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  1. Thank you for the prompt reply. I was looking at either a 28 or 32 inch 4K monitor. Would the issue about being able to read the text and control panel be more of a problem with the smaller monitor? What size monitor would you recommend?
  2. I am planning to buy a new computer which will be Windows 10 and also a 4K monitor. I have CMBN, Commonwealth module, Market Garden module, CMFI, Gustav Line module, and CMFB. First question, can all of these be displayed at the 4K resolution of the 4K monitor, 3840 X 2160? Secondly, would I able to install these on my new computer before uninstalling from my current computer? I saved all the license numbers etc. Thank you.
  3. I am just starting a scenario and am placing my units. There are some light mortars that start in buildings. I assume that they cannot shoot when in a building? Is this correct? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I am playing a scenario where the Yank squads don't start the scenario with bazookas but the halftracks they are riding in have them so I used the Acquire command to get the bazookas and also acquired the 60mm heat which I assume is what the bazooka fires. I broke down the squad so that there is an antitank team to ensure that the bazooka is fired. Is this correct? Or will an intact squad with a bazooka fire the bazooka when targeting an enemy AFV? The squad also has grenade launchers which have a range of 350 metres. Is there a way to select this weapon to fire, or is it arbitrarily chosen by the program? Thanks.
  5. CanuckGamer

    Can 105 MM Artillery Knock out AFV?

    Thanks for all the replies. I kind of figured it could knock out halftracks but wasn't sure about Stug's and Mark III's and IV's. I assume that heavy tanks would be immune. In the scenario I am playing, Carbide Carbide, the terrain is basically hedgerow so the Germans have been situating their tanks and the one Stug (now knocked out) in ambush positions and really not moving them for long periods so they are easier to target. Causing a crew to panic and abandon a tank is almost as good in addition to immobilizing it.
  6. I am playing a scenario as the Yanks where I have 105 mm artillery. I'm wondering if it can knock out halftracks, tank destroyers like Stug III, or possibly Mark IV's. The proof being anyone who has played a scenario where they have seen any of the AFV I mentioned knocked out by 105's. Thanks.
  7. CanuckGamer

    New Josey Wales CMFI AAR

    Thanks, I deleted the two cloud files and that fixed it. I loaded a number of scenarios and noticed that the new horizon did not load for all of them. Must be for the smaller maps only.
  8. CanuckGamer

    New Josey Wales CMFI AAR

    I installed the horizons mod by Aris and checked out a replay from the scenario I am currently playing by PBEM, In For A Pound. There were "waves" moving from right to left on the ground during the replay almost like what you would expect if there were smoke moving quickly. Anyone know what might be causing this? Other than that the horizon and sky looks great.
  9. CanuckGamer

    New Josey Wales CMFI AAR

    Sorry but I want to make sure I understand the procedure before I do anything. I have a file folder called "User Data". Inside this folder is another file folder called "Mods". There are actually four Bitmap image files for Canadian uniform, officer and vehicle which I didn't know were there. I suspect they were installed when I installed one of Kohlenklau's Canadian scenarios that he generously provided me. So I should create a new folder in the Mods folder and then extract the horizons mod in to that folder, correct? Thanks again to everyone for the comments and help.
  10. CanuckGamer

    New Josey Wales CMFI AAR

    Thanks Badger. Going on your recommendation I downloaded "Aris Horizon & Clouds Mod". I have never installed a mod before so I assume that I merely extract this to the mod folder. I am actually currently playing In For A Pound PBEM so would installing the mod now screw up our game? Also, it is my understanding that anytime there is an update such as to Game Engine 4.0 that mods have to be manually re-installed.
  11. CanuckGamer

    New Josey Wales CMFI AAR

    I was watching the replay of In For A Pound on You Tube by Jose Wales and noticed that the background panorama looks much better that what I had when I played the scenario. I assume the pano is a mod? If yes, how and where do I get it? Thanks.
  12. I know that infantry have to enter a truck to replenish their ammo using the Acquire command. I am wondering how an armoured car can replenish it's ammo. In the scenario I am playing I moved an armoured car next to a truck which had the ammo that the machine gun on the armoured car is using hoping that the Acquire command would work but no luck. Is it possible to replenish the ammo of a vehicle? Thanks.
  13. Playing Veni Vidi as the Brits. I placed one my sections in what appears to be rows of hedges by the wooden "pillboxes". I have been trying to move them but only 3 men of the section will move while the rest just sit there. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know how I can get the rest of the section to move? Other than that, an action filled scenario. Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.
  14. I have CMBN version 3.12. I also have the Commonwealth Module and the Market Garden Module. I picked up the Engine 4.0 upgrade and I see two files for CMBN, one called CMBN All Upgrade 4, file size 4 GB and a smaller one that is labelled CMBN Windows 4 Upgrade. What is the difference between these two downloads as I downloaded both and which one do I use to upgrade CMBN to Game Engine 4.0? Thanks.
  15. CanuckGamer

    Download of 4.0 upgrade

    Ian, another question. It has been awhile since I purchased CMBN. What I found in my files was a "Commonwealth bundle code". I haven't located my code for CMBN but as I stated in my post from last Saturday I assume I do not need to enter that one. I wish Battlefront could simplify these upgrades for people who are computer challenged like me. If only we had to enter the Upgrade 4.0 license number! Anyway, do I have to enter the code for the Commonwealth bundle as well? Thanks.