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  1. Yes looks like I'm back in - apparently my old sign in and password were no longer accepted, but I was able to reset with no problem.
  2. Thanks Rambo, I always knew I was one of your favorites. Reference missing anything on your top 10 list, how about SC2?
  3. Wow we are all impressed, no one knew you could get a date or had any friends. Now Rambo, take it in the spirit intended and be kind and restrained in your response. </font>
  4. Wow we are all impressed, no one knew you could get a date or had any friends. Now Rambo, take it in the spirit intended and be kind and restrained in your response. [ January 16, 2008, 09:46 AM: Message edited by: Yogi ]
  5. Too bad for the Nobel Peace Prize Image & Validity Anyone want to buy a bridge?
  6. This post is not in disgreement DD, but I do often watch politicians talk in similar vain suggesting that minorities are doing most of the sacrificing. It certainly makes sense that a number of poor people (of any race) would choose the miltiary as way out and/or up depending how the individual looks at it. I think this can be shown to have been true for many many cultures and throughout history. Perhaps it is a flaw in our human nature, or just the logic that if you don't have to go, many won't. Short of instituting required service, draft, or an extreme threat to existence, etc. (not too popular an idea) it will probably continue to remain a factor. Round my parts, TV always announces and shows pictures of the soldiers who have lost their life. The vast majority in this state have been white. Not all were poor. I'm sure that most all of us join in recognizing the service and sacrifice of all our military, regardless of race, sex, religion, financial status, etc.
  7. Interesting - I haven't read your "original" post for awhile and just noticed the edit. I wasn't offended at all. But, did someone feel worried that their original post of the holiday location may have been considered as potentially politically incorrect and/or offensive to some?
  8. Boy Kuni, why do you keep bringing me into all these things? Oh well, here goes: DD & Yogi jointly sharing Axis command and working in perfect harmony destroy Poland with a brilliant combined strategy of surprise, shock and awe & superior brainpower. Rambo (Britain, U.S.) and Kuniworth (France, Russia) playing allies get into philosophical argument over strategy and what are sure to be political post war issues. Before DD and Yogi can redeploy for the attack in the West, Rambo beats them to the punch and invades France himself as they are a bunch of useless liberal cowards anyway and sure to form an anti truth justice and American way government after their inevitable defeat. Kuni falters at first. Since everyone is equal and compassionate, no one knows who is in command or if it is ok to defend themselves as it could cause their attacker to really get mad. But decides he must take a stand against religious and social prejudice and the French and British fleets fight it out in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The British land in Normandy pushing towards Paris from the rear. Russia begins an offensive through Turkey and Iran toward North Africa. DD & Yogi take the opportunity to occupy the undefended cities of Paris, London, Moscow & Washington. Game over. The new world order establishes truth, freedom, tolerance and prosperity across the globe.
  9. I did see Night of the Living Dead years ago - quite terrifying. :eek: Or are you talking in code about something else? Take care Dave enjoy the time off. Looks like by your LOL you realized that my comment about getting irritated and missing my holiday was all in fun.
  10. Ok gentleman, I'm getting a bit irritated. :mad: I have had to endure another a religious discussion, a stock market discussion, various personal arguments and through it all I still have never gotten the promised holiday. However, I should at least comment that not to let us down, in jest or not, the Rambo "Buddha vs Chucky" may be in the running for poorest taste, derrogatory and prejudicial post of all time. If we kept track, statistically he may hold the title to the top five or ten such posts. edited for smiley inserts [ August 22, 2007, 08:36 AM: Message edited by: Yogi ]
  11. I would have thought you would have thrown a little Deacon in there too. The Pinko's must know who you are, If not don't worry, I'm sure Rambo does.
  12. Look a little closer, I think I saw you in there somewhere. Saw most of us in there probably. Sometimes you may have to combine a couple of the characters into one to get the whole person.
  13. Yeah, I knew all along that it was really Kuni who wanted to go on the holiday with Rambo.
  14. Ok fellow BF SC2 forum members. Heres a chance to find yourself and or your favorite forum friends and foes. This site was posted on another company forum by one of the participants. It's kind of fun to view, check out the dropdown menu for the types of members. http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/index.htm [ August 17, 2007, 01:12 PM: Message edited by: Yogi ]
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