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  1. Download and install a program to unpack it. I use 7-Zip https://www.7-zip.org/
  2. Hunt is more like move to contact now. In CMx1 if I recall correctly, a hunt order didn't cancel. If the tank encountered an enemy and knocked it out, it would then continue on it's hunt movement.
  3. I'm fairly new to SF2, and I've seen this once, I imagine mostly due to keeping the vehicles away from enemy infantry, and perhaps partly due to just not noticing other times it may have happened. It was during the airfield mission in Task Force Thunder. I had broken in to the complex through a wall near the barracks, and as my Strykers with mounts entered and encountered EI at close range, two grunts in the back popped up and let loose, killing the enemy, at which point they dropped back down and closed the hatches. It was all 'TacAI'. Not selecting the wrong icon. It was pretty cool as I didn't know it was possible until then. In this case the troops in the Stryker took no return fire, but they do appear quite vulnerable when standing in the back. A 'batten-down' sort of command could prevent these unnecessary casualties.
  4. One shot, 1/3 kill is the sniper's motto isn't it? Interesting info, thanks for the report.
  5. +1 and sums up my thoughts succinctly and I've said here before that I would always play Iron if the on-call times were detached from the skill level setting. I hope that CMx3 goes this route. But still, I play on higher levels sometimes because I like how the spotting works. But in the largest scenarios and campaigns I tend to bump it down. A campaign like Devil's Descent though is always played on Iron. Right, these aren't difficulty levels in the traditional sense, and in some ways it's more difficult at the lower settings, especially when you're attacking, because as Bulletpoint said, the enemy can drop his fire missions more quickly, more reactively, and increasing the odds your men get caught in it.
  6. Shocked I tell ya. That didn't take long
  7. I'd be shocked if every CM'er hadn't fallen afoul of this. I sure have.
  8. Hey mate, did you ever get this squared away? I don't like to see posts like this go unanswered, but I don't have much advice. I suggest submitting a ticket at the help desk, they should be able to help. My first reaction was you're playing the demo, but you'd have at least the demo scenarios show. In my experience, most problems like this are linked to the install process, and frankly it's a bit archaic. But that's Combat Mission. For example one mistake I see often is folks attempting to install the game from the compressed downloaded files. Be sure to unpack them first before running the setup. Could have no bearing on your issues, but one thing to look for. I hope you've gotten it sorted, I see it's been nine days since you posted. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  9. Thanks mate, I grabbed it and installed it. It seems no one is quite sure if the updated versions of these campaigns are included in current downloads of the full game The download link in the OP does not work, but the one posted by Elvis three posts above does. Maybe replace it in the OP? When you hover your mouse over a link, the link appears in the lower left of the browser, and based on that the two links appear different.
  10. A friend asked me the same thing recently, and what I told him was if you want to play mostly head to head, get Black Sea. If single player, get SF2. Both games are good for either type of play though. In Black Sea the combatants are more evenly matched than SF2. Black Sea is also the most modern from a tech point of view. SF2 has lots of content, which is great for the player mostly battling the AI. Head to head players are more likely to use quick battles to arrange a good match, and the force balance is more important. SF1 content works fine in SF2 even if it hasn't been updated to take advantage of the changes or additions. So the entire library of Shock Force user made scenarios and campaigns can be played in SF2. Ideally, you'd get both, but if only one then it's a good guideline I think. I feel compelled to say again that both games are good for all types of play, but I do think they're a little better suited leaning one way or the other, given the forces on hand and the content that's been generated. Shock Force had a seven year head start after all.
  11. I grabbed the German campaign and the Marines from that link. Is the Marine campaign updated or different from the one included with SF2? Each of the downloads contains a MacOSX folder containing a 1kb .cam file. What is that? I mean, I know what system it's for, but why 1kb? What is it?
  12. This one you just posted works. Get it while it's hot boys!
  13. PM inbound Just tried with IE and same result Elvis, is this updated campaign included in current SF2 full game downloads? If so I have it as I just purchased it a couple weeks back.
  14. Good post, I know what you mean about medieval cavalry, and I've done the same, but not in this campaign. I didn't take too many risks really in this one. I sent the main effort on the right to clear the town starting with W. A full company of infantry, plus most of my armor. The other company worked themselves through the woods to the left, finding nothing, then I worked them through a ditch to reach a copse of wood, which in turn lead to the ditch the AT guns were in. The cannister greeting convinced me it was a bad job and I left them alone and never got my armor anywhere near the crossroads objective, and the second company was now sorta stuck and didn't do much afterwards. After clearing W, I then moved in to Stary Jankow but ran out of time and scored a minor.
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