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  1. Rokossovski

    New Uncon Models?

    Please let this mean different textures for reserve and militia that are different from regulars, not that reserves will be tossed into the same indistinguishable bitmap corner with regulars, Republican Guard and so forth. Otherwise, CMSF2 would have even less red v. red potential that CMSF1 had, because only the most poorly equipped militia would maintain any visual distinction from the rest of the Syrian army. Please don't close out player options for red v. red scenarios. Please. *Stays on knees, keeps begging* (By the way, the Syrian textures look nice. Thanks for posting them).
  2. Rokossovski

    New Uncon Models?

    This. So much this. Unique bitmap names for the different branches (regular, Republican Guard, etc.) would greatly enhance flavor, and would be especially (although not exclusively) helpful for red v. red scenarios. Heck, in CMBN there are three different textures just for US airborne in order to provide the correct divisional shoulder patches. Different textures in the "appearance" drop-down menu would be ideal, but failing that please at least provide unique bitmap names for the different branches to give modders a chance. *Drops to knees and begs*
  3. Rokossovski

    New Uncon Models?

    Ninja'd by Mord That's what I used to do with CMSF1, because the Militia/Reserve troops had the solid color uniforms that were distinguishable from the camo used by regulars (and Republican Guard, and Airborne). The militia/reserve units, however, had significant equipment deficiencies and an absence of unit type choices, but it was the best option available. I was hoping that the upgrade to engine 4 standards would include taking advantage of the options created by the "appearance" drop down menu that did not exist back when CMSF1 was designed. I'm still hoping they will slip in a drop down option for the Syrians, even if in vanilla CMSF2 the difference is a subtle one -- mods could use the option to create other variations as needed. That sounds like a bug. I hope they squash that before release.
  4. Rokossovski

    New Uncon Models?

    MikeyD, thank you for responding. Unfortunately what you describe is what I feared -- CMSF 2 not taking advantage of the "appearance" options already available in the other CM2 titles. The appearance drop down menu allows scenarios where the same type of unit (Syrian regulars, say) to be present on both the "blue" and "red" side and have the appearance of belonging to different armies or factions. This enormously expands the options for red v. red scenarios. (Think Ethiopia v. Eritrea or any other clash involving eastern block equipment on both sides). For example, the availability of two different options in the "appearance" drop down menu for the Ukrainians in CMBS ("standard" and "digital camo") in effect allows the creation of an entirely different faction. I use a mod the turns "digital camo" into the appearance of an unconventional force, which can either represent Ukrainian militia, or the Russian-backed separatists. So, a scenario might include both Ukrainian troops, and the very same unit types but with a different appearance (and usually different soft factors) fighting against them as separatists in the same battle. Similarly, in CMSF2, if there were multiple options in the appearance drop down menu for Syrians, it would greatly expand the possibilities for red v. red scenarios because Syrians on side "A" could look different from the "Syrians" on side "B." That is all good to hear, but what I'm talking about is a different appearance between units, not a different appearance within units. Variation within a unit does not create a different appearance for the same unit type selected to fight on different sides. Thank you for the thought, but unfortunately I don't think so. Adding a unit tag would affect both sides. So if one uses a mod tag to change the appearance of, say, Syrian regulars, it would change the appearance of those Syrian regulars that appear on both sides of the battle; thus it would not allow the Syrian regulars on side "A" look different from the Syrian regulars on side "B." That is something the "appearance" drop down menu permits -- if Battlefront provides for more than one option.
  5. Rokossovski

    New Uncon Models?

    I'd really like to see waffelmann's question answered. In CMSF 1, the lack of variation in Syrian textures really limited red v. red scenarios, which were my favorite. I am really hoping there are different textures available for Republican Guard, Airborne, etc.; or, better yet, multiple available options on the "appearance" drop-down menu in the editor for the various flavors of Syrian units. Just having those options available would hugely expand the scenario-making possibilities for red v. red.
  6. Rokossovski


    Why not? I thought everyone's could.
  7. Rokossovski

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Thank you Oleksander. I hoist a beer in your honor.
  8. Rokossovski

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Very nicely done. Subscribed.
  9. Rokossovski

    How Exciting...

    Dang! I'm not first post. Curse you, Erwin! *Shakes fist impotently at the sky*
  10. Rokossovski

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Those are my number 1 wish. (Technically, my number 4, 3, 1, and 2 wishes respectively).
  11. Rokossovski

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Please don't limit the flexibility of the editor. I can imagine legitimate reasons a scenario creator may wish to depict higher quality units that the game ordinarily presents as Volkssturm. For example, the Volkssturm would be good candidates for modding into partisans (such as Yugoslav partisans, who could be quite competent) and hard coding soft factors would limit those options. Soft factors have normally been left to the scenario designer's discretion. Please don't depart from that sound policy. (Also, thanks for the bones!)
  12. You may not be far off with the estimated release date, but because the game is set in the summer of 2017, I don't think Ukrainian equipment obtained after that date is likely to be included. Although, come to think of it, Battlefront could justify the addition of Ukrainian javelins by reasoning they would be supplied to Ukraine as wartime allies in the hypothetical backstory provided for the game.
  13. Rokossovski

    Crater grogs rejoice!

    Mission accomplished on erasing JK's deficit, but at the moment it won't budge off "0" neutrality and into positive territory. He's long been both active and unfailingly polite. His posts are often helpful and interesting. Moving his rep to a positive number seems like an appropriate tip of the hat.
  14. CM2 games include the (sadly underused) "fitness" setting on the unit design screen for a similar purpose. It has a drop menu allowing the scenario designer to select between "fit", "weakened", and "unfit." The CMBN manual (for example) on page 131 describes the settings as follows: "FITNESS -- determines the inherent degree of physical readiness of the unit's soldiers. This influences on how quickly soldiers tire and recover from physical tasks, such as running or being bombarded by enemy fire. Options include: Fit, Weakened, and Unfit." For example, I would use the setting for Germans in the late stages of the battle of Stalingrad, weakened by cold and hunger, or some Volksstum troops slowed by age (I think I have enough silver in my hair to make that last observation without offending my age cohort). Reducing the setting to "weakened" or "unfit" allows the scenario designer to simulate troops entering the scenario in a compromised state such as from battle exhaustion, hunger, and so forth, and will reduce their ability to move without tiring, or to recover from fatigue. However, I agree with Josey Wales' observation that it may be worthwhile to reduce their experience as well if you wish to have an impact on the troops' spotting ability, accuracy, morale, ability to recover from suppression and ability to pass on information. None of THOSE appear to be impacted by fitness level. EDITED TO ADD: I just noticed a couple of mentions in the thread that I had missed earlier discussing the "fitness" settings. To the extent my post unnecessarily repeats old points I apologize. But I'm keeping my post up because I think a bit of evangelizing about the use of that feature remains worthwhile.
  15. Rokossovski

    CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon