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  1. http://www.kingtigerebooks.co.uk/2015/11/the-german-motorised-infantry-regiment.html HI, Lots of info on how and where HT's were to be used however this is a 1941 publication so how this changed due to circumstance is still open to discussion. Cheers
  2. sonar

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    On the question of moving and deploying AT assets in the attack. The following document, published by the Oberkommando des Heeres (German army high command) 1 March 1942, details the experiences gained on the Eastern Front. Anti tank combat 42.) Employment The appearance of enemy tanks must be reported by all parts of the spotting- and guard sections by the fastest possible means to warn the troops. Due to their immobility, the 5 cm Pak must be placed into position, in accordance with the anti-tank plan, at an early stage. Because of their greater mobility, the 3,7 cm Pakcan be kept ready behind cover, or concealed near already prepared positions. Positions must be set up around bushes, hedges, etc., maintaining good traversability, but above all good camouflage. Foxholes must be laid out, without creating earth mounds, for the gunners and ammunition. Laying out mines around the position prevents tanks from overrunning the position.
  3. sonar

    Editor Trick/hack.

    Oops, Sorry about that lads I was under the same impression, well at least it's cleared up that misconception. Cheers.
  4. sonar

    Editor Trick/hack.

    Hey. Water in first image is on same elevation, don't think you can have it running downhill,sorry if the image is misleading.
  5. sonar

    Editor Trick/hack.

    Hey Ben, no problem, I look forward to seeing it pop up in the future. Cheers.
  6. sonar

    Editor Trick/hack.

    Hey. discoverd this ages ago but couldn't get the photos up on old site. Right what you do is make a map say elevation starts at 20 goes to 35, save it the load up again and extend the length, the editor now treats this as a separate map so you can place water as normal. The only thing I noticed was you can't have water on the lower map as this will give the expected canyon results. Hope this is clear Ben...There maybe more to it , this is what I know of it so far. Cheers
  7. Nice one c3K, will have look at that. Cheers.
  8. What happened after D-Day? Guest speaker Thomas Bradley showcases Canadian Army participation during the Normandy Campaign in France, June 1944. His presentation includes dozens of soldiers’ stories, vivid maps, and rare photos that seem to leap off the screen at you. Mr. Bradley opens his talk with historical accounts of Canadians fighting SS troops on June 7, 1944 and concludes with the war crimes trial of Nazi SS General Kurt Meyer. This presentation took place on April 22, 2017 at the Brigadier Jefferson Armoury in Edmonton, Alberta. Enjoy Cheers.
  9. Great work Thief2125, much appreciated. Cheers
  10. Two and a half years on the eastern front....never mind battle packs or vehicle packs or any of the faster to release content that was going to be the beauty of the new engine, we don't even have snow yet. c'mon too, too slow.
  11. sonar

    Mac to Windows

    Anyone know if this is possible? Cheers.
  12. sonar

    Mac to Windows

    Hi. I have the same issue although with me I am wondering if I can upgrade from a windows version to Mac OS X I have CMBN V.2. When I looked at the upgrade options it says on the page I must have the Mac base game installed, I am taking it that I will have to purchase the whole game again if I want to play it on Mac OS X ? Hope I am missing something and this is not the case. Cheers.