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  1. Omg!! I can't believe we're getting some eastern front action again - I am so stoked, this is the best news Iv'e heard since the fat boys split up. Thank god they have flame-throwers back in - question though: Is the fires self propagating (i.e. does it spread?). That was so amazing in CMBB.
  2. Looking at the 1.1 fix list looks like an iPhone version is in the offing. Woot!! Skimbo
  3. Sticking my oar in... If you have Apple TV you can mirror to your HDTV thus making whether its on iphone or iPad irrelevant. Only thing with the Iphone is you would need dinky digits maybe... ;o) Skimbo
  4. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! First the fat boys break up and now this?!? What possessed the fickle hand of fate to pick the best modder cmbn has? Grrrrrrrrr. Really sorry to hear that. Take the time to plan your triumphant comeback - I await your return with bated breath. Your no.1 stalker Skimbo
  5. The man is a genius. It's a Wonder battlefront don't snap you up for this incredible work. Skimbo
  6. Wow wow wow. Again excellent work fuser - long may it continue. A devoted (read as stalker) fuser fan Skimbo
  7. Sorry me again.... How lond does it take you to do a tank/vehicle on average? Dont worry I'm not expecting you to furnish your rabid fans with daily updates of your work second by second - (but have you heard of twitter? ) just curious cos' your mods are all degrees of loveliness and fab. If you could just cancel any engagements/real life priorites (actually cancel Christmas come to think about it) and keep em coming!!! Just kidding about christmas... Skimbo
  8. Thank god - thought you were MIA. All I know is that I love you and your work - give it to me light, medium or any levels of dirty you sweet fragile little modding thing you... Oh and welcome back ) Skimbo
  9. Just fire that spreads is all I want Skimbo
  10. thanks a lot for this - going to stop watching now. I cant imagine how long it must have taken, very much appreciated. Regards Skimbo
  11. Wow! Seems this thread has grown arms and legs - but a thoroughly interesting read by all contributors! On the graphics front Theatre of War Kursk/Caen is the pinnacle for me of beautifully rendered vehicles - they really are a joy to behold. However for me the gameplay of CMBN absolutely trumps TOW in every way. Thats not to say graphics in CMBN are bad, they are great and perform an admirable job - what I didnt realise is that coding fire and its graphics/effects/ would be such a headache. Skimbo
  12. Thanks for replies. Would be awesome to get this added at some later stage. Keep up the godo work BF dudes. Skimbo
  13. Hi all Just a question: can tracer rounds (or any ordanance for that matter) set fire to corn or other combustibles in the game? Reason I ask is I remember a cool game years ago I played in CMBB where some german naughtiness was in progress. As I recall it was a few ground sloggers and a scout car. Scout car was mortared and caught fire and troops were being sprayed by HMG. The Lil' pixel fellas went to ground to hide - but this is where it got really cool/hot - the wheatfield started to burn near the mortared vehicle and began to spread. Eventually (around 3 turns later) it had spread close enough to the troopers that they decided it was time to bugger off - and so they did amid another hail of Maxim lead. I just thought this was one of the coolest things in a game ever. Despite the shabby graphics it was details like this that added such colour/life to the game. So is this propogating fire coolness still modeled? Anyone had a similar experience or seen it in action? Regards Skimbo
  14. Do I jsut delete your previous version 2 of sounds and use this? V3 file size seems smaller to v2 and dont want to lose any of the excellent sounds from v2. Regards Skimbo
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