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  1. And look what Tank Jesus just dropped:
  2. See title. Anyone else got simple advice for new players? Here's a short list of mine: Do not get shot at. Shooting makes you easier to see. Cover arcs are not magic. Maybe allow your troops to wait a minute before flogging them onto their objectives. Don't call in that airstrike. No seriously, don't. It'll hit your own guys. It doesn't matter how thick your armor is. You don't assault a position by running straight into it. Use more ammo, you don't get bonus points for frugality. Limit your leaders exposure. Split your squads. Three guys in one action spot are not as vulnerable as six. Maybe we can make a community contributed list Murphy's Laws of Combat Mission. At the very least, let's have a fun thread for once.
  3. No. I've had many scenarios featuring the mass use of tanks, examined literally thousands of damaged tanks over my many years of play, and I notice no unreasonably high incidences of gun damage. In fact, the one tank in the Company that does have to trundle around as a glorified mobile machinegun pillbox is the sad exception to the rule that once you get shot at, you usually die, or bail out of your immobilized tank.
  4. Does it ever occur to you that the OP might not know what they're talking about? Just because someone complains about something, doesn't automatically mean that complaint has merit. Do I have to go through the whole song and dance about "show me some examples or video evidence" before we actually talk about said complaints every single time?
  5. You're not using the command correctly. Hull Down target the BASE of the berm, not the top of the berm. You're telling the tank to go hull down in regards to the empty air on top of the berm. If an enemy tank was parked behind the berm, you would likely be able to shoot it, because it projects above the berm, but trying to shoot the ground on or behind the berm is impossible, because you are hull down in reference to it. It's all relative.
  6. This is why I can't come to the forums anymore. You people make my brain hurt. If you park two stationary tanks across from each other on a flat surface under perfect weather conditions, and allow one tank to range the other and sit there plinking away at it's target, then that is TRAINING CONDITIONS. The observed accuracy of the guns is here demonstrated under TRAINING CONDITIONS. This is no different if you'd hung a paper target and told the gunner to shoot it. The American 76mm gun is wickedly accurate, and at 2000 meters range can easily bullseye the center of mass on a 2 meter target under TRAINING CONDITIONS. I mean, Jesus Christ it can plaster a FIVE INCH circle at 1000 meters no trouble at all. That's a target about the size of my hand fully stretched out, so a 2 meter target at 2000 meters is no trouble at all. We're not shooting smoothbore cannons firing round shot here. Sheesh. If you want to test accuracy under combat conditions, then create COMBAT conditions, and record your results. This game doesn't automagically create combat conditions just because you load a scenario and let it play. Load up a random map, put forces on both sides, and order them to attack each other. Then you can see how effective your gunnery is. When your targets are maneuvering, evading, popping smoke, shooting smoke, and shooting back to hit and kill, you'll likely see a reduction in your accuracy. Of course, you might be having too much fun to come onto the forums and complain about gunnery, but that tends to happen when you just play the game.
  7. Well that's just wrong. We've been over this at length already. Historically, the Dreadnought race began in 1906 and was finished at the start of WW1. Rule the Waves game period of 1900-1925 with an optional extension to 1950 is more than adequate to cover the entire period and represent the concept completely. I'll be sure to pass on your opinion. Actually I won't. In fact, why don't you head over to their forums and tell them directly? I'm sure they'd be happy to hear from you. and the speed, fire control, sea-keeping, communication, turret arrangement, engagement range, etc. You're the one hung up on gun caliber as the single deciding factor of a naval engagement, and YOU are the one who decided the acid test was a "World of Warships style one-on-one match". Don't get mad because you set the terms of argument and they didn't work in your favor. If you're going to have an argument, you should seek to read and understand your opponent's point of view, rather than relying on ad-nauseam re-iteration of your own. Now I'm going to place you on my ignore list, you are the only such forum member to be so recognized. Congratulations. Are you telling me you roll dice?
  8. Students don't NEED to be gunned down by the army if they've been raised their whole lives to be indoctrinated into the system, and are now willing participants in their own repression. What your wife needs to understand is that on a fundamental level, Western society respects the value of the individual's right to do what they wish with their own life. Even if it's to the overall detriment to society at large. Foreigners I talk to play up the U.S.A.'s social problems as indicative of a flawed and failing society. That's because they are removed from the perspective that the massive drug, obesity, and crime problems we have here are indicative of a society that lets people make their own decisions, for better or worse. You can argue the respective merits of both sides, but a direct comparison is foolish, and rather stupid.
  9. Well, if the government says it's for the greater good, who are we to question their motives? This is why people here in this thread criticize China. Because they largely accept a draconian reduction in their liberty and rights that would very quickly lead to an armed response among the citizenry here in the West. Well, in the few places people are still allowed to bear arms anyway. There is also the resulting to personal attacks driven by the fact you realize you're wasting your time arguing with someone who's as dumb as a brick. I'm just saying. There's not some 'instant win card' you get to play just because your opponent got fed up with you. I think any time a debate or argument ends along those lines BOTH sides need to do some reflecting as to how things got derailed, and why. Censorship is not voluntary. These are voluntary decisions companies make to avoid losing a large potential marketplace. If you don't like their decisions, stop consuming their products. I certainly don't. https://gking.harvard.edu/files/censored.pdf <- Try reading that. The internet DOES allow for the free dissemination of information, unless you live in China. That's not just "racism against Asians", it's the truth. If you lived in China and clicked that link, you would run the risk of being arrested, because in China censorship of the internet is emplaced by law. If you read or disseminate information officially classified as 'censored' by the government, you are in violation of the law and subject to criminal charges. I've literally seen video leaked to the internet of people being arrested in their own homes because they 'posted inappropriate content on the internet'. "I'll answer your question, you just need to give me time to answer," is what the liar says when he can't think of lies fast enough. People who tell the truth don't need time to think, they simply speak what they know to be true. They may think briefly about how to compose their words, but they don't use the phrase, "I'm trying to answer your questions, you just don't give me time to answer them," as an excuse for not answering a question.
  10. I would have been shocked, but I lived in Florida for eight years. If you only knew how bad things really were...
  11. Exact same thing happened here. All of a sudden I'm seeing a lot of out-of-state license plates on cars. That's too bad, it's a fun video. It's got frogs in it. I don't much care for predictions. My intended point was that maybe we should all just simmah down a bit. I see the article in question says much the same thing. Every time I read an article about the internal British government procedures, I feel chills run down my spine. Thank goodness we got out of that horrible mess! Once upon a time, I was talking to a buddy of mine who is a rather rabid prepper type. He asked me once a hypothetical, "What's the one thing you need during the apocalypse?" I answered, "Toilet paper, because if civilization is going to end, and we have to live without all of life's conveniences, then the one thing I want to be able to do is wipe my *ss." Now, when I answered his question, it was back during the ebola virus scare, and I had no idea I was actually predicting the future. Anyway, I found some Charmin at a local store, so I'm officially no longer worried about anything. Life is good.
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