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  1. Just DL'ed the demo and played as axis till august '40. I must say it plays very smoothly. What I like the best is that the map is much bigger, you can really force a breakthrough now in France which was almost impossible in SC1. The tiles is a thing to get used to, but I'm starting to like it.Diplomacy looks great,still have to see it play out in the whole game,AI seems a bit lazy in this part. The interface is a bit clumsy with all those butons that click everytime you move your mouse to the right of the map... Looking forward to playing the whole thing in the future Oh, can anyone comment on the multiplayer experience?
  2. Nvm all this the apocalypse is coming anyway!!!
  3. So after all this time it is true?
  4. Nah0 they are lurking in the shadow
  5. Hey AM Yup still using your mod although I don't play that often anymore. Don't have any requests though, yet.
  6. kurt88


    Yep, Cury is doing a mighty fine job, a truly dedicated guy
  7. SeaMonkey, thanks a bunch for the scenario! Got around to playing it tonight, quite a challenge
  8. Oops ! What do you guys think? Stakes or fires
  9. Both are important, you need to find a good balance which can only be achieved by playing other players, that's the only way to learn the "finesse" of the game.
  10. Run!!! Seriously, * use the defensive terrain to entrench, like behind rivers or swamps. * move your airfleets to the east untill you can face up to the Luftwaffe * research AT, it's important that your line holds, gotta stop those panzers. * build 2 or more defensive lines starting from the Dnjepr river, Russia can trade alot of ground for time, the further the Germans come the worse their supply situation will be and ofcourse there will be partisans. * build up a strong counterattack force with a good HQ behind your line to exploit any weakness once you think you're ready to attack. * play a good human opponent, look for the PBEM league, lots of good players who can tell you alot more than I can. Welcome to the forums !
  11. Fire away SeaMonkey! Long time since I played the game, will be interesting to see what you've come up with. kurt.vanlooy@gmail.com
  12. OK, here goes : 1 - Not sure of this one, think the game plays till somewhere in 46. I also seem to remember some victory conditions concerning capitals. Best to check the manual or wait for someone who has been playing the game lately . 2 - Lookie here 3 - SC covers the European theatre only, so no world domination or other continents. SC2 will only cover the ETO as well. 4 - SC will allow you to play the Allies or the Axis, not individual countries. Diplomacy is not a big deal in SC, only declarations of war are possible and these will affect the entry of other countries.SC2 will have more diplomatic options. 5 - HOI I and II is a completely different game. SC is turn based, not as complex although not simple. SC really shines in PBEM or TCP/IP play against other players, there are really some awesome players out there. The PBEM community is quite large, you can find them here. The AI is quite easy to beat, even on the hardest setting once you get to know the game. SC is a great game, I had many fun hours with it and the community here is awesome as well although things have slowed down a bit since everyone is awaiting SC2! Welcome to the forum!
  13. Moon, Any chance SC2 will be available as downoad also? That would be great.
  14. Happy New Year Curry, I had Indian Curry for diner tonight
  15. It's 0.15 am here now in Belgium, Happy New Year to all SC lovers!! Especially to Kuni, be careful with that champagne, Swedish girls and those Bjorn borg panties
  16. My best wishes for everyone here! No riot this year?
  17. The PBEM league should consider using mirror gaùes for SC2.
  18. After SC2 there will be a hangover and the usual burnouts, then, the whole process will repeat itself. Also I think tah after SC2 Kuni will finaly admit that he's gay.
  19. Hey FF, Didn't want you to feel obligated or anything! I just realized the final was not played IIRC. Would be cool if you and Kuni could play with an AAR. Hope you guys play it!
  20. Well, we''l give you the benefit of the doubt then Unless Kuni starts playing like Terif in wihich case you'll be the prime suspect in a case that will unravel the use of illegal substances in competetive SC play.
  21. Are you a good or a bad wizard??? Rumor has it that you supply Kuni with forbidden stimulants to improve his game!!
  22. Hey Mr. H How about a monthly screenie, let's say every last friday of the month ?
  23. IIRC it was Kuni and FF who were to play the final in this tourney. I guess nobody wants the title then ??
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