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  1. General Jack Ripper

    New Scenario: Tactical Operations Center

    I just wish I could have gotten more done before Real LifeTM landed all over me.
  2. General Jack Ripper


    The man apologizes for taking a vacation. What is this world coming to?!
  3. General Jack Ripper


    Shadows aren't necessary. It's naught but meaningless eye candy. 😜
  4. General Jack Ripper

    CM:N... I need flares!

    Me too.
  5. General Jack Ripper


    You're right, my mistake. The waypoint of the order also indicates a location to be hull down to. However, using the target command does seem to be even easier. Target briefly works exactly the same as target. I think I confused the early explanation of how the order works, with a vague recollection of my own testing. Open mouth, insert foot.
  6. General Jack Ripper

    Happy Birthday, America!

    I'm the only one here, so I do get to use the company computer to catch up on the forums in between doing actual work. It's not so bad.
  7. General Jack Ripper

    Happy Birthday, America!

    I pulled the short straw, and got to go to work today. However, being assigned to work, and also being assigned to raise the flag, got me this sweet picture right before sunrise, with the top of the flagpole in the sun. The moon is also visible. I hope you all have a great day celebrating the anniversary of our nation's independence.
  8. General Jack Ripper


    I would practice with it a bit before using it seriously here. On the surface, it seems quite simple. The vehicle will travel forward until it is hull-down to the waypoint that was placed. If a 'Target' command is attached to the waypoint, the vehicle will fire upon the selected target after becoming hull-down. The danger comes if sufficient terrain is not present to make the vehicle properly hull-down, in which case the vehicle will happily trundle along for the entire movement path, with predictably deadly results. I once lost a Sherman to a Panzershreck because it never found a hull-down spot and drive right up to the enemy position. However, if everything is in order, 'Seek Hull Down' will completely eliminate the hassle of dragging waypoints around, or plotting extremely short movements. You just lay down the order properly, and it just plain works.
  9. General Jack Ripper

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    Happy Birthday, America. In other news, the rest of my week may calm down enough for me to post another installment. Working consecutive 12-hour days isn't very conducive to one's hobbies.
  10. General Jack Ripper


    As I suspected, the use of the 'Seek Hull Down' command has changed the entire feel of Shock Force. - The enemy is weak, pathetic, and doesn't have nearly as much 'Murica as required to achieve victory. - Headed directly into an incoming warhead, most likely. - They are truly disgusting by comparison to the sleek, elegant, streamlined American warfighting equipment, you must destroy them all to save our precious ocular organs from such damage. One vehicle even had a BENT cage section! Where is the Sergeant-Major to correct that gross incompetence!? In my experience, the Panzerfaust teams will quite happily open fire at around 4-500 meters range, but the threat envelope is more like 350 meters or less. It's a huge warhead though, be careful. The days of dial-up internet are over Bil, bring on all the screenies and gifs you want. We can handle it. You can never have too much smoke screens, this can be expressed mathematically: (Smoke) + (More) = (Better) As with anything else Bud, a weapon is only as effective as it's employment. I would keep track of the number of missiles fired, estimate the total number available to the other side, then once their allotment is likely expended, you can carry on normal operations. For example: A Stryker Platoon can field 4 launchers, with three shots per launcher, for a grand total of 12 missiles. Once you have counted 12 shots fired, you can ignore the threat. Alternatively, count the number of javelin-equipped troops you kill, and if you get all 4, you win! It's a macabre way of thinking, but it works.
  11. General Jack Ripper

    Antony Beevor's view on War Films

    I did make a fanedit of all of General Ripper's scenes in Dr. Strangelove, here: https://www.minds.com/media/700851614881161220
  12. General Jack Ripper

    Looking For Opponents

    You might want to post in the active section of the forum, there is still a functioning CMx1 section (sort of). These are the archives.
  13. General Jack Ripper

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    Sorry gents, I'm all out of clicks today.
  14. General Jack Ripper

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    Oh man. We just can't trust children with anything these days, eh? What's next, eating laundry detergent on a dare? Oh, wait...