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  1. General Jack Ripper

    MG Deploy/Pack up times

    No. I deliberately said zero pack up time to simulate the ability to wheel the gun away. If you move one to four action spots and toggle the deploy weapon command to 'on', you will deploy the gun instantly after stopping. This is a known game mechanic.
  2. General Jack Ripper

    MG Deploy/Pack up times

    I think it's intended to be an abstraction representing the ability to quickly move the gun instantly, but transporting it over any real distance would require some fiddling, at least to clear the gun and stow the ammo, etc. Remember, you can deploy machineguns over a short distance without having a setup time. So you could grab your russian mg, move it instantly (zero pack up time), move 4 action spots, and deploy instantly. So you can potentially be very mobile with it. But the gun is still heavy, and even being dragged you clear the gun and then have to emplace it, check your line of fire, then reload the gun before firing.
  3. I've been looking for that forever after reading a magazine article quoting sections of it. Thanks.
  4. General Jack Ripper

    MG Deploy/Pack up times

    Which ones are water-cooled, and which ones are air-cooled? Which are belt-fed, and which are magazine fed? Which are light enough to be man-portable, and which require multiple crewmembers? Which have an optional bipod, and which fire only from a tripod? There's a heck of a lot more questions to ask and answer here besides, "I don't get why a gun on wheels has a setup time."
  5. General Jack Ripper

    MG Deploy/Pack up times

    Even something as portable as a BAR doesn't have a "0" pack up time.
  6. General Jack Ripper

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    When I was a kid, I used to sit right up close to the window on the T specifically to look down the older tunnels.
  7. General Jack Ripper

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    Wandering the back alleys of Boston reveals all sorts of interesting things:
  8. General Jack Ripper

    What Are You Reading?

    It's the privilege you get from living for so long. I can't wait until my 60's, then I can be like Emrys.
  9. That's why I was wondering about the differences between game settings, because I do recall specific discussion regarding how Syrian buildings seemed bulletproof, and then people posting photos and videos showing how solid that type of brick and concrete construction really is. Like little fortresses.
  10. I think the abstracted generic 'building' type tends to change slightly depending on which title you're playing. Your middle eastern concrete and brick constructed house is a bit more sturdy than your wooden framed normandy house. But then again, you're shooting 5.56mm in syria, and .30-06 in normandy, sooo... I think the approximations are okay, maybe a little conservative, but one thing you don't seem to need to worry about is secondary frag and projectiles. I've seen rpg rounds impact a wall directly opposite a few guys, and not even a scratch was inflicted. There is simulation based on round size, weight and velocity, but there is approximation based on building materiel and construction. So I would say the performance is reliably predictable, but abstracted. You'll see hundreds of rounds go skipping off a wall, but then that one lucky bastard gets through and kills your platoon hq. Um, it actually is the case. I've placed .30 cal fire onto a target effectively suppressing it by shooting THROUGH one house to hit the one behind it. I've seen .50cal go through several walls in a row before being stopped. One time during the road to montebourg I had to cease fire from an M1917 Water Cooled specifically because he was shooting through three houses in a row and suppressing my own guys sneaking up behind the third house. It does exist man, just depends on the type of building.
  11. One thing you should always keep in mind is that 5.56x45mm doesn't pierce walls very well, while 7.62x39mm does a little bit better. If both sides are in buildings, you'll probably come off second best unless you leverage additional firepower or engage in some heavy suppression. Thus, passing out 500 to 1000 extra rounds during the setup phase can be recommended. Also, Strykers are not tanks, they are bulletproof, but not proof against anything else. Once upon a time there was a thread in the old Shock Force Forum called 'Taking Down Buildings Quick and Agile" which told people to roll their vehicle up to the target building to dismount their infantry and assault the building. Then, there was a smattering of complaints about destroyed Strykers and full squads getting killed before the word got out: it was all nonsense. Stryker infantry should be considered light infantry who can drive around in tin-plated trucks. That's pretty much it. Other than that, domfluff and The_MonkeyKing have got you started nicely.
  12. I used to mirror upload to vid.me before it disappeared, but no one ever watched them, so I stopped.
  13. General Jack Ripper

    What Are You Reading?

    That's a fair assessment. I'm going to watch because I've placed a wager with myself about how the show will end, and I want to see if the writing has become trite and boring enough to be that predictable. Agreed. It's one of those book series everyone who has even a passing interest in sci-fi should read. As much as I desperately wanted to see more of Rome, it didn't feel right to have it continue. Definitely one for the all-time top ten list.