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  1. I’m a old fan of this game since SC 1. I haven’t played the game since uhmmm!!! Long time ago, but now I’m back. I’m playing W&W and I can tell you is a very fun game. Now I have a point to share with the team. I’m very disappointed with the effectiveness of the Anti-Air batteries. It has only one point of action and when it fires is almost like it doesn’t do anything. I understand that this kind of military pieces were very inaccurate, (there is no research tech for this pieces either) however they made extremely more difficult the missions of the air force when ever this planes were engage by AA. I will say that it will be better if the action point or fire point is extended to 2 points, it doesn’t have to inflict a direct hit but at least it can avoid planes to have a hit on their target, just make it more difficult. And a very common sense rule, if a plane has to fly by an AA the AA should fire automatically. I can see the enemy planes crossing over my AA which is not firing because the objective is two blocks behind, but still the planes are flying in front of it. I appreciated your time. John
  2. when i try to extract all the files from the main file (the one that you download from the web) i get an error that says "some of the files are corrupted" try to download a fresh copy and install again. I already try this but i get the same error so any idea???
  3. hey how can i get a new license i lost my, i got the game by download sistem and the CD too.
  4. If I buy the digital download... Can I burn the game in a CD and open it in another PC.
  5. I haven't sound by TCP/IP But playing normal I have it... Eny idea!!!
  6. I want to play by internet TCP/IP My e-mail jhonalmenar@hotmail.com I have MESSENGER, add me to your list or let my your e-mail and a'll contact you.
  7. I want to know some information about the SC2, information like: When is its relase... General Information about the new game... Thanks...
  8. Por favor si alguna persona habla ESPANOL, necesito que me ayude con una pregunta y es la siguiente: Como funciona la opcion de "LINE Of SING"??? No se si se escribe asi, pero es parecida, en fin, si alguien me puede responder para que funciona, como se usa y los detalles importantes sobre ella, se lo agradeceria.
  9. Hi Friend!!! Yo hablo espanol y a proposito soy nuevo en el juego. Que bien que exista gente interesada en ayudar a los demas como tu haciendo estas Guias. La comenzare a leer ahora a ver que tal, esporo que me ayude un poco con respecto a varias preguntas :confused: que tengo en la mente las cuales todavia no tengo respuestas. Tambien me gustaria saber si puedes jugar por Internet, yo puedo entonces, veamos si podemos encontrarnos un dia de estos para Jugar. Ahora que vea la Guia pues espero que todas las preguntas que yo tengo se contesten, pero en caso de que no sea asi, seria posible contactarte para poder preguntarte y que tu me respondas directamente. Puede ser por E-mail o podemos chatear. Tu me avisas
  10. sorry... thanks for the help
  11. If you are interesting in play SC for Internet PLEASE, put the message in this room.
  12. yea man!! Now you can try others options of scenary. In this forum there are new campaning and in the Web site there are a pach 1.06 this options change the ADVANTAGE from the AXIS
  13. Que bien!! Gracias por la informacion, ahora, espero que el SC2 en verdad salga pues definitivamente el SC es tremendo juego. Ahora, me imagino que te abras dado cuenta de que los AXIS tienen una ventaja tremenda frente a los ALLIES, tambien espero que para SC2 eso cambie por que es un fastidio. Ahora intento ganar con los ALIIES pero definitivamente es un problema grande. Te agrege a mi lista de MSN a ver si chateamos, me gustaria intentar jugar por internet (TCP/IP), avisame si piedes OK. NOS VEMOS
  14. Hi!! I Don't know :confused: How work the RESEARCH, please, can you explain my how work. Because, I put three points in RESEARCH (heavy tank) but I receive my points two or three years tarry (leter). PD: I dont speak a good inglish, because I speak spanish, sorry for the errors..
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