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  1. Same pixel count or are u bumping it up to 64 mgs of VRam ?
  2. Fock Andeas, this is serious. Looks like they may do the Western Front over with the CMII engine. I think that would be my first choice, except do it from 1939 to 1945 !! That would spice it up a bit !
  3. Over 95% of home's have PC's... GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND STOP WHINING !!!
  4. I thought the CMII Engine was going to be released with the Mediterranean campaign. So what theatre of operations will the CMII engine be released under ?
  5. Hello BFC, When do u expect the 1.03 patch to be released ? I am tired of being hammered by AT Guns that I cannot destroy Signed, Dr. Giggles
  6. Hello Fellows, Found it in the manual, the command is Alt-1 to Alt-4 and Alt-5 turns it off. However, the manual states Alt-5 should create the largest crater, is this a typo in the manual ? Thanks
  7. Perhaps, I did not explain myself clearly. What I mean is does the crater tile come with a default background tile or does the crater just embedd itself to the tile already on the map ?
  8. Hello, Interesting, I am going to look into your suggestion later in the day. Can the craters be placed on different tiles, such as hay, woods, road etc. or are they all the same background tiles ? Thanks
  9. Hello, Enjoying creating maps using the Scenario Editor. I would like to request three additional tiles for small, medium & large shell craters. I know that I can create a QB map in the Scenario Editor I can get a heavy damage map with craters on it. However, it would be nice to be able to place different sized craters in the desired places. For instance I could simulate a post mortar attack by placing many small craters around the rubble of a house. Or how about placing several large craters around a damaged factory simulating a post aircraft bombardment. The list of scenario's is endless and I think it would increase immersion in the game. I would enjoy reading other members comments on this subject. Regards, Dr. Giggles
  10. In the CM:D-Day Dodgers software with the new CMII engine: What time period will it cover ? What new features will the software have ? Thank you
  11. Hi, I think there should be at least one Amphibious armour unit for each side. This would allow some interesting scenario's involving the A-Boats. Right now, it would be difficult to do say a QB map with A-Boats. You would want to bring some Amphibious vehicles with you!
  12. What vehicles can cross water ? Anything Amphibious in this game ? I know about the A-Boats, thx! Signed, Dr. Giggles
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