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  1. are these MP player maps only? where can i dl them? i'd love to do the BoB brecourt manor map. fkn classic episode and , based on reality, was one of the finest executed assaults on a fixed position ever! key word? SCOUTING! one drawback [anothr problem i have with the TOW engine]? how do u blow the guns? perhaps the mission parameters could be 'kill the gun crews' of the 105s? that could cause issues tho if one of them panics and runs off map !!!! or way behind heavily defended MG nests? there's no need to kill him. he's run off but he's not dead so you can't complete the mission! or is there a way to destroy the 105s? grenades don't do it. pretty sure of that. anyway, the pics are impressive and look just like in the series! nikki's map looks very impressive and challenging, i'd like to download both these maps but only for SP for now. can't play them MP just yet.
  2. this has never happened to me. i change crews a LOT. if there's crappy unused light tanks with good gunners tho i already have good gunners in my main tanks then i take the gunners from the unused light tank and use him as a loader in case the gunner gets killed. also handy if they abandon and there're enemy ATs or tanks around to occupy. u can even swap an unused sniper with someone in one of ur used squads. they just swap places.
  3. doesn't abandonin the gun then re-occupying do this?
  4. i agree. sometimes u have to give up a tank or squad to have a sniper but even a 2 man AT rifle squad with HIGH scouting crawling forward bush to bush, holding fire [as long as the bloody fire stays held!] can let u know where the enemy is. it's the most important thing. KNOW where your enemy is. impatience has cost me many tanks and troops. i usually create a crap [disposable] squad with a leader w high scout skill and sneak them up on their bellies thru bushes with better marksmen type squad 50-100m behind. soon as they find enemy, they wait whilst marksmen squad move to a flank [all holding fire, of course]. when the marksmen squad are in good position, use the crap squad to open fire [micro manage crawling smgs forward while rifles keep up fire]. while all this is going on u keep creeping your good squad close as possible and open fire. cos they fire from better position and are decent marksmen they are more likely to score hits and, hopefully, draw fire... THAT'S when you have your crap squad dash/assault the enemy [and, with luck, any guys u crawled forward might be able to grenade them]. you do take losses, it's unavoidable, but try to keep your squad commander alive. soon as he is wounded get him to hit the ground and hide. you NEED him alive. the last thing you want is a squad about to jump into enemy trench [and they are almost panicking!] and they lose their bottle because your squad ldr and his 2nd are both dead. soon as i get one assaulter in the trench i get the marksmen squad to charge the trench too. it often causes some enemy to panic. secret tho.. sneaking. good scouts[ i spend all points on scouts for infantrymen with the occasional gunner/driver points tho that takes micro managing too far - making sure inf with gunner skill is near an abandoneed AT gun? too fiddly]. after 3 or 4 missions u usually have quite a few inf with 100 scouting and KNOWING where the enemy is helps a lot in winning. basically. they're scouting for the tanks. having even one tank with an MG against an enemy w no tanks or AT left means u got a huge advantage.
  5. do german infantry have any AT rifles or AT grenades? seemed to me they had ghastly equipment at that time and far too little of the good stuff [PzIII and PzIVs]. i'm talking about land forces of course.
  6. as i understand it, it was german organisation and ability to bypass frontlines and get into rear areas of enemies disrupting supply and command that won battles/wars strategically. i mean, for crying out loud, the germans were still using PzI and IIs at start of barbarossa! also, air superiority was a very effective tool for dealing with better armoured french tanks [tho the luftwaffe took enormous losses over france and belgium]. i would suggest blowing tracks off then turret shots. even an AT rifle can damage the optics of lot of tanks. if the devs have made this game realistic then they should take account of the fact that french tanks often had commanders that were gunners and loaders too. so, their reaction time to changing circumstances was slow. i dunno. i'm dying to try this mission out. been playing the moscow missions so far. sounds like a challenge.
  7. it's a combined arms thing. i noticed that my AT riflemen that were 'defending' a T26 [the manual says move behind the tank as a sort of moving pillbox for cover..pfft] just walked beside it and got wastedby tanks in front. they moved out in the open and didnt use the T26 as cover. i had a hold fire order on them to get them close but they just seeemd to get in psition to fire their AT rifles and ignored the T26 and got killed. so, the manual is prob rubbish with this. a T26 facing 2 PzIIIJ [late] needs all the hellp it can get and it was on a road down the middle of a town. really thought those AT rifles would've used the T26 - even destroyed - as cover. as it happened, one AT riflemen survived after holding fire lying down between the trashed building and trashed T26. one PzIIIJ crushed houses to get at my other T26 while the other moved toward him so i had him hold fire until it was about 50 m away then suddenly it turned side on to join the other PzIII and my guy smashed the left tracks, i had my guy shoot at turret then and soon the main gun was gone. bloody expensive way of disabling a PzIII tho. T26 and crew AND all but one of an AT rifle squad. point is tho... the squad did not use the T26 as cover. far from it. the followed it. nothing else. but i will admit it was fun! annoying.. but fun!
  8. buildings that build more troops? oh no no no no no. NO! command and conquer died a decade ago. it shoud've stayed dead. these RTS are just arcade games. i wanna play kursk at prokherovka with tanks smashing into each other, troops running for cover, firing from hulldown tanks,realistic physics w the guns, speed of tanks, armour penetration. the games you are talking about you can put 3 BA64s and riflemen [w just rifles] against a tiger tank and destroy it with their MGs. ridiculous.
  9. the most disappointing aspect of this game is the inability to use buildings to fire from. CM did it relatively well. surely it's possible to have a building encoded like a trench so any useful one a 'use trench' icon would appear and u use it with your squad as you would a trench? the same could be said for rubble/destroyed buildings. i find it hard to believe the devs missd this out. in a small village in the middle of nowhere, -20 degrees outside and soldiers stand outside and wait for tanks to kill them instead of putting brick/wall between them. also, the tanks are permanently buttoned up. that's bs. this all feels very rushed. it's one of the reasons i played it only 5 or 6 times when it first came out. i waited hoping a patch would come out that fixed these essential points for a ww2 tactical game but no. wouldn't it be great if somebody modded these things?
  10. i totally agree. have a tank move to a point and click hold position. do anything else and the hold position ceases so u have to click it back on. i hate it when i pause the game and use enter a lot to get a tank in 'hulldown' [some kinda icon for this would be much better than having to micro-bloody-manage... obv dep on driver/gunner/commander abilities]. great! my T34/41 is in hulldown. it's heavily outnumbered by PzIIIs and PzIVs but i'm in defilade from them so with only 2 PzIIIs in sight from this position i got a good chance of wasting them -the biggest threats - and moving on to wasting the rest when they advance [early moscow campaign, btw]. my gunner is hero of soviet union w gunnery 98, scouting 85. the loader has 68/55 respectively of those skills. driver has driving 90-something and also high scout skill. TOP CLASS DRIVER. guess what? i click on hold position, then fire at turret of one of the PzIIIs [it is RED! not black! so i assume it can be seen... greyed out or black usually means out of line of sight]. the T34 begins moving. it moves ON TOP of the hill, fully silhouetted, and bang bang bang, tracks and turret are wasted. i bail the crew, and pray inf w AT grens do wot my tanks cannot. kill the enemy tanks. i spend huge amounts of time micro managing with this game. the AI can be terrible. and my left mouse button is a bit tricky so i often think i have clicked something when i haven't. i still enjoy it tho. at least it isn't one of those arcade type thyings called RTS which are just for amphetamine fuelled click monsters. there are some things tho which i'm going to write a separate post about. rubble buildings etc
  11. can't edit again.grrr... anyways... i fixed the runtime error #3. i narrowed it down to setting geforce 7600GS extension limit to 'off' in control panel [i've had all settings maxed out cos of HL2! it really does look good on my present old, creaking pc, he he. well, it came out in 2004 and i had an amd 1200 then]. and now? back to defeat the fascist invaders, comrade! URRAH!!
  12. yep. i'm getting it again after a reformat/reinstall. was halfway thru moscow missions too. dont think i can be bothered with this anymore. and if ToW2 has it then i'm staying well away. i usually don't buy a game until i've read plenty of threads on the game's forums for bugs etc [except for MOO3.. whoa!! that was a doozy.. money down the drain].atm, empire total war is a definite 'don't buy until they fix it' guess i'm installing CMAK again. but seriously... is there really no fix for this bug? cos my game worked fine until today. i've installed HL2 and STEAM since playing it last.
  13. ok, thnx. but just tried playing it and it did a runtime error #3 (trap). been playing HL2 [for old time's sake]. i wonder if installation of STEAM did that? it ran fine before HL2 was installed.
  14. i found the jsh1.3.1 NOT on the bf dl link.. which it should be cos wo jsh131 , 132 is useless. 131 is 180 mb. that's a huge patch. also, i noticed some significant slowdown since the 131 patch. autodetect in configutre sets everythgin to low. beofre 131 everything was set to high. is nthere a reson fdor thisd? i'm tempted to set everything to medium cosd the game looks awful with everything in LOW detail. ok, i only got a 3200 amd w 1gb ram and 256mb 7600gs gfx w. 160 gb hdd but it ran fast in high detail before jsh131. any ideas guys? thnx
  15. my recently dl'd and installed ToW works fine as it is. i was advised to install the uber patch and when i tried playing the line of sight training mission the loading bar gets 1/4 way thru then my pc reboots. this is odd cos earlier i actually was playing it and sneaking my 2 US troops forward to find the gerry tank then a mate arrived so i exited t he game. i should say here i installed the jsh patch form the bf repository and i noticed some of the vehicles were missing from the encyclopedia. i can only assume the JSH patch wrecked my install. is there an earlier jsh patch cos deffo getting the feeling this one doesn't add files that an earlier jsh patch would. what else could it be? if vehicles are missing fom the encyclopedia then it';s likely the grfx for those vehicles are just not there at all. it really bothers me the link to the needed earlier jsh patch isn't on your repository. it seems ToW has just been forgotten about by the devs/site admin now that ToW2 is out but i WON'T BE BUYING ANY BF GAMES until all these issues are resolved. never had these probs with CM games. well, they certainly didn't reboot my machine [my pc has had a format and fresh install]. does the earlier jsh patch exist cos it's not in battlefront site and i won't be installing uber patch until it's either fixed or updated. this is just anotheer typical example of how updating your game can ruin it. can anyone help???? PLEASE? been waiing to play this for ages and it's just too unstable w patch [god knows what will happen if i actually tryt o play an actual batttle or campaign. thank you darr ps, JSH 1.3.1 would be nice if i could find it or moderators put it in the repository. edit: i now have to google jsh131. this is not right. i'm finjd jsh131 for cm based game so far
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