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  1. It is far more important to go around the enemy than to try and approach him directly, especially in confined terrain like hedgerows.
  2. When Lt Bright gunned down two Krauts with his 1911 in three seconds, I never looked askance at a soldier armed only with a pistol again.
  3. If we had this again, I'd play a lot more multiplayer matches.
  4. If I have a platoon of tanks and a platoon of pc's, two tanks lead the column, while two tanks trail the column. If I have scouts, the scouts lead with one tank attached, while the main column stays a ways behind. If my force is mostly tanks with just a platoon of infantry for support, I lead with tanks in all situations in at least platoon strength. If it's more like a company of infantry with an attached tank platoon, I usually lead with the tank platoon followed by either mounted or dismounted infantry platoon except in areas where enemy AT assets are likely to be present, in which case I'll lead with a dismounted infantry platoon, and have the tanks stay one or two steps behind as support. You almost NEVER want to lead your column with mounted infantry unless speed is the sole factor behind your movement. Infantry mounted in pc's or riding tanks are far too vulnerable to literally anything the enemy might have. In fact, I would never have infantry ride tanks unless it was a completely safe environment, and I would dismount at even the first whiff of anything larger than a pistol pointed my way. I really need to get around to making that "Quick Guide to Mechanized and Armored Infantry" video.
  5. Because they care more about making a product they can be proud of than making the next Call of Duty game?
  6. Sometimes I'm reminded of the fact we still live under the specter of nuclear annihilation. In fact, I am reminded of it every time I go down to the storage room in the basement at work.
  7. The downfall of many a woman is thinking she can fix a broken man.
  8. In New England, we call that a normal level. If you don't have a couple beers in you while you're just walking around town, there's something wrong with you.
  9. Well at least it's not pineapple... ...which is all I can say about this travesty of food modification.
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