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  1. I'm not pessimistic about the future of quality wargames like CM. Look at the amount of serious, new books on ww2 lately. After a long time of copying each other's nonsense, a new generation of historians are publishing books that really add something new to our understanding of war and history. Not for the hoi polloi either, but still enough people who are willing to spend a lot of money on these books. Same goes for CM, I think.
  2. I was indeed wrong about your sexual orientation. My apologies. 🤣 And you did get Rinaldi! He even gave you a Like. How sweet is that! You know what? I will also give you a Like. Little boys like you can use all the support they can get at your age.
  3. Yeah, sounds familiair, doesn't it? Middle ground? Hmm, let me think. Vietnam perhaps? They sure did. But not the first and certainly not the last of your presidents who blundered his way through history. I'm curious whether you can read. I said that the Russians, backing the communist government, had the best chance of stabilizing Afghanistan, especially when the West and Pakistan hadn't interfered. I didn't say it would have been easy or even succesful. I understand the thought of chatting with a woman without having to pay for it, excites you, but no, sorry. 😀
  4. Agreed. But let's not forget the support from the US. Without that no Taliban. Talking about the chicken and the egg... No, we're not just in a thread about the Soviets leaving Afghanistan. We're also in a thread about how difficult it is to stabilize the country. Without the West and Pakistan supporting the Mujahideen the Russians would perhaps have been able to do so. NATO certainly isn't. So the only thing that is weird is your comment. Especially as this discussion really started to heat up after someone said that the Taliban is 'the best bet' for Afghanistan. But perhaps you also agree with that? Quite a few and more than I can remember. See below. Apart from that I spoke to lots of Afghans and other people who where there and know more about it than you and me together. The Wars of Afghanistan: Messianic Terrorism, Tribal Conflicts, and the Failures of Great Powers Afgantsy: The Russians in Afghanistan, 1979-89 The Great Gamble: The Soviet War in Afghanistan Taliban: The Power of Militant Islam in Afghanistan and Beyond Farewell Kabul: How the West Ignored Pakistan and Lost Afghanistan
  5. PM anwered. 😀 I'm not saying that the Soviets could have prevented the rise of the Taliban, but they were more up to the task than NATO ever was or will be. War against the Taliban has to be completly ruthless in order to achieve victory and the West most certainly is nog capable of that. We're too soft and too sensitive of media and public opinion. So if there ever was a power that could have beaten the Taliban, it would have been the Russians.
  6. Can you please give me your phone number? My wife likes to speak to you. Yes, she's from Afghanistan. Refugee. Same as the rest of her family.
  7. Is this a secret message perhaps? 😛
  8. Superb work, McIsle. A town to kill for.
  9. It's Afghanistan. Everybody hates everybody. But only a Soviet backed communist government could have stopped the Taliban.
  10. And with them the last hope for a stabile Afghanistan.
  11. True, but Brabant, Gelderland and Limburg also have quite a few windmills. Interesting find indeed.
  12. Great job, I especially love those Poppy fields.
  13. I think that's an impressive modification. Looks so much better now. I'm curious whether it changes the behaviour of the AI pathfinding.
  14. Thank you, Falaise. This was one of the few things I didn't like in the editor too. Great find!
  15. Interesting thread. Personally I think most people/soldiers kill out of love for what/who they hold dear and want to preserve/protect, sooner than just an instinct or skill to kill.
  16. Well said. Personally I still love the graphics and I don't know any games that even come close to CM, let alone have better graphics. If CM2 would not exist, I wouldn't be playing other wargames, but would still be playing CM1. CM is a rare breed and there's simply nothing to replace or succeed it. The current rate of production worries me though, but let's hope that's going to change this year. I'm 55 now and I hope to be able to play CM for another 55 years.
  17. Command Ops gives you the base game for FREE, including several great scenarios. The DLC is worth every penny. The small but active community also produces nice scenarios (about Caen for instance) and mods for free. It's a great game with lots of potential (perhaps Eastern front in the future). I also don't get what you say about repaying. Doesn't make sense to me.
  18. Yeah, Benpark, why don't you? Instead of giving away likes for silly comments. After all the waiting we would like to see a decent bone instead of yet another tiny bone fragment covered with some riddles.
  19. With regard to a pack for CMRT. I'd say forget the Hungarians and Romanians and chose the Finns. I loved them in CMBB. Amount of work is doable and also the terrain/buildings won't cause too much trouble.
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