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  1. Well tell me. What do they involve? Things that interest you? Perspective.
  2. C'mon man. As you say 2002 till now is a long time. Things have got to change at some point right? Heck they may even go steam and find they hit the big time. A man has got to dream.
  3. I would consider getting some modules I have no plans on getting right now if their was
  4. Any news on new core features like dedicated 2v2 or coop play, this would take the game to the next level and in line with a great many modern games. Also making the breifing text readable or at least fit the full screen res (enlarged).
  5. Destraex1

    battlestar galactica deadlock wego?

    wow. I had no idea!
  6. Wanted to play the demo with a friend but also have all the italy packs installed - except for the 4.0 patch if that's out yet. Upon loading I don't even get to the menu... just to a battlefront launch screen that only shows error please contact your vendor.
  7. Have been following this games development for some time. Own all the combat mission cmx2 games except the latest one. Coop multiplay seems to be confirmed for it and it seems to play very similar to cmx2... Could cmx2 please add coop multi. It wod finally enable me to actually socialize while playing.
  8. Does not matter which. However you must be able to play against the AI, the point is to have a laugh together without being adversarial or having to find more than two players total. You know discussing plans together, which obviously would not be done in a VS match. I doubt you method would work this way
  9. Thanks Michael. Will have to keep playing coh2 and men of war 2 with friends then Poor substitutes really. You know I own every cmx2 so far except for black sea and barely touch them because I don't have time for single player (not a loner when it comes to gaming) and with my limited game time play more social games. Friends vs enemy AI or humans is my preferred way to play and sooooo many games do it.
  10. This would be an instant buy for me if it did.... also if this feature was retro fitted to previous titles in this series it would be a dream come true. As I have said before. Some of my mates are too casual to want to go head to head. P.S. Has the mission briefing resolution been fixed? My eyes don't need to squint at the screen.
  11. Destraex1

    Armata soon to be in service.

    Reminds me of the Israeli Chariot - Merkava - in looks at least. I wonder if it includes the ability for Luke Skywalker to switch off his targetting computer. i.e. From Robot to manned turret.
  12. no plan survives contact with the enemy. And hoping for no contact is a hard assumption to make. I still vividly remember those scenes of the Russian hinds rolling at top speed over Ukrainian I think roads aaaat the beginning of the conflict. Not saying choppers do not avoid conflict. But those hinds are armed to the teeth, they engage at kms range but I imagine there are instances where they are required to extract under fire. p.s. If I down repped you it was an accident on this phone. Let me know and i will undo it. things are tiny and the touch screen not very accurate.
  13. Especially with regard to Russian tank classes. Just wondering what the force composition of the current conflict is compared to what we have in game nowe. Also with regard to helicopters. I assume they are unseen in game still? We cannot create scenarios with helicopters or osprey landing and taking off?
  14. Destraex1


    Myself and one other are waiting for this demo. I must say is it because it is a low key engagement before major escalation that we only get m4 and one (or 2) versions of the Abrams while the Russians have a lot more to play with. I wonder whether an escalation would include Chally2 and Leopards. I was excited about all the weaponry until I saw that it seemed like a limited deployment for the allies inside the manual. Also really not happy about the terrain. I know it's Russia but the Ukraine does not look so bland. I think that may be the colour pallete though which can be fixed.
  15. Destraex1

    Favorite WWII movie or movies

    Tali-Ihantala but is it ww2? Joyeux Noel (2005) is ww1? My favs: Stalingrad 1993 Battle of Britain Das Boot 5hr version Kelly's Heroes Band of Brothers - looking forward to the air war version! Pacific was good but not as good. Dark Blue World Saving Private Ryan If you get to see "white tiger" it has some very good tanks and some very very poor ones.