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  1. Hi Limey, No, I'm not dead My AWOL started when I hd a very busy month, so I wasn't able to play CMBB much. Then, before I could start again, I discovered IL2:Forgotten Battles, and since my real love is WW2 Aircraft, I was hooked. Being kind of artistic, I had to start making mods for IL2, and so that's what I do now. Here's a little piccie of my most recent skin (for all you groundhogs, it's P-51D Mustang ). I'll almost certainly purchase CM:AK, so I may be back around here, making mods again. Joe
  2. Don't worry...I'm not complaining Jordan, I'll have another look for my winter skins, and send them to you
  3. I looked forward to "Shogun" for ages. I was disappointing as in my first fight I had a unit of Ashigaru Yari (if I recall) on a bridge, they were charged (head on) by mounted samurai and my poor ashigaru were annihilated without a single loss of a mounted samurai. Needless to say it was promptly unistalled. For a Feudal Japan grog I was bitterly disappointed. </font>
  4. I've done a Panther and Tiger (both gelb) in whitewash. I've also done a whitewashed version of Jorge's Abt505 Late Tiger. You can see pics of the first two at my site, and download all three from www.cmmods.com Joe [ February 17, 2003, 06:29 PM: Message edited by: Canon ]
  5. Hey I'm around, but have been a tad too busy to do any mods lately. I'm working on a mod at the moment, but work on that is slow. In a couple of weeks I'll be able to spend more time on them Joe
  6. Hi The program is called Mapping Mission. Do a search for it in the forum and you'll find a download link Joe
  7. Thanks for all the kind words guys. Kind words = more mods! I have Remgain and MikeT to thanks for making my mods CMMOS compatible. With regards to the twinkling effect, that happens most when the mod has a lot of rivets, as they often get a little too sharpened and bright, but I'm working on new techniques that still give the metallic effect but reduce the twinkling. I don't really get much twinkling on my machine, but I can see why it would happen. Anyway, thanks again. As soon as I get a little free time I'll get back to modding! Joe
  8. I'm very grateful for www.cmmods.com. It's allowed me and many other modders the chance to let as many people as possible see and download our mods. It's a really useful site, so a big thankyou COG! Joe
  9. Eventually, all the panzergrau tanks and vehicles will be treated to the weathered and dusty look. There will also be a complete winter set. However, real life has temporarily pushed modding onto the back burner, but don't worry, Canon will return soon, with lots of lovely new mods! Joe
  10. There are two ways, depending on whether they are CMMOS compatible or not (I'm referring to graphical mods...sound etc may be different) If they are CMMOS (Combat Mission Modification Option Selector) compliant, then use CMMOS (from www.combatmissionhq.com) to install, following instructions with the program. If they are not CMMOS, simply copy the bmp files into the bmp folder in the Combat Mission directory Joe
  11. Flamingknives..I recognise your sig but I can't place it. Help me out, buddy! Joe
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