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  1. Issac Newton was described as 'very sensitive' to criticism. That is a Yankee turn of phrase meaning that the genius lost his temper when encountering mention of his views in less than flattering terms. While I do not think we have any viewers with Newton's level of gifts, I am pretty sure that some readers (possibly moi?) have his personality traits. Which is good. This provides each of us a goal to strive for, either embracing or reducing. As I understand it (could be very wrong), a dll file is a snipet of code reduced to binary form. If so, then I believe one will need a lot more than just a knowledge of C programming to 'mess' with the file.
  2. I sometimes wonder where the phrase "beating a dead horse" came from. What part of the country are you from, rich?
  3. Now that's a good post. Praise mixed with subtle hints of other, and almost no button pushing phrases. I wish I could write as well as this example when I am displeased with an issue.
  4. I do. If I won easily all the time against the AI then I wouldn't play the game. If I lost consistently (after learning the game) then I wouldn't play further. Being in suspense while playing is the optimum for me. Whether the AI sees all or doesn't, if the game is a challenge and feels like I'm up against competent play, that is what satisfies me. Sez you. As far as I'm concerned, the AI is fine. It could be better, but for the amount of money I spent on the game, it is acceptable. Well, during the year, I believe the AI did improve. Perhaps not enough for your taste, though I am happy with the work done. Especially since I didn't have to spend any bucks for the improvements. Fortunately, most of us are in support of freedom of speech, even for those who do not think others should have it. So please continue your constructive criticisms, and allow those who disagree the courtesy of the same.
  5. I like the game as it is. The AI is not brilliant, but good enough to keep me on my toes. It is unfortunate for some individuals to have unsatisfied desires in the game's programming, but that is overall a good thing. Without their harping, the rest of us would not realize just how much effort it takes to satisfy everyone. Considering the ratio between the whining posts and the total volume of email in the forum, I think Brit has a lot of support and has done a good job. He has my vote.
  6. Yea! Brit got a job! Pity that it wasn't as EOS2 developer, but work is work.
  7. And now begins the flame wars!
  8. Pity about the sales decline. Cute game though. Good luck on your next project. Maybe you can earn some bucks writing about your experiences?
  9. Exploding Nukes! Yikes! When did the Taliban variant rules come into play??? :-)
  10. Isn't that what the "Onion Wars" site does?
  11. Perhaps one way to reduce the impact of losing sea resource areas early in the game is by not capturing so many cities so quickly? If there are only four to five cities in the country, wouldn't that be sufficient to allow rebuilding a navy, without depleting the stockpiled resources to nothing?
  12. I am looking for one or more opponents to play EOS. I can do a couple of turns a day, mostly in the evenings.
  13. I downloaded the demo of the program. When I run it, I get as far as the first screen. I select "Trial", and then after a second or two, Windows reports the application stopped working. This happens regardless of DEP being off, or with it on and "EOS" and "Runservice" on the exception list. As for driver updates, I got the computer only a few weeks ago, and recently installed the Dell recommended video driver upgrade. I checked with my sound card manufacturer, and I have the latest Creative Labs audio drivers for my machine.
  14. Thanks for the idea. I deleted the application some time ago, but if I get some free time I will try to reinstall and see if your suggestion works.
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