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  1. I thought they did this now. At 250M, isn't only the LMG firing on most squads? I never see the SMGs light up at 250M. Anyone confirm?
  2. More memory is ALWAYS better (assuming the app can use it, which CMBB can). Speed of the memory matters MUCH less. The difference in speed and latency of the memory on your cards is 15%. The difference in size is 100%. It's a no brainer. Put the 128MB card and you'll nearly double memory performance.
  3. Rogue is from Oregon, but you can get it in most very well stocked bars, or up-town style liquor stores. Dead Guy Ale is a Maibock, but its lighter. Here's a selection of other ales they make, many of which are purely seasonal, or not found outside of Oregon. But it's fun reading! http://www.rogue.com/brews.html
  4. Very impressed that someone mentioned a Baton Rouge Microbrew, and the best one at that. I have a case in my fridge. I also think that Rogue Dead Guy Ale is the best ale ever made.
  5. By definition, failure is total. Reminds me of Col. Jessup in A Few Good Men: Lawyer: "Would you say he was in "Grave" danger?" Jessup: "Is there any other kind?"
  6. If the MG on that halftrack is the same as the HMGs carried by infantry, then the HMG can definately take out that car. I've done this numerous times. It takes a few turns if you're unlucky, but it can do it.
  7. Why? It would seem to be like a tank with troops on the back, and the AI does fine with that.
  8. It apparently depends on your motherboard. WWB and others have VIA boards. I have an AMD-761 board and have no problems showing everything with FSAA and Anisotropic on. Otherwise our computers are similar, so it looks like an MB issue.
  9. Had a frozen pizza catch fire in the toaster oven. God love smoke detectors!
  10. Well, with historical scholarship like this, BTS HAS to do somefink!!
  11. I actually edited this scenario to take out the Tigers and replaced them with guns. It was just too obnoxious otherwise. The Panthers were fine.
  12. I don't know why you'd want to abolish all other ladders. If you don't want to play, don't join. I think BFC should maybe consider an "official OEM" ladder that they may charge money for, and that might have more "cache" for some people. If EA can charge for something as lame as EQ, then BFC can definately charge a bit for a pro-run service.
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