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  1. Does anyone know where I could get this game? I would like to try it on the pc thanks
  2. Hi Guys, I revived this thread since I decided to try the game after a long time. Wow, very slow, I did run the game as admin, windows xp3 compatible and it seems to run a little better. Any other suggestions? I am using a nvidia 1070 card, I just went back into the game, playinga tiny map and wow this game doesn't move that fast as it used to. I just tried the afrika korp game as well. slow and choppy a little better after doing the alt-tab in the scenario but way different than the old days. Too bad the game is not running on the new machine like it did back in the day.
  3. Thanks I will experiment a little and try some of them
  4. i got cmbb to start up in right resolution but no scenarios are evident I got both games to work and I just moved the scenarios over into the folder. It looks like the problem might have been the alt + tab situation. I have the two disks loaded up as iso's and I did install the game into the program files folder which is the default. I am not sure if this was the trick with the alt tab but something happened all of a sudden for the game to work. I am going to try this on my other machine with windows 10 to see if I have the same problem. I'll give a report this weekend
  5. Okay, got the game to start with the music and then messing with the demo and the actual game I get the message that screen resolution needs to be 800x600?
  6. hi schrull and others, I was able to extract the files onto the desktop into a folder. However, when trying to start version 1.0 , doesn't work. Tried to install patch 1.01 and it loaded until this error message Extracting Battlefront webpage.url that was as far as it would get. I installed CMAK and it installed and the patch wouldn't install entirely with an error message coming up an error occurred while trying to replace the existing file delete file failed; code5 access is denied it looks to be some problem with windows 7 and this game, not sure still?
  7. I have had this game since the beginning and would finally like to try it. However, I often found the playing of the game more difficult than Cmbb with the playing aid. What do you guys suggest as far as movement arrows and bells and whistles to have in while playing. I like to play wego and I also have cm Normandy, Afghanistan, RT of course and maybe the new Final Blitzkrieg. Thanks and anything that helps with playing is appreciated
  8. I always liked the colored bases underneath the units. Does the game have this ability?
  9. Cool post, I went to reagent and took a bunch of pictures, maybe I can scan them and post.
  10. What's the easiest method for c copying the files to the hd? The files are a Cmbb installer?
  11. I have the original disk and I will try again as in. I had this darn game on the computer and I wish I kept it on the hard drive. First thing is to get this installed correctly without the errors coming up. I will try again this afternoon and place it in a different folder. I do have the Cmbb disk as an iso so I don't have to worry about the disk check. However, is that still relevant anymore. I'll also try cmak to see if that gives the same problem. I just like the simplicity of Cmbb and the gameplay. Thanks for your suggestions. When figured out, ill post so others can figure out faster
  12. I had this show up Extracting Scenarios\Kruglowka Railway.cmf CRC failed in Scenarios\Kruglowka Railway.cmf Extracting Scenarios\Magnuszew Bridgehead.cmf CRC failed in Scenarios\Magnuszew Bridgehead.cmf Extracting Scenarios\Mobile Defense.cmf CRC failed in Scenarios\Mobile Defense.cmf Extracting Scenarios\Penny Packets.cmf CRC failed in Scenarios\Penny Packets.cmf Extracting Scenarios\Siberian Devils.cmf CRC failed in Scenarios\Siberian Devils.cmf Extracting Scenarios\To the Volga.cmf CRC failed in Scenarios\To the Volga.cmf I mounted the cd with magic iso
  13. I used to have the game working on this Windows 7, 64 bit computer. I deleted the game a few months ago and decided to reinstall. I place the CD in the drive and click on the installer line. It detracts the files and then it stops right near the end of the install. Another box comes up with a error message. It doesn't say what the error is. I installed into the default directory that it shows when asking for the install. I can't figure this one out. I must have had this problem last time and fixed it. I also disabled the anti virus as well. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated, my system runs everything and I might try to install cmak and cmbo to see if it has the same problem
  14. I have an original CMBB cd and tried to install the program with the 3 patches and running into problems getting the entire disk to install. I am using Windows 7 and I used to have the game loaded but forgot how to reinstall. It just doesn't install the program. I am using the default directory and tried to first install it on a different drive with the same problem. What do you guys think for a windows 7 install
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