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  1. That's 'enthusiastically' you twit. Don't bother challenging someone in the cesspool until you get a better grasp of 5th grade english. TikiBob
  2. In line with the previous question, can someone explain to me the in's and out's of setting up a reverse slope defense? ie what terrain is necessary for it to work and what units would be best used in it. Thanks, Ken
  3. So whatever happened with the idea for a joint game played vs some Vet player? With threads discussing the game as it goes? Sounds like a great idea! Ken
  4. I think we definately need to experiment more and figure this one out... How to clear a minefield is obviously crucial to gameplay. Ken
  5. Oooh, I'd duck if I were you.... I think you may find that a vast amount of people in here know vastly more than you about anything regarding WWII and everything regarding CMBB... Soooo, soon you may be proved wrong. Ken
  6. I am back! Yes, I will admit a sound thrashing by Mr. Spkr the abreviator. It certainly was a strong showcasing of his mighty skills. 3 virtually impenatrable matilda's vs my vast forces of Italian model cars fitted with BB guns. Yes no doubt that given similar forces he could certainly crush any of the dregs in the Cesspool. Sadly, I fear that only I, the innocent newbie, would fall victim to such a devious trap. However, Mr. Spkr has graciously honored my request for yet another game. This time he has given me a virtually indestructable force of plastic firetrucks and ambulances vs. a full size H2 Hummer. I feel much more evenly matched... noobie Teenyboob - Out
  7. couple questions... First, how would you rate the difficulty of the Billtong campaign? Is it geared for novice players or more like average and up?? Second, someone had said they were going to do a Java version of the rules that would handle it all for you. What ever happened with that? Thanks, Ken
  8. I got an idea... Why don't you guys come down to Richmond?
  9. Well it appears in this land of little boys and little girls of all shapes and sizes, one rises above the rest. Not much mind you, but enough to see over the severely sloped brows of all the other ingrates in here. I hereby accept the challenge of Mr. Spkr to play Desert Redux. No doubt there is some half-witted plan afoot in his mind, but I will take my lumps on my way to the top of this retched backwater dump. TikiBob out... [ February 10, 2003, 03:41 PM: Message edited by: TikiBob ]
  10. Noobie here.... Stats... 3 games played All vs. humans via TCP IP. 0-3 (never close) Haven't played in 2 months due to severe weather, busy inspecting in Iraq, or hijacked and until recently locked in a container crate on an ocean going vessel... You pick... Anyway, I hear that this is where noobies go to get opponents. Sooooo, I'm here... Any takers? OR is this the GIRLS locker room?? Huh?? Ken esprcorn@yahoo.com
  11. Oh me too please!!! Me too!!! esprcorn@yahoo.com Ken Thanks!
  12. What's this players guide I keep hearing about??? Ken
  13. Damn, I was almost there! This is Javaslinger, #1 on the replacement list, signing off. My internet resources will be lacking for the near future and will make me an unreliable opponent. Damn!! Sorry guys, good luck to all. Ken
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