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  1. "Still Playing"?...I'm still modding the game after years! Will I ever stop playing?.....NEVER!
  2. I still play all 3 games. For me creating new scenarios and modding the game has been almost as much fun as playing it. Looking at the original CMBO on one of my computers,and my fully modded CMBO on my other computer shows all the fun I have had!
  3. I already had CMBB,but bought the "special edition" just to have all the extra scenarios,patches,and the great mods! Note...if you still have "dialup" CMBB/SE is nice,unless you have a few hundred hours to download all the extras!
  4. I have been running all the CM games on Win ME for a few years now. Just installed CMBO on a Win XP machine a few weeks ago with no problems so far.(XP Home).
  5. I have both CDV "Special Editions" of CMBO and CMBB bought at my local EB games over a year ago. I have seen CMBO SE at Best Buy for 14.95 just a few weeks ago.
  6. Amazing! I reach over into my CD shelf,open up the cd I want,put it in the CD drive,and I play a game! Takes all of 15 seconds of my busy life! Putting a cd in your drive is to much work? Now I understand why some people have to have a cell phone shoved in their ear 24 hours a day! Thanks to those no-cd cracks, the honest gamer has to deal with crap like STARFORCE and other copy protection. Shame on you lazy bastards!
  7. In defence of the FX 5200...it will run the CM games just fine at the highest Resolution,but games like Doom 3,Far Cry,ect you will have to lower options to get a good framerate. Nvidia is the way to go!
  8. Note...If you can find the "Special Edition" of CMBO (Retail Version) it also includes many of the winter mods for the game.
  9. The CDV "Special Edition" is on one CD,although you do get an "extra" CD with the package containing many mods for the game!
  10. Very strange CMBB being version 1.0 in the 3 pack! I have the CDV "Special Edition" CMBB that already was updated with all the patches that I bought over a year ago!
  11. If you want to pay the shipping charges I can send you a copy of CMBO for 15.00 plus shipping. ( This is the original Battlefront copy). Rockeye72@msn.com
  12. You can get the CDV Special Edition for 19.99 at EB Games or Best Buy in the U.S which includes all the patches and tons of great mods. I do not know where you can get the CDV patches,but if you have no luck I can send you them on a CD if you like. Rockeye72@msn.com.
  13. You can find the CDV "Special Edition" at most Best Buy,and EB Games stores in the U.S. It includes all patches,and many great mods for the game!
  14. Nope! I started board gaming in the 60's with "Africa Korps",then SL and then ASL. I still get together up at my cabin with buddies for some "counter pushing" with ASL every few months! Still great fun!
  15. Sounds like someones been watching to much Saving PVT Ryan! And yes......re-crewing in not possible in the game.
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