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  1. No, sorry, it already is released in 2017. But you can find it on Amazon. Make sure you chose the series, not the much shorter movie.
  2. I think the whole series will be released on DVD via Amazon this month.
  3. That argument has being used too many times and it not valid, als many, many people already have tried to explain over the past years. And the lack of information hasn't exactly been doing wonders for your production so far. So no, I definitely wouldn't want to keep things as they are.
  4. That part of the discussion isn't about the world being flat or not. And Steve seems to agree with more I'm saying than he cares to admit. His remarks about packs instead of modules confirm that. Personally I would prefer packs over modules, if that means we can have them on a more regular base.
  5. Now that's what I call a war movie. Makes my blood run faster. And makes me long for a Finland module more than ever.
  6. Indeed. A European company would have made other choices. But from an American point of view I understand their choices. Point is that we aren't all American. If you 'do' North Africa you HAVE to include the Brits. It was their victory.
  7. I'm sure we all agree on that. I also would love to see a Fulda Gap game, a Russian invasion of Finland or Sweden or some other possible or far fetched modern CM. Fact is that BF didn't succeed in finding a way to produce games and modules on a regular base, as they intended years ago. So something has to change. Yes, there are many WW2 games, but very few on CM scale and they don't come close to CM. Personally besides CM I only play Command Ops 2, Atlantic Fleet, Panzer Campaigns, IL-2 and some other games that are VERY different from CM. In other words, if BF isn't going to give us what we want, nobody is.
  8. I hope you're right , really. But I'm not optimistic. I think BF could do worse than starting to listen to the community more. I don't think Italy ever has been very popular among the forum members. North Africa/Tunesia would have been a better choice. In my opinion BF should concentrate more on the Eastern front. Lots of people would like to see a 1941-1942 Eastern front CM. Personally I would prefer 1943-1944. Kursk for example would be great basic game to start with. Everybody knows and loves Kursk. Lots of interesting modules are possible for the Eastern front, like the Winter war and the Finns, the Stalingrad period, Cherkassy 1944 etc. etc. Same for North Africa. They could be produced much faster, make more cash and keep everybody happy. Think more commercial, don't be too ambitious, just take the money for a well made module and move over to the next module. Ignore the perfectionists. They will never be happy. Give the modding community more to work with, a lot of these guys are so incredibly gifted and devoted, they will fill in the details for you. You've already lost too many of those guys over the years. Just my two cents, but I know that I'm not alone in my opinion. You have the best wargame ever made and still websites like Wargamer hardly ever mention you, or just post some bad screenshots. They even make jokes about your release dates. Food for thought. And last, but by no means least. Do something about your PR. Post regular information and screenshots on the forum. Keep us informed about your progress. Form a team of volunteers to post short AAR's or something. It will attract many forum members and publicity.
  9. An amazing jump? ๐Ÿคจ You guys finishing a module in less than 5 months? Don't make me laugh.
  10. Well, they don't execute you posthumous without a good reason.
  11. It does. We can all forget about a release of the CMRT module this year, but it does. Perhaps you could consider developing CM in partnership with Slitherine as well. That way we don't have to wait for modules so insanely long.
  12. Great, John, more Russian BS. They even blame the Germans for Katyn...more lies, just what we needed.
  13. Thank you. Great stuff. Really looking forward to the end of this year.
  14. Okay, false alarm, folks, false alarm. Sorry about that.
  15. Yes. please make some research, my friend. BF can be rather sneaky with regard to screenshots though. ๐Ÿ˜€
  16. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Waffen SS, Russian soldiers with camo uniforms...Those are screenshots from the new module, aren't they?๐Ÿ˜›
  17. And please don't waste time on Rumanians or Hungarian. Just give us Finns!
  18. Well, as Elvis said there's a difference between being passionate and being vicious (not his exact words). Calling someone a liar is vicious. Can't blame you guys for trying to make a living. You would have to be bonkers not to grab such an opportunity. Just hoping you don't get too many. ๐Ÿ˜€
  19. He thinks you are lying about the endless delays. Pretty obvious to me. Can't really blame him for that, although I resent his tone. Personally I don't think you are lying, just not telling us everything, but then again, why should you? It all makes perfect sense. Business is business.
  20. And Eastern Prussia, Silesia, Saxony, Hungary etc.etc.
  21. Great minds think alike. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, that would be awesome. Also imagine bodies in front of the trenches or between the foxholes. If we can have burning and destroyed vehicles, why not fallen soldiers.
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