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  1. Miranda? 10 bucks!!?? I'm there, since I'm only a 10 minute drive away from there, not that I don't have my own copy of course. I think I'll buy it for a friend for christmas too. Hmmm Markl, does that hot mixed caucasian/asian chick still work there? I remember half the guys in that store who were 'inspecting' the new releases were in fact just oogling her...
  2. Wow, great news! Time to dust off my CMBB cd (yes it's heresy to consider that I put it away) and redownload all those mods I had. And to think I deleted entire CDs worth of them not just a month ago
  3. After altering the settings, I have confirmed: AF DOES work for CM series (tried both CMAK and CMBB) but the distance it is in effect to reduce the sparklies has been toned down GREATLY. EG. In the previous days, 16x AF would cover the entire map, eliminating all sparklies. However, now that I enable 16x AF, in terms of game distance, it only reaches 200m or so from the viewing point, anything beyond that is a sea or stars. 8x seems to work at about 100m-150m and 4x is dismal. This also means that view distances zoomed out are also affected, most noticeable from the top down view. I'm very disappointed and I doubt that ATI will fix this if the reasoning behind scaling back 16x AF is to imrpove benchmarks. I'll wait for the Omega Catalysts to come out and see if I can play with the settings, but I'm not keeping my hopes up
  4. Schrullenhaft, you are correct, it is indeed a mip-mapping issue here. As mentioned by junk2drive, the sparkly/swimming effect was negated by forcing AF on 4x or 8x, maybe even 16x if your vid card could handle it. And that was what I was doing 'in the old days' before taking a break. Like I said, by forcing AF in the new Catalysts, it now does absolutely nothing to negate the swimming/sparklies. As to buying an Nvidia card, I still prefer ATI. Besides, I'm broke. =(
  5. Is it possible to combine all these threads into some sort of downloadable format, like a PDF, which can be regularly updated? It could also be used for offline browsing, or *gasp* abusing my university printer credit to print and bind for toilet reading?
  6. Okay, after installing and testing with ATI Catalyst 5.1 with CCC, AF is still not working on CMAK. Very dissapointed atm, I really hate seeing the sparklies while playing, especially when scrolling around the battlefield. Looks like I'll have to report it to ATI. I'll post a link up here too for anyone who wants to chip in. Doubt they'll do much about it, but we can still try.
  7. Interesting, Wilhelm. I dont use CCC actually, I just use the normal CP (ie normal advanced properties tab) version as I didn't like the way the previous CCC was set up, although I've heard it's gone better. What I'll do is download the CCC version tonight and see if that works. If not.... Anyone else using Cat 4.12 or 5.1 and not getting AF on CMAK?
  8. Thanks for the screenie, Pine59, that's exactly what I'm referring to. And yes, i meant image quality when I said IQ =) Turning AF on or off, or whatever combinations of x2, x4, x8 or even x16 has no effect on the game whatsoever, the sparklies still appear. Somewhere along the way, ATI broke the AF for CMAK (and maybe other CM games too, I dont have CMBB installed atm). Can others confirm? Looks like we may have to report this ATI.
  9. By sparklies, I'm referring to the sparlking effect of textures when they are some distance away. Makes it look like a light show, especially when scrolling around the battlefield. I'll try to post some screenies. Any more comments, guys?
  10. Oh, I should add I am using currently: Radeon 9700pro DX 9.0c Cat 5.1's
  11. Hi guys! After taking an extended break with CMAK, being preoccupied with other games + uni work, I decided to jump back in the other day. However, when I reached the battle screen, I was beset by an inordinate amount of 'sparklies' in the textures, something which I didn't have before. I quit the game, went to the ATI CP and upped the Ani filtering to 16x. To my dismay, when I entered the battle, it was still the same! In fact, i've tried several combinations of ani settings, yet it doesn't seem to make a difference. I remember the old CAT's (like back in early 4's), anisotropic filtering worked just fine. Has anyone else noticed this? It really does make a big difference to the IQ, IMO.
  12. I'll give it a shot, see how it goes. EDIT: *oops better make that someone else. Forgot I deleted my CMAK cause it was exam time. [ June 23, 2004, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: MAsta_KFC ]
  13. I have to say, nice rig, Phil. If only I could play IL2:Fb on that.
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