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  1. Well that's just wrong. We've been over this at length already. Historically, the Dreadnought race began in 1906 and was finished at the start of WW1. Rule the Waves game period of 1900-1925 with an optional extension to 1950 is more than adequate to cover the entire period and represent the concept completely. I'll be sure to pass on your opinion. Actually I won't. In fact, why don't you head over to their forums and tell them directly? I'm sure they'd be happy to hear from you. and the speed, fire control, sea-keeping, communication, turret arrangement, engagement range, etc. You're the one hung up on gun caliber as the single deciding factor of a naval engagement, and YOU are the one who decided the acid test was a "World of Warships style one-on-one match". Don't get mad because you set the terms of argument and they didn't work in your favor. If you're going to have an argument, you should seek to read and understand your opponent's point of view, rather than relying on ad-nauseam re-iteration of your own. Now I'm going to place you on my ignore list, you are the only such forum member to be so recognized. Congratulations. Are you telling me you roll dice?
  2. Students don't NEED to be gunned down by the army if they've been raised their whole lives to be indoctrinated into the system, and are now willing participants in their own repression. What your wife needs to understand is that on a fundamental level, Western society respects the value of the individual's right to do what they wish with their own life. Even if it's to the overall detriment to society at large. Foreigners I talk to play up the U.S.A.'s social problems as indicative of a flawed and failing society. That's because they are removed from the perspective that the massive drug, obesity, and crime problems we have here are indicative of a society that lets people make their own decisions, for better or worse. You can argue the respective merits of both sides, but a direct comparison is foolish, and rather stupid.
  3. Well, if the government says it's for the greater good, who are we to question their motives? This is why people here in this thread criticize China. Because they largely accept a draconian reduction in their liberty and rights that would very quickly lead to an armed response among the citizenry here in the West. Well, in the few places people are still allowed to bear arms anyway. There is also the resulting to personal attacks driven by the fact you realize you're wasting your time arguing with someone who's as dumb as a brick. I'm just saying. There's not some 'instant win card' you get to play just because your opponent got fed up with you. I think any time a debate or argument ends along those lines BOTH sides need to do some reflecting as to how things got derailed, and why. Censorship is not voluntary. These are voluntary decisions companies make to avoid losing a large potential marketplace. If you don't like their decisions, stop consuming their products. I certainly don't. https://gking.harvard.edu/files/censored.pdf <- Try reading that. The internet DOES allow for the free dissemination of information, unless you live in China. That's not just "racism against Asians", it's the truth. If you lived in China and clicked that link, you would run the risk of being arrested, because in China censorship of the internet is emplaced by law. If you read or disseminate information officially classified as 'censored' by the government, you are in violation of the law and subject to criminal charges. I've literally seen video leaked to the internet of people being arrested in their own homes because they 'posted inappropriate content on the internet'. "I'll answer your question, you just need to give me time to answer," is what the liar says when he can't think of lies fast enough. People who tell the truth don't need time to think, they simply speak what they know to be true. They may think briefly about how to compose their words, but they don't use the phrase, "I'm trying to answer your questions, you just don't give me time to answer them," as an excuse for not answering a question.
  4. I would have been shocked, but I lived in Florida for eight years. If you only knew how bad things really were...
  5. Exact same thing happened here. All of a sudden I'm seeing a lot of out-of-state license plates on cars. That's too bad, it's a fun video. It's got frogs in it. I don't much care for predictions. My intended point was that maybe we should all just simmah down a bit. I see the article in question says much the same thing. Every time I read an article about the internal British government procedures, I feel chills run down my spine. Thank goodness we got out of that horrible mess! Once upon a time, I was talking to a buddy of mine who is a rather rabid prepper type. He asked me once a hypothetical, "What's the one thing you need during the apocalypse?" I answered, "Toilet paper, because if civilization is going to end, and we have to live without all of life's conveniences, then the one thing I want to be able to do is wipe my *ss." Now, when I answered his question, it was back during the ebola virus scare, and I had no idea I was actually predicting the future. Anyway, I found some Charmin at a local store, so I'm officially no longer worried about anything. Life is good.
  6. Just because the commander can see it, doesn't mean the gunner can. If you use the Target command I bet you a million dollars it will say, "Reverse Slope, No Aim Point" or some other such inability. Most likely the Sherman has not spotted you, or has the same problem you do. Just move forward about 20 meters and this problem will solve itself. Maybe you ought to narrow down that Cover Armor Arc while you do.
  7. I know that, I was speaking facetiously. Something like 50% of our strategic toilet paper stockpile is going unused because it's all sitting in commercial offices and other places that are closed for business, or tied up in the aforementioned UPC barcode wars. Still rankles a bit my local supermarket has been hoarding toilet paper for the special "old people hours" they enforce every morning. By the time I'm allowed through the door, all the toilet paper is gone. If I hadn't stockpiled stuff back in December when I first became aware of the virus outbreak, I would have nothing now. The nearest wholesale location is an hour away, but even if I could, I would never walk into those disease factories. If you didn't buy stock in Amazon, WalMart, and Costco during the recent market tumble you missed out on a golden opportunity.
  8. It's not the frogs, IT'S THE CHEMICALS IN THE WATER Like I said, it's really not funny, it's serious. They put chemicals in the water that turn frogs gay. It's real. It's actually happening. It's not fake. Now apologize to Alex Jones. He was right the whole time.
  9. I ignored all the political stuff in this thread because I knew commenting on it wouldn't do any good, the two sides are far too entrenched to listen to each other. However, @sburke YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW! I won't have my two favorite media personalities slandered by the likes of you. Now apologize to Alex Jones. Those frogs really DID turn gay! IT'S NOT FUNNY! No, really it's not. I'm serious.
  10. The naysayers are always right, until they're not. If millions had died, then the naysayers would have to eat some humble pie wouldn't they? The only thing I'm foggy about is where the toilet paper comes in, and why everyone bought all of it so quickly. WHAT ARE WE MISSING?! Call me a doubter then. The models published that showed millions of deaths were modeling the effects of the virus if no preventative actions were taken. These were used to induce the government to call for social distancing and to shut down the economy. They claimed there would come a point of no return in which our hospital system would be so overwhelmed that we'd be unable to treat, prevent, or limit the rate at which the virus spreads. All of these models were wrong, not just because we actually did things to slow the virus, but because several erroneous assumptions were made to yield model data as early as possible. Data as to the result of travel restrictions and the shutdown of commerce and trade were not added until after it took effect. Data for population density was mostly ignored, which is why rates of infection and hospitalization for rural areas was entirely wrong. Most importantly, the models did not take into account the increase in hospital capacity by postponing elective procedures for the duration, and the creation of significant temporary capacity by both the government and private enterprise. It simply assumed hospitals would be an additional infection vector which is why several states and cities issued 'shelter in place' orders which effectively lock people in their homes. They just didn't think of these things, because the pressure was on to force the government to take action, any action, even a draconian reduction in citizen's civil rights. As I've explained, the doomsayers are never wrong. Maybe by December the overall worldwide death toll may top a couple million, but by then we will have long forgotten the hysteria that accompanied the dire predictions of the doomsayers that stated our hospitals would be overwhelmed and our society would come crashing down amid a viral zombie apocalypse. You can simply comfort yourself with the knowledge that you were right all along, while you shop for your Christmas presents in stores that re-opened without incident months ago. The curves seem to be flattening worldwide quite nicely as hospitalizations are down, effective treatment and testing becomes more available, and the application of industry to the production of medical supplies continues to ramp up worldwide. Not to mention medical staff become more experienced in treating the disease, thus rendering medical efforts to be more efficient. In the U.S. temporary emergency medical facilities are already being scheduled to close as they have no patients to treat. The Javits Center facility is scheduled to close after they transfer the few patients they had to another facility, and the navy hospital ship in New York currently only has about 50 patients onboard a ship with room for a thousand. I think what's needed to stave off the ravening hordes of coronavirus zombies is a little perspective. So far, around 19,000,000 people have died this year. 430,000 from traffic accidents. 340,000 from suicide. 800,000 from alcohol. 1,600,000 from smoking. 300,000 from malaria. 500,000 from AIDS. 100,000 from childbirth complications. 13,800,000 abortions. and 150,000 from the seasonal flu. That's just a small sample. Let's be honest, cigarettes are still king of the hill, unless you're like me and consider abortion to be the act of taking an unborn human life. What can I say? Eating dinner at the Denny's in Stony Creek, Virginia and then being able to light a cigarette because they still had a designated smoking section back in 2007 is one of the most memorable things I have ever done in my life. I don't expect I will ever see another smoking section in any public place so long as I live. I don't even smoke anymore, but I still think it's kinda sad. Then again, maybe I'm an inhuman monster who looks at the millions of people who die from smoking every year and think to myself, "Eh, it's just a drop in the bucket really."
  11. The doomsayers are always right. Observe: >Millions of people WILL DIE unless we take these measures! Millions don't die. >Millions of people WOULD HAVE died if we hadn't taken these measures! The doomsayers are always right. Truth is, the real numbers of infected likely will not be known for some time, given this virus was spreading for weeks uncontrolled before any alarm was raised, and still spread uncontrolled for weeks while China assured everyone it's just a seasonal flu and there's no evidence of human to human transmission and masks most likely won't protect you and don't worry swine flu and SARS were just a big nothing-burger too etcetera, "It's all America's fault! Stop being racist! Go hug a Chinese person! Stop shutting down travel from foreign countries you bigot! Those faulty tests are just a conspiracy! Wearing a mask is racist!" https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/07/us/face-masks-ethnicity-coronavirus-cdc-trnd/index.html This thing ran away from containment at the very beginning, and all we've been doing this whole time is trying to apply a vacuum cleaner to a dirt factory. I'm sorry for my excessively sanguine attitude, but lets be honest here, the failure to prevent the spread of this virus is not the fault of any one person, or any one policy, it was a failure of our entire civilization. Or as Dan Carlin titled it in an excellent Hardcore History episode: "Globalization Unto Death" Which I highly recommend by the way. Excellent story.
  12. You'd have to ask the devs, but as I stated previously the idea was to cover the Dreadnought Race, which it does. The devil is not in the details, the details are in the details. It'd be a rather easy slaughter in a straight up slugfest. Period. Like sending the Colorado against the Yamato. It'd be fun for about ten minutes. Then the Colorado would sink with all hands. Get turned before the mast for cowardice then. Meanwhile, I'll be busy sinking your navy with MUH BIG GUNZ and MUH SPEED. Your example for measurement was a World of Warships style one-on-one engagement, and I've already explained to you just how outmatched your old 'traditional' ship is compared to 'the new hotness that set the standard for decades to come'. Which is why Rule the Waves doesn't span 100 years of history. Good talk.
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/24/world/europe/disinformation-china-eu-coronavirus.html I wonder if the real story will ever come out.
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