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  1. When I played Gog and Magog I did the same thing. Works well. Here's one: Get in there and win this darn thing!
  2. Man, remember when YouTube had video responses? That was cool.
  3. +1 Other than that, I'd say the moment your arty stops falling, send in your infantry. Have you chosen your debarkation point and approach route? Also, my rule of thumb when using vehicles: If there's no reason NOT to move fast, then move fast. Good luck.
  4. If it was me, I would have spent those 20 minutes using Target Briefly with two of my King Tigers on random buildings. 20 buildings in town, 20 turns worth of 15 second target briefly commands, probably about 20-30 HE rounds used, would still leave plenty left for the assault. As I recall, a King Tiger carries something like 50+ rounds of ammo? Lever a round or two of HE into a building, and see what comes out. Next turn, send more HE into another building. Recon by Fire as it were, but if you've already used up twenty minutes, you might as well start rolling in. You're not going to spot enemy infantry in buildings unless you either bait them into opening fire, or you flush them into the open. How much time is on the clock?
  5. Sounds interesting. I'll try this after update.
  6. Maybe if you posted some screenshots of what you're trying to do we could then see the context. It's hard to talk about tactics with nothing but text on the screen. Here's an example of a Stryker infantry attack on an enemy occupied village. I used a dismounted platoon to probe towards a defilade terrain feature short of the town, rushed my vehicles into it, dismounted my troops, and launched an all-out assault. This came after about twenty minutes of recon and supporting fires to destroy identified enemy positions and vehicles. The total amount of distance covered during the assault was only about two hundred meters, but we inflicted so many casualties the enemy simply surrendered in place. We didn't even move particularly quickly either, and a lot of time was spent lying prone while fifty cal worked over trouble spots.
  7. Same here. The only major casualties I suffer are when gunners unbutton to reload a weapon, or use a pintle-mounted weapon. When buttoned up, no infantry attempt to shoot from the air defense hatches. CMSF1 had this issue in spades, to the point I eventually stopped transporting infantry by strykers anywhere within 400 meters of enemy positions. I think the behavior you are seeing is a result of transport far too close to enemy positions, that the infantry riding in the vehicle actually feels the need to poke their heads out and shoot to protect the vehicle. I suppose you could give a Hide command to anyone riding in a vehicle. That might sort you out.
  8. They did, which is how we got the trenches and foxholes we have right now.
  9. So I take it you're one of the people in the "foxholes should make infantry immune to cannon fire" camp. Feel free to start a thread and hash out the issue, but cherry-picking my statements won't help you. Here's the missing context you decided to leave out: Moot point. It's still not borg spotting though. It's all down to the player. CMx1 had borg spotting, where if even one unit could see the enemy, then all units magically became aware of their position, and all units with LOS and LOF could engage said unit with zero delay. That's what borg-spotting is. Players using gamey tactics that infuriate other players is not a bug, it's a feature, and has no bearing on the relative strength or weakness of tanks.
  10. The only way that debate will end is if instead of a generic "foxhole" we can pick and choose what type of foxhole is being used.
  11. Let me try to muster up some surprise. ... ... Nope. Got nothing. That would be nice.
  12. Most likely what we lose in translation is the day-to-day attrition suffered by the pixeltruppen when they're NOT engaging in the 45 minute scenario being played. When the scenario briefing specifies you have the support of a tank platoon, but when you load the scenario you only have three tanks on the field, one can safely assume the 4th tank got it's main gun sight shot out and is having it replaced, or some other such attrition.
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