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  1. Whew. That's a good size battle. I'm working on one with a roughly 1 battalion and a couple armored companies apiece with some extra stuff for the attacker and it's slow enough. My machine isn't as big. 1.4 256DDR GF3. I've never tried it on another machine so I don't know if it's slow or not by comparison. I wonder if craters, trenches and obstacles contribute to computation time?? Maybe some experiments are in order. I'll try yours when it's done.
  2. Well, you do make a good point there. I guess I may not appreciate the extent to which SD is browsed. I will admit that being able to look at just about every user made scen in one site is certainly a bonus. I think I'm more concerned with being buried beneath a deluge. Anyway I was just curious. This wasn't an attack on anyone or any web site, just a question for scenario designers. What's really important is where the players are going to be looking. If nobody is going to other sites it's a waste of time to post them elsewhere. Admiral Keth, I hope you didn't think this was a slam against your site. If so then my apologies. Especially since I will have a half a dozen scens to upload within a few weeks !!! [ January 10, 2003, 02:24 PM: Message edited by: Master Dullard aka flyingcursor ]
  3. xerxes what are the disadvantages? I am not criticizing SD at all. I have old CMBO scens there as a matter of fact. I'm just saying that for maximum exposure, multiple sites seem the way to go. As for disadvantages of multiple site uploads the only one I can see is different upload requirements can be bothersome. [ January 10, 2003, 11:27 AM: Message edited by: Master Dullard aka flyingcursor ]
  4. I'll try it. In fact I was trying to get more info on that particular little battle for my own scenario. flyingcursor@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. I am wondering why everyone goes to Scenario Depot exclusively? Scenario depot isn't the only place to get scenarios. Both combatmission.com and wargamer.com have uploads. It doesn't make sense to use just one if you want to be seen. I can't believe there are so many scens on Scen Depot and yet only 6 at wargamer.com. I know I want mine on as many sites as possible. If 50 people upload 50 scens on one site, the first few are going to be buried. When I get them finished.
  6. Scenario depot isn't the only place to get scenarios. Both combatmission.com and wargamer.com I can't believe there are so many scens on Scen Depot and yet only 6 at wargamer.com. I know I want mine on as many sites as possible. If 50 people upload 50 scens on one site, the first few are going to be buried. When I get them finished.
  7. I would have thought that since the game itself belongs to the publisher then any scenarios would also be property of the publisher. In fact this came up on another game forum once and it was made clear that nobody but the publisher owned anything associated with the game including user made scenarios. Now Steve implies that the creator of a scenario has an implicit copyright. Amazing. Anyway I always ask first just out of courtesy and I prefer to be asked. However I haven't uploaded any scenarios yet.
  8. In all my years of studying history I have never seen any historical work that does not, even in the smallest way, the ethnic/cultural/social/political bias of the writer. Or whether they were on the winning or losing side. No matter how sincere the author, there is always a slant. Even if that slant is merely their personal approach to history. That doesn't pertain to only to secondary sources. Read the trials of Joan of Arc. Who wrote them? US Civil war OR's, or AAR's from any other war. The bias can be even more pronounced in the case of defeat where the writer rarely wants to take the blame. Consider two authors who write about the first two years of the Great Patriotic War. Author A asks "Why did the USSR suffer such catastrophic early setbacks?" Author B asks, "How did the USSR turn early catastrophic setbacks into ultimate victory?" Each of these authors is going to emphasize those things which will best answer their respective questions. In the case of high ranking officer memoirs I never ever accept them as gospel. That doesn't only apply to German/Soviet authors either. Omar Bradley, Eisenhower and Patton all single handedly won the war. In fact there are books that are utter nonsense. For example "The Canvas Falcons". But I dismiss it not because of any political affiliation of the author but because it doesn't match facts as evidenced in numerous other pieces of material. Just take a look at the difference in the style of writing between WWI, WWII and Vietnam. Look at the style of post WWI German authors and post WWII. Notice the similarity between German post WWI writing and US post Vietnam. That's my two cents. BTW One of the best books I've read about the influence of culture on historical war writing is "The Great War and Modern Memory" by Paul Fussell.
  9. I've noticed the opposite problem. I've seen tanks shoot MG's like crazy but not open up with the big guns even when they have plenty of HE rounds. I've also noticed the comfortable tank syndrome. They will sit in one spot. I have noticed that they will move toward the VL if it's owned by the opposing player.
  10. Anything by Glantz is good. Put "In Deadly Combat" in with Glantz's "Leningrad" and you have enough scenario material for awhile. I just started volume 1 of John Erikson's two volume set. "The Road to Stalingrad". Both of these cover things primarily from a Soviet viewpoint
  11. Sodded off twice after my first peng post. I feel honored....sniff...sniff.
  12. I've never posted on a PENG thread before. I heard there was a lot of gratuitous flirting. It's scary. Mysterious. Somewhat liberating.
  13. Abbott, I've been working on the ASL maps for a week or so. I'll try your conversions. Question. Have you a standard formula for translating hex to square? That's been my biggest problem.
  14. Ah. The memories. The thing I didn't like about Kampfgruppe was no stacking limit. I'd just pile them all on one square and blast my way in. Besides at that time I had an Amiga and the graphics and sound for Kampfgruppe were not even close to what could be done with that machine at the time. Another good one was 'Russia at War' by SSI (or SSG). Corps level Eastern Front. I played that on the Amiga as well. Does anyone remember "Universal Military Simulator?" What a horrible game. [ December 19, 2002, 07:27 AM: Message edited by: Master Dullard aka flyingcursor ]
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