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    Anyone in New England area or Good with Tech Help?

    If he can't access his BIOS settings, booting from an external device won't work unless previously set up in boot options. @Sublime It almost sounds like you need to replace your BIOS chip, or flash it. https://blog.superuser.com/2011/04/03/what-is-flashing-the-bios/ http://hardware-today.com/articles/motherboards/how_to_flash_bios
  2. Devil's Descent was probably the most amount of fun I ever had playing CMBN.
  3. General Jack Ripper

    M3A1 Halftracks not firing

    Just in case, remember to give the vehicle the target order, not the troops riding in it. Other than that, ordering them to Open Up works.
  4. General Jack Ripper

    Any way to fix fog graphics glitches?

    Still a young man around here, sonny.
  5. General Jack Ripper

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    I just wanted to chime in and report I too had a fraudulent charge, but only for a 28 dollar Uber bill. My bank's fraud service caught it and froze my account. Just a little reminder you folks might want to go get a copy of your account statements and have a look, just in case.
  6. General Jack Ripper

    FPS Really?

    Your expectations are flawed, and your statement of fact is only an opinion. You seem to think improving the framerate is a goal of game refinement, which is true for things like first person shooters, which rely on high framerates in order to encourage competitive skill-based play and allow players to exercise their reflexes in real time. Combat Mission does not require twitchy reflexes in order to play, so maintaining a high framerate is completely unnecessary.
  7. General Jack Ripper

    FPS Really?

    I see large jumps of between 15-60 depending on how much is on the screen at one time, to how far the camera is zoomed in, to how large and complex the map, flavor objects, and forces present. I especially notice it while recording videos and that often accounts for the particular camera style I use, trying to maintain a high enough framerate for fluid video. Unlike most games, the variations in framerate don't really matter unless they happen to drop below 15 in which case you may get some stuttering in the animations, and if you zoom the camera in and out, or pan quickly, you may notice a slight pause followed by some terrain and textures being re-drawn. This is all completely normal.
  8. General Jack Ripper

    Anyone in New England area or Good with Tech Help?

    Geek Squad might be able to, I guess? I don't know many computer repair places that still operate. You could mail me your USB and PM me directions.
  9. General Jack Ripper

    Do US forces still use claymore mines?

    From my experience, it's some sort of mysterious greyish meat in a loaf of bread with some nacho cheese poured over top of it. . . . And you call that food?
  10. General Jack Ripper

    Russians to try to rewrite history on Sov Afghan War

    Well, at the rate you escalated that confrontation (from Hitler straight to Emrys PLUS Assyrians?!), I sought to preemptively de-escalate. My apologies.
  11. General Jack Ripper

    Russians to try to rewrite history on Sov Afghan War

    What amazes me is how often history gets taught in a simple linear fashion, (I.E. A+B=C) when in reality, history happened more like a quadratic equation. (Where X=The American Civil War, solve for C) Simple cause and effect understanding of history is for children, which is why I generally refrain from discussing history with others. It seems to be the most common base of knowledge other people possess. It's endlessly frustrating.
  12. General Jack Ripper

    Electronic Warfare

  13. General Jack Ripper

    Anyone in New England area or Good with Tech Help?

    Are you downloading from some kind of online backup server?
  14. General Jack Ripper

    Russians to try to rewrite history on Sov Afghan War

    Well, so long as I can fit my lawn mower around it, and have a tarpaulin large enough to cover it when I have guests over... (purely for their sake of course) I guess one needs vanity in the first place if it is to become wounded. I'm fairly certain I no longer possess the attribute. Wait, the statue of Emry's is not nude, is it? How far are you going to take this?!
  15. General Jack Ripper

    Russians to try to rewrite history on Sov Afghan War

    I'd leave it up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalin_Monument_(Budapest) ^ I'd have left that up too. Just because you build a statue of someone, doesn't mean it had to be a celebration. We can also have statues of things we want to avoid. It's about public remembrance. Keeping some things in mind. I'd say that's a matter of opinion. It's that whole historical relativism thing I talked about. Caesar was not an unusual man for his time. Our modern sensibilities say one thing about Caesar, but if you study his life and actions by the standards that existed at the time he was alive he's hardly a saint, but he's not Satan either. In a way, you have illustrated my point better than I could. Gaius Julius Caesar made a mark upon the world that history cannot erase. His accomplishments remain remarkable, even two thousand years later. His achievements are worthy of REMEMBRANCE. I'm not saying we should create some creepy religious cult based around worshipping the man, but I shudder to think the day someone may try to erase him from public knowledge for nothing more than their own sense of wounded vanity may not be too far away.
  16. General Jack Ripper

    Russians to try to rewrite history on Sov Afghan War

    So what? Are we required to conduct a historical dissection of everyone before we build a statue of them? I'm sure there are plenty of statues of Lenin around, but no matter how much I dislike Communism, I'm not running around trying to tear them all down.
  17. General Jack Ripper

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    Hadn't even purchased the game before complaining about it. Figures. 🙄
  18. General Jack Ripper

    Russians to try to rewrite history on Sov Afghan War

    I don't want to engender a political debate, but I can answer this question with my previous post: I firmly believe this to be true. You can go all the way back to the Assyrian Empire and blame everyone for every bad thing that ever happened throughout history, or you can do the mature and reasonable thing, and engage in a bit of historical relativism. To be clear, I address this topic from the Historical Scholarship angle, not trying to state a Political point.
  19. It's nice to be able to play the campaign, and see how the engine changes and adaptation lead to differences in tactics, planning, and execution.
  20. General Jack Ripper

    Smoke Dischargers

    Time-coded above is an example of using the turret-mounted smoke mortars to lay down a linear smoke screen to cover the advance of infantry. It's a bit of an "Out of the Box" type of thing.
  21. General Jack Ripper

    Russians to try to rewrite history on Sov Afghan War

    I recently made a post on another media of mine, I think might be relevant. It was in reference to a news article complaining about how West Point Military Academy still had some Confederate memorials or somesuch on the Campus, and still taught lessons about the Confederacy. The argument proposed in the article was that in a "Post Charlottesville" world, we need to remove all traces of the CSA from existence. Now, I have my own position on the recent political schism that has occurred, (mostly that it's not recent, and not one-sided) but in the interest of preserving useful lessons of history, I tried to leave this comment on the article in question: The re-writing of the past to satisfy someone's fragile modern sensibilities is one of the most disgusting things I can imagine.
  22. General Jack Ripper

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    Yeah. Maybe I'll just have a drink. I deal with stuff all day at the Post Office, it just peeves me to come here and see stuff too.
  23. The second part of Ash Shammas: I'm amazed to see the old 'Curse of the MGS Stryker' is back. My MGS crewmen should just quit.
  24. General Jack Ripper

    Video editing software

    I got Vegas Pro 14 when it was on sale, and I hear ya about going back to school. It's been about a year since I got it and I still don't know how to do everything it can do. Then again, I'm not a particularly good video maker anyway.