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  1. I have a son in high school and a daughter in college and can attest to the "liberal" propaganda they were subjected to in High School. Both had to compromise their values to get good grades in history and english classes. My daughter actually had a teacher write on her paper that "your opinions are wrong".... She scored over 1400 on her sat's but had to struggle to get low b's in history and govt classes due to her conservative viewpoint. Case in point after several low grades on papers she decided to compromise her views and write a paper from a completely liberal view, got an A+ on that paper, highest grade she ever got in that class.
  2. I believe this atlas is the same as "West Point Atlas for the Great War: Strategies and Tactics Of The First World War" (West Point Military History) [spiral-bound] Thomas E. Griess (Editor)
  3. I use "West Point Atlas for the Great War: Strategies and Tactics Of The First World War" (West Point Military History) [spiral-bound] Thomas E. Griess (Editor) Its okay, mostly strategic level maps, I too have been looking for a better one.
  4. No it just means you open a ticket and get a new activation in no time!!!
  5. It is really nice to get a decent manual with a game these days, doesnt happen very often!!!
  6. Guess its all in the eyes of the beholder, to me Steam is Draconian not a game that allows 5 downloads a year without putting crap on your computer like Steam does. Why in the world would anyone need more than 5 dl's a year, and even then they can still petition and get another one if needed.... I have heard so many horror stories about Steam and will never purchase a game that uses that kind of DRM... Which is why I have Civ I-IV but not V and have not purchased TW-Napoleon...
  7. I'd much rather have SC's method than have to go thru Steam or a similar system. Anyone that needs more than 5 activations in one year should really stop using computers
  8. Totally agree, will buy the WWI Commander game also, and will buy the Panzer Korps game coming out from Matrix too. But this game is really outstanding!!! If you are truly interested in the history of WWI this game gives you a level of immersion I havent seen in a war game is some time while still remaining easy to play.
  9. I posted an announcement of the game on Armchair General, they responded that they have someone working on a review now.
  10. I enjoyed Strachan's book but I am finishing up A World Undone by G.J Meyer and am finding it much more fascinating. Meyer just seems to supply much more background info and the why's and whatfor's than Strachan's book. I just watched "Paris 1919" on the History channel a couple days ago, I think it was based on Macmillan's book. Macmillan btw is a relative of Lloyd-George. Was quite interesting. Holger's ‘The First World War: Germany and Austria-Hungary 1914-1918’ is sitting on deck on my nightstand as soon as I finish Meyers book
  11. Thanks, I was able to go to compatability view and copy the file over to the regular folder and paste it in.
  12. I decided to try out the editor to see how easy it works and ran into a problem.... I opened up the Call to Arms Campaign, made a couple of adjustments, saved it to another name and closed the editor. When running the game my save campaign does not appear in the campaign choices... I looked in the editor and my save file has a lock on it.... Can someone clear this up for me and advise how to save edited campaigns please??? Thanks
  13. I agree that certain countries should have some kind of negative modifiers for quality such as A-H, Russia and Ottomans.
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