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  1. Great screen shots. Does the smoke make a shadow?
  2. I just got the 22 in wide screen LCD Monitor. The 1400 X 1050 is less than optimum. Kinda off topic: Will the new CMSF support 1680 X 1050?
  3. I think you have some idea of what's coming bases on the strategic map. Setup will be crucial. If you know you are totally out gunned. Set up on the back edge of the map. Flee to the adjacent map and bring help from other MEs in the next round of battles.
  4. US and Them - Pink Floyd Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits Sky Pilot - The Animals Billy Don't be a Hero - Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods Hawkwind ummmm some of their really early stuff: Warrior on the Edge of Time
  5. I'm positive they mean if war protests and congressional bickering get too loud in the blue nation, drug use and fragging will go way up.
  6. I've become so desperate waiting for CMC that I... do not read this forum group and only look for news on the home page.
  7. Within a turn nope KIA and WIA determined only at end of game.
  8. Where is Hunter on all this? Its been 7 weeks. Hunters recent post list Standard reply: He can't develop a game AND monitor/reply to the forum?
  9. When the threads head in this direction its time for Hunter make a post or two.
  10. I think all that has been said in this thread makes lotsa sense- unplayable massed games, unrealistic etc. But I wonder if the massed ball of forces can be surrounded and made out-a-supply, resulting in all that armor becoming bulletless pill boxes. That alone can force the plsyer to keep the troops to stay spread out in a realistic distribution.
  11. So how are victory points accumulated? OK, I assume total casualities/total survivors count as a major factor for victory. Which is more important? </font> Winning a small CMBB battle with 4 flags</font>The total over all CMC squares that count more</font> Basically, is an uncontested CMC square equivilant to a CMBB won CMC square (not counting KIA/WIAs)? Do you get victort points for a CMBB win?
  12. Way back (early days of this announcement/forum) there was talk of various types of scenarios: Meeting Engagements, Attack, and even Ambush? How would the set up area of an ambush scenario be?
  13. Right under Jones' name is REGULAR what are the other options here, CONSTIPATED, DIARRHEA and of course SCARED ****LESS?
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