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  1. General Jack Ripper

    trouble with cm helper

    Use this instead: http://www.lesliesoftware.com/products/WhoseTurnIsIt/index.html
  2. This is a very important distinction. Not being a talented map maker by any definition, I would like to propose and alternate solution: A community built Master Map, containing examples of terrain you'd like to see, which can be carved up to make many different QB maps. If the making of the maps is the largest roadblock to making scenarios and such, why not pool resources to make one large map? Where the heck is that scenario? I want to play it.
  3. General Jack Ripper

    11/11 Never forget!

  4. General Jack Ripper

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    "If you were blind, deaf, and crippled, and insisted on volunteering, we would find something equally ridiculous to match, counting hairs on a caterpillar by touch maybe..."
  5. General Jack Ripper

    BFC - Time to Rethink the 'Roadmap'?

    Chess intuitively teaches Murphy's Law. It doesn't matter what plans you make before you begin, any plans you make are invalidated by your opponent, (unless both of you are skilled enough to know and implement opening strategies) the real strength of a good chess player IMO is the ability to 'see and react' then quickly plan on the fly once the situation develops. I usually try to think about five or six moves ahead, but that's only possible after the first half dozen opening moves (which I typically use one of three different openings). If you can consistently think three moves ahead, you'll do alright. You know the three moves you want to make, and then every time the opponent moves, you change your planned three moves if necessary. The moment you no longer have to reconsider your moves, then you know you have the advantage, because the opponent is dancing to your tune. Then again, entire thousand page tomes are dedicated to chess strategy, so there's much more to say that what can be typed here.
  6. General Jack Ripper

    BFC - Time to Rethink the 'Roadmap'?

    I play hotseat against my dad when he comes over, and my little brother. I take it you're not one of those people who can play chess against themselves?
  7. General Jack Ripper

    The 'Never Say You've Seen It All' Thread

    I don't think soldier's humor will ever be understood except by the people who were there at the time.
  8. General Jack Ripper

    BFC - Time to Rethink the 'Roadmap'?

    All it would take is the designer flipping the HTH flag to 'Yes'. I dunno why no one ever does it. As I recall, there is a HTH version of 'Semper Fi Syria' and it is quite fun against an opponent.
  9. General Jack Ripper

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    I know, right?
  10. General Jack Ripper

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    The idea is to have your HQ's survive longer than your regular foot-crunchies. Make them tougher, more mobile, more motivated, etc.
  11. General Jack Ripper

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    ... and a hearty welcome to the forums for you, sir. Looking forward to more videos.
  12. General Jack Ripper

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    And if the Postal Service ever relents in it's demands upon my spare time, I will be sure to take you up on that offer. Heck, we could live a little, and maybe allow the sun to be in the sky next time.
  13. General Jack Ripper

    What has changed since Combat Mission 1.0 ?

    I would say it does not feel more like a "game". It's still a simulator. However, you can always play it like a game. I do.
  14. General Jack Ripper

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    One last thing: Try to give the other player a good game. Winning and losing are all well and good, but I'd rather lose a good game, than win a bad one.