. Hehe, well, the shoot and scoot thing was one thing I had already planned to try out tonight. I've pretty much wasted a whole day at work reading the SG.
  12. Thanks about the preplanned thing for the rockets. That helped. The other guy, I also put on the woods to the right, on the crest. Gives good view of the town, the graveyard, down the road, and even the area to the right of the graveyard.... I keep getting shredded in this scenario. I'm still having trouble with getting a handle on what exactly I should be doing. I'm going to have to start trying some new stuff. I got my CMBB strategy guide in the mail yesterday (and it's giving me some ideas of stuff I should be trying in my current scenario), and I've already picked up a bit of info from it. Sure, for you long time grogs, it may be full of stuff you already know, but for *almost* (I've got panzer general 3d assault, and can *usually* beat the ai in that game, along with west front/east front/rising sun and can usually hang with the ai in those) pure beginners like myself, I think its not too bad (so far).
  13. Ok, maybe i'm missing something here, and because I'm a newb, that's more than likely. But...... In the Jagermeister scenario (suggested as the 2nd tutorial in the CMBB manual), playing as the russians, I've got some arty spotters. They say on their info page, transport class 1. As they are a SLOW speed unit, I tried to stick them on a tank, instead of waiting 10 turns for them to get where I need them (when the bulk of my force can be in position in 3-4 turns). For some reason, no can do. What am I missing? The manual says you can transport, as long as the transportER has a higher transport class number (tanks have tr class 2) than the transportEE (arty spotters have tr class 1), but something is preventing them from being transported by the tanks.... Any help???
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