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  1. Many thanks all the for informative replies. I did get the Gold Bundle. I have not had to much time on my hands to delve into it much, but I am looking at doing that soon. So far from what I have seen it is just up my ally. Again many thanks for the replies. I might have a few more questions once I started getting into the thick of things... Oh, silly question, but does the late war heavy tanks for Germany for example have a Tiger icon or is it a generic tank icon, I guess what I am wondering does the icons change with accurate unit representations as you research and deploy different units. Thanks again all, G
  2. Many thanks for the feedback and response. I am glad to hear that there are damage decals on the way. I do hope this is going to be realized and not overlooked going forward as it is a major detractor from an otherwise excellent game. My Tiger was on a fairly face on angle (top armor almost impossible)to the culprit Sherman, perhaps being roughly 10 - 20 dregrees on my front left, 11 oclock or so. It was one hit and the tank burst into flames and the crew bailed....That is a bit shocking...I am not saying the Tiger should be and was invincable, however I was quite surprised, hence I wanted to analyse the hit data after tha game which I couldn't do. I had the hit text on but that came and went and I couldn't pinpoint it. I am hoping for improvements around this...and I am hoping that the Tiger is not underarmoured because from what I have read thus far and my own experience it certianly looks and feels like it, but that is another topic I guess.
  3. Thanks for confirming Mord....I have to admit, this is a tad disappointing...
  4. Hello I am interested in SC but I am wondering how complicated it is in terms of gameplay and expecially the micro-management involved. Is this similar to the Heart of Iron series in that respect? Aslo, I presume from the screenshots I have seen you can choose between 3d type and strategic counters for units? Is there a research tree, for example can I have variants of the aircraft, tanks etc? Also does it go into the future weapons that didn't see combat in 1945 but might have been available in later years. Then is the Gold bundle the difinitive version to get? Thanks in advance, G
  5. Hi I did a quick skirmish yesterday and after the battle I was trying to see where I was hit, in a tank that is. I could see no penetration graphic. Is there supposed to be a mark or something when hit on a tank? Also is there a way to toggle a hit line graphic similar to Theatre of War? The reason I am curious is that my Tiger was hit and caught flames being hit by Sherman more than a kilometer away. I was curious to see where it hit me. Thanks, G
  6. Hello Are there any additional desert scenarions and missions available anywhere? Oh, and are there any new repaints available. I am especially looking for the darker greenish finish of for the Tiger as it appeared in Tunisia. Many thanks, G
  7. Thanks Arzok, I saw that thanks, as I also have TOW2 Kurks + Caen expansion. I was just wondering if it might be in TOW as well even through mods, as this covers Normandy morso than TOW 2... and there were no King Tigers with the Henschel turret in France if I am not mistaken.
  8. Hello I was fiddeling around with a the quick mission generator and was wondering if there is a King Tiger with Porche turret and any Panther A's or even D's available for TOW? Any mods or pathes that added these? I am running the following: TOW Uber Patch JSM 1.3.5 with Bulldogs campaign Many thanks, G
  9. Hello I am reinstalling TOW after some hiatus from the Theatre of War series. I have the TOW retail copy and the super patch cd, I think that is what it is called. What is the latest recommendation with what to run to get the most out of it? TOW, Super Patch and JSH 1.3.5? I also read something about a balance mod? Is that included in JSH or seperate and where can I get hold of it? Anything else I am missing or as a must have? Many thanks, G
  10. Hi I am wondering if you should be able to purchase single units in the Quick Battle Generator. I cannot seem to purchase any units when viewing the single units, only when formation is selected. Is this as designed, or is this a bug? Thanks, G
  11. Hi Sequoia Thanks for the clarification. I do own the Commonwealth Module. Eagerly awaiting the future updates. Many thanks, G
  12. I haven't manage to download the patch yet. Has the King Tiger model been updated in the patch as mentioned earlier? Thanks, G
  13. Hmmm this is a great pity it stands out a bit from the other hight quality models in the game and not in a good way. I know graphics are not everything but still....
  14. Hi Schrullenhaft The Toxic Edition of the Sapphire card is factory overclocked. I am not using any overclocking utilities at all. I am also running Windows 7 64but Ultimate Edition. I had to admit that I jumped straight to the QMB and haven't even played the campaigns yet. Thanks, G
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