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  1. Not nit-picking...I hope....just wondering...I bet you it will be done one day....when we get CM Poland to the Balkansmaybe?
  2. I was wondering why horses do not appear in CMBB? I know the value the Russians placed on Cavalry during the war and while the Germans got rid of them early on in 43 the russians increased their cavalry during the conflict...indeed they considered Cavalry more effective than standard infantry divisions in pursuit operations....so why no Cavalry? Mounted charges were an irregular feature of the war...but far from completely absent...designers give old horsemen a chance? PBIM
  3. I'm interested in playing some historical scenarios with a like minded gamer...I'm into historical realism rather than evenly balanced tournament games.....I'm quite happy to be a Panzer Grenadier sitting in my foxhole waiting for the Russian steamroller...or to be the one operating the steamroller.......life is tough and then you die....anyone feel the same? I prefer a little realism rather than a bland slugfest and if that means that the play blance ain't perfect then I can handle it...I'm interested in debating the game afterwards to see what went right and wrong... PBIman
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