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  1. I logged in this morning and discovered that the patch for Game Engine 4.0 had been released. I have CMBN v4.00, CMFI v2.00, and CMFB v2.00 all are Game Engine 4.0. I am in the middle of a pbem CMBN game. I am going to follow the instructions about installing the patch for pbem games posted earlier in this thread. I see there is something about a bug in the patch so my question is, should I be installing the patch for my three games now or should I wait? Thanks.
  2. We just started playing Carentan H2H by PBEM and beginning from the start of the scenario, German HQs that had no line of sight to hardly any parts of the battlefield were able to call in barrages that also began in the first minute to whatever areas they wanted. I called in both area and linear barrages. It was like TRPs without the markers and no delay for the mortar rounds to start landing. I didn't know that this could be incorporated in to a scenario.
  3. The barrage was the most inaccurate I have had playing CMBN and I have been playing the Combat Mission series for 20 years. Throughout the time I called the barrage to when shells first started landing, there was a green line when I clicked on the spotter which was an HQ, to the target. Anyway, just curious and I have an on map mortar scheduled to hit the same 88 in the next minute so it will be interesting to see how accurate it is. The spotter is another HQ. Maybe forward observer units are the most accurate?
  4. I am currently playing a scenario by PBEM, Attack on Verriers Ridge as the Canadians. With 24 minutes left, I called for an artillery barrage by off map artillery and there was a 14 minute delay. The fire order was a point barrage. When the barrage took place it was not landing even remotely close to the target yet my spotting unit maintained line of sight throughout. The target was an 88 on top of the ridge and I was wondering if maybe when I indicated the point that it actually went over the ridge? I have never seen a point barrage so wildly inaccurate.
  5. This question concerns CMBN, CMFI, and CMFB. After calling for an artillery barrage, does the barrage still go ahead if the spotting unit is eliminated or moves to another location before the barrage takes place? Thanks.
  6. I just surrendered in our second playing of this scenario as the Germans. A second major victory for the Yanks. The Yanks have 30 tanks while the Germans start with something like 4 AT guns and 3 STUG III. They get one Panther and 2 more Stug III with about 1/4 of the scenario playing time left. The Panther reinforcement is screwy in that if you give it any movement order it will ignore the movement plot and move directly to the convoy exit area and then disappear off the map. If you don't give it any movement plot it will move on it's own away from the convoy exit area. I continued playing as I thought the Panther could cause some damage but after taking out one Yank light tank, a Sherman took it out with one frontal shot. I assume it was a lucky shot as you would think a Panther would be difficult for a Sherman to take out unless it hit it from the rear or side. No it was not a firefly. Regardless, that added insult to injury after hanging on for about 40 minutes with the Germans, so I surrendered. I don't mind playing scenarios that are not "balanced" as that can be subjective but this one is a tough one for the Germans. Still it was action filled from start to finish as I knocked out 21 Yank tanks. Unfortunately he had 10 left!
  7. I opened a ticket. I don't know who Steve is but If I did I would have contacted him directly like you did. Here is why I think it has something to do with the online purchases of my friend and I. Around Xmas he bought games from both Battlefront and another company. He used his wife's card for the Battlefront purchases but his card for the other company. The fradulent charges appeared on his wife's card. I bought the VP and BP using my credit card just after new years and fradulent charges appeared on my card as well. If I am correct about Battlefront changing servers recently then it is too much of a coincidence that including you we now have 3 reported incidents. My only other credit card usage in December was my monthly automatic charge from my cell phone company and a online purchase from a another game company but that occurred after the fradulent charges.
  8. Ok, I will. It just occurred to me that Battlefront changed servers, I think.
  9. In the last three weeks both me and a friend purchased Battlefront products paying for them with credit cards. Specifically, CMBN Big Bundle, and for me the Vehicle and Battle Pack. In early January, both our credit cards were hit with fradulent transactions. Luckily we both check our balances regularly so we reported them to our credit card providers. It is too much of a coincidence that we both were hit, so I am letting you know through the forum (not sure where I should have reported this) so that you can check the security of your ordering system because it may be compromised. Thanks.
  10. I have one friend who has the VP and BP but another one who doesn't. I play PBEM with both. If I started a scenario from the BP are you saying that my second friend who doesn't have either the BP and VP could play that scenario? If that is the case then only one of us had to buy the VP and BP. What I was thinking is that although the BP and VP files are in his install they had to be activated by him purchasing both. Anyway, I could find out by starting one with my second friend to see what happens.
  11. Okay I picked up the BP and the VP. JoMc67, I may be wrong but including the scenarios that come with the BP there are a number of scenarios I downloaded at the depot that indicate you need the VP to play so you can't play against an opponent who doesn't have the VP. Anyway looking forward to checking out the new vehicles.
  12. I posted a comment at the Scenario site but for some reason it did not get posted. There is a major issue with this scenario. My friend and I are currently in to our second playing with me as the Germans again. In the first playing I surrendered before we got to the time of the scenario we are now at. When there was 36 minutes left in the scenario, the tank platoon reinforcement consisting of a single Panther appeared. I have now tried twice but no matter what movement plot I give to the Panther it moves to the green highlight exit hexes for the convoy and then disappears. It totally ignored movement plots as if the movement to the exit hexes is programmed in to the scenario. LiveNoMore, maybe you can let me know what is going on. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I play at Warrior level. I currently don't have any saved files that I can forward to you but am playing 3 PBEM games. What I do when playing is first make sure I have not selected any units so that all spotted enemy units are shown. I then start clicking individual units to determine which ones are doing the spotting. I will let you know when I have this happen again.
  14. Currently, knocked out vehicles continue to able to spot enemy units. I know this is the case in CMBN and I assume it is true for CMFI and CMFB. In the scenario I am playing the only unit that can spot some of the enemy units is a halftrack that was knocked out early in the scenario. Hopefully this is corrected in the patch for Game Engine 4 so that knocked out vehicles will no longer be able to spot enemy units.
  15. Thanks Howler, I went back and looked at the range and both Marders were closer than 400 meters. I guess the weapon they are using has stunned the crew of the Syrian tank because as I mentioned it has not yet fired back, thank goodness, or the Marders would be toast. I've put both in reverse while maintaining an armour arc of fire.
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