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  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Sudden Strike Series? I was at EB today and noticed "Sudden Strike Universe" It was only AUD25.00 and looking lonely as it was the only box there, so I picked it up to give it a home. It has it all the games up till version 3. After a quick google I found the FireGlow forum for Sudden Strike III, but none for the original or II. Does anyone know of a forum and or user scenario location for this series? I may give this one a look at soon, so it would be nice to find a support forum and or user made scenarios if any. Any views about the game would be appreciated good or bad. Cheers MarkL
  2. Just curious why you feel so strongly about this issue? I certainly like having a bound hard copy of the manual rather than pdf printout, but other than that I think I prefer downloaded games--just more convenient, at least for me. </font>
  3. My only criteria is that there is no e-license. I want it to be like the old CMBB. Cheers MarkL
  4. This is why I obtained the Kalypso version. If this is the way customers are being treated it is time to move on. I am really put off by this move to increase copy protection for legitimate buyers. This one will just join the others on the shelf as bad buys. After Pacific Storm, T-72 and now this, I should lean to avoid the Russian titles. Anyway ignore my little rant from a dissatisfied customer, I will just move on and be quiet. My time on this forum has ended for now. Cheers MarkL
  5. It will be worth watching the reviews of this new title. One thing is that it will not have Battlefronts new license, and for me that is one real plus. I just hope they pull it off this time as others have said Panzer Command showed a lot promise. Mean while I still love the CMx1 titles. Cheers MarkL
  6. I missed this title after reading the review at the wargamer. But I may have a look at this later release. Were there any third party scenarios ever released for Winter Storm? That always seems to hint at it's general popularity. Cheers MarkL
  7. markl

    DropTeam elicense ?

    If they dropped it I would get a copy also. I will not be buying anything other titles with this type of protection. Cheers MarkL
  8. One more last comment from me on this topic for the time being. While it is true to some extent that with regard to tried and true interfaces that most people have got to know, I think things need to progress. Especially to keep up with new hardware. I was not so long ago that interfaces only used the left mouse button. For anyone who does not like the new mouse movements in CMSF I would suggest if possible to try one of the new mice like the Logitech G5. It has three movement speeds adjustable without the driver. Giving you either fast or slow movement at the press of a button. This makes the moving around the CMSF screen a very nice experience that is not as good with a standard mouse. Like wise my second recent purchase was a Logitech G15 programable keyboard with 18 seperate programable keys. It is my intention to try and use these to standardise the key across multiple games I like to play. There have been some excellent examples here that I am sure Battlefront will take up with future patches to improove the interface. But I am sure that in the meantime that there are controllers that will greatly enhance the players satisfaction that do not cost all that much. While I hope the interface is improoved to keep everyone happy, I would also like to see interfaces made that are customisable so we can make better use of the new controllers to enhance our experience. FPS like ARMA now support track IR which is a real breakthrough. If we kept only to the old interfaces this would not have occurred at all. While the key board is still very important I think it's future as the main controller will diminish. I also like flight simultors and have a full HOTAS kit to enhance the experience. I look forward to the day I can program the interface of games like CMSF to suit myself and not be tied down by the developers or anyone else's configuration. Anyway just my take on the issue. Cheers MarkL
  9. I suppose this could be considered off topic, but to me the interface has been considerably improoved with the patches. I have played quiet a few computer games over the years and the interface has always been up for discussion. With FPS I like to use the arrow keys to move, but I do get buy with WASD if that is all I can use. I have purchased a few programable keyboards and controllers over the years that have really made it easier for this sort of game. For me the new mouse controls are a real breakthrough that I hope others follow. I would like to see more effort in fixing some of the game play issues themselves than the interface at this stage. If possible could the interface be made more modable? and let the community play around with it. That way Battlefront could spend some time on the other game play issues themselves. Just my thoughts. Cheers MarkL
  10. I have just read most of this thread, and can see merits for most of the points of view. I must admit one of the fundamental changes that I do not like is the change to product activation. Luckily I live in Australia and could get the Paradox version. I was going to purchase the "Strategic Command 2" bundle but ended up purchasing "The Calm and the Storm" instead. Just a serial number and no CD needed to play. Don't know how other think but I am fundamentally against activation and this alone will possibly stop me buying their future titles. Not trying to bah the product here, but I would like to knowhow others feel about the activation change. I am now starting to look at "Matrox" and "Stategy First" for their titles that just use serial numbers for install. but I still hope CMSF improoves and I still have faith in Battlefront to fix it. Cheers MarkL
  11. Thanks for the tip. Now I a happy camper again. So many good things about Firefox that I do not know yet. Cheers MarkL
  12. This may be a little off topic, but do other people find the advertising bar too large. On my screen with the Firefox section at the top the the BattleFront advertisement bar I loose half the screen. Wish it were a little smaller. A small gripe I know. Cheers MarkL
  13. I would really like a Linux version of the CMx1 games. It would be enough for me to install that operating system. I would also like to see a version of all the CMx1 games be released without copy protection now. some game companies do that after the last version and patch. Would be nice. I would even pay for the set again. Maybe if the CMBB campaign is ever released it could be bundled with the whole CMx1 series with no protection. I think this would make it a good purchase for all the people who still play CMx1 and a very good collectors addition. Make it Linux compatable as well and bingo good sales. Well just my wish anyway as I will be playing the CMx1 series for a long while yet. Cheers MarkL
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