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  1. justgazgaz

    pbem cmbn

    pm sent back i find it a bit disapointing that this is the mp community, its like a graveyard here.
  2. justgazgaz

    pbem cmbn

    looking for a pbem, at least 1 turn per day, ideally more, small battles, combined arms, pm me
  3. justgazgaz

    TCP/IP Game

    im in the uk too, and looking for tcp/ip, mail me @ gazkjones@gmail.com and we can sort something out
  4. im a little disheartened by the lack of multiplayer, this series never had lots of multiplayer action but cmbb and cmak certainly had more. anyway, im looking for a smallish pbem game, at least 1 turn per day, and regular tcp/ip games.
  5. may i just add,i play il2(FB AEP PF) on full real and sh 3 on 100% so i not wanting an arcad expierience
  6. i just got this game,and i thought i was quite good at complicated games,i play a lot of flight sims ans sub sims,and also some other tank sims,but this just seems so hard and almost inaccesible,the controls are not so good,the manual i got with my copy is some in english then some in french(should be all english but they didnt translate)i tried the training missions but they just seem to leave u to get on with it,is it worth perservering???is this the best tank sim out there???can anyone offer me any help to get me on the right track(or tracks)??? thx
  7. lazy muppet?? i typed that whilst i was in my local library,on a timed system,it was nothing to do with lazyness,i was busy doing other more important things to do with real life(it does exist),hoping that perhaps i would have got a quick answer rather than trawling through other threads. as for calling me a lazy muppet flaming knives,ive checked all ur recent posts and threads and if u wanna start calling people names from the safety of your computer desk then heres one for u NERD!!!!
  8. Hi havent posted or looked at these forums for a while,so im sorry if this is a lame question.... is CM:SF actually out yet?? and if not then how come there r so many posts about it??? some of u guys play testing it??? thx
  9. In my opinion CMBO/CMBB are the kind of games people out there(me included)buy a PC for,how would you feel if NINTENDO released a game called MARIO BROTHERS D-DAY DREAMWORLD?(or something similar).Where mario and luigi where driving round in bubble tanx that fired bubbles at creatures made to look like germans.games should stick to the market it is made for,what advertising slogan would BTL use?"hey kids,are you ready for another history class,time to use your brain(if they have one)and not bash your buttons on your pad."most console gamers wouldnt know a panzer from a pansy(most,not all)
  10. why would he need to have a line of site to the pre determined point? all he would need to do is order the strike in,the coordinates would already be at the firebase. -War is fantastic to those whom have never been in one-
  11. Is there a patch going to be released for the CDV version?if so when,as i wont be able to play online till i have it. justgazgaz@hotmail.com
  12. i downloaded the mod manager and whenever i start it up it asks me to point to my CMBB executable which i do,when i start it up again it asks the same thing.is this normal?also i downloaded some rulesets and the mods for it but when i came to play nothing had changed.i cant seem to find any instructions for the mod manager so can someone please enlighten me on how to use it. gaz UK -They wont let us write f**k on our helmets because its obscene,yet they train us to drop fire on people-
  13. thanks for that guys a great help. Deutschland Uber Alles
  14. That would be real good,we would have the oppurtunity for the germans to be succesful at stalingrad and the chance to see if anyone has a better military mind than Paulus? Deutschland Uber Alles
  15. can someone please tell me what kind of mods i can download for CMBB what they do and where i can get them?.............also is there a patch comin out and when? gaz U.K justgazgaz@hotmail.com
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