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  1. Fanatic bad guys or not, the Germans fought like lions...
  2. Extremely interesting stuff, Kaunitz. Pity about the english synchronization. I was hoping to find more Frontschau videos, but couldn't.
  3. It sure does look awesome. Never ceases to amaze me how good this game looks. Thank you for your trouble, Sarge.
  4. If you like the battle of Berlin then don't forget to buy the reprint of Hamilton's "Bloody Streets" coming January. Prices for the first edition have gone through the roof, but the reprint is reasonably priced, it seems. His books on the Oder front are also top notch. Bad guys or not, the Germans fought like lions.
  5. Would you mind giving me some (short) description of the German scenarios? No need for details, just a short summary. Some interesting scenarios would be worth the money for me.
  6. Yes, if you approach it like that, I understand your point of view. Especially given the low number of scenarios made by 3rd party scenario makers.
  7. Thank you. Well, for the moment I remain unconvinced to buy this module. Perhaps later. On the other hand, still so much to play and explore in the other games and modules. Perhaps I'll wait for the CMRT module. Whenever that will be.
  8. I'm struggling to convince myself that this module is worth buying. I've bought all CM games so far, although I never play CMBS and seldom CMSF2. My sense of loyalty towards BF isn't what it used to be after the endless delay. So buying it without a good reason is out. Winter in Italy is interesting, but not interesting enough for me. Brazilians, Indians etc. don't interest me at all. Goumiers might have, but they are unfortunately not in. The role of Waffen SS in Italy was small, so that's also not a good reason for me to buy this module. What about the campaigns and scenarios? Can anyone give me some details on the German campaign and German scenarios?
  9. And an excellent one. Would love to see that in the game. Never liked those low walls.
  10. This is practically a promise for next week, so let's hang in there a little bit longer.
  11. I'm not recommending the site. Everyone can see that they have a thirst for cheap sensation. But the articles i've referred to contain the truth about what happened in Italy and German cities like Stuttgart. Don't need Grabert Verlag for that. There are enough sources that confirm these crimes. If mentioning that makes me a nazi apologist, than i kindly ask to be banned from this site. Waste of time and energy. This site ain't a shadow of what it used to be anymore, with a bunch of self declared moderators who suffocate any normal, open discussion and make more and more people leave. Freedom of speech, my dutch ass. This is the 21st century umlaut, everything is now a mix of lies and truth. Salute.
  12. Not going to risk getting banned by posting an answer to shut your big mouth, mate. Start with reading the two books by Thomas Goodrich if you dare. Hellstorm and Summer 1945. Nobody is as blind as he who doesn't want to see. Not going to say more than that. Probably too much already, but so be it.
  13. It's a dirty and ungrateful job, but someone has to provide links like that. Raping a woman is in my eyes the most vile and cowardly act a man can commit. It makes you no longer a soldier, but a thug and a criminal. Good to hear that you have the objectivity to appreciate the information. I have the same attitude toward dutch war crimes in the Netherlands Indies after ww2. I hate to read it, but it happened. And again often provoked or at least facilitated by the chaos, hate and misery that war brings.
  14. Yes, a weak attempt at humor. I was massacred earlier on in a cmrt battle, that always ruins my sense of humor. Lost five Panthers in three minutes.
  15. In case i misunderstood you, i do apologize. Thought you were irritated by my remark, but perhaps i'm wrong.
  16. Don't be so modest, you don't have much to learn on b.s. anymore.
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