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  1. I feel ashamed to ask this question, guys, but when can we expect this great mod? Really looking forward to this. 🙂

    Yeah, bought the module. 😬 Mainly for this mod. In the coming weeks I have other gaming obligations, but during the Holidays it would be great to have the Goumiers in the module.


  2. 32 minutes ago, mjkerner said:

    Well, of a sort, Aragorn.😀

    As for language, they’ll be speaking French by default, which works good enough for me, but I’m going to try importing Syrian voices from CMSF2. That should work pretty good for those of us who don’t speak Arabic anyway.  (The Moroccan dialect would be different, but they are both Arabic speakers.)

    Sounds very promising, mj. They may have been ruffians, but they do belong in this module. Great work on your part and much appreciated. Also for me the reason i was looking for to buy this module.

  3. 4 hours ago, MikeyD said:

     They provided more scenarios in the module than originally promised and they all play very well. The new 'Northern Italy' region has a change in building facades making the game look different. This is the first of the CM titles to push to war's end. The Germans, Americans and Brits see an influx of late war vehicles. 10th Mountain Division and Gebrigsjagers of 4th Independent Mtn Division butt heads - on a snow-covered mountaintop! The last time anyone fought over a snow-covered mountain in CM was CM:Afghanistan. Gameplay is different from '43 Sicily or the flatlands of Russia or forested Ardennes. As for 'star battles', pushing through the Apennines and into the Po valley is hardly a minor feat. Two of the CM titles are entirely fictional, R2V module at least has a firm historical basis.


    So how many scenarios are there?

  4. 4 hours ago, Anonymous_Jonze said:

    Fire and rubble sounds really cool. I can't wait to defend the ruins of Berlin with volksturm.

    If you like the battle of Berlin then don't forget to buy the reprint of Hamilton's "Bloody Streets" coming January. Prices for the first edition have gone through the roof, but the reprint is reasonably priced, it seems. His books on the Oder front are also top notch.

    Bad guys or not, the Germans fought like lions.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

    @Aragorn2002  I thought it would be the units that appealed to me most, but thus far it's been the scenarios.....All the scenarios I've tried so far have been really good, the maps are nice, the conditions are 'different', the units are novel.....It's CM:FI, but not like you've played it before.  B)


    Would you mind giving me some (short) description of the German scenarios? No need for details, just a short summary. Some interesting scenarios would be worth the money for me.

  6. 2 hours ago, slysniper said:

    For me, I could care less about which units I have or what time frame, I look for being given a battle that I have not played before that gives me a different type of challenge than what I have had to deal with in the past.

    That can be done with one of a kind terrain, units with a different mix of weapons from what I am accustomed to playing with and things like that.

    In that sense, this module delivers

    Yes, if you approach it like that, I understand your point of view. Especially given the low number of scenarios made by 3rd party scenario makers.


  7. 52 minutes ago, Anonymous_Jonze said:

    Doesn't look likes there is a German campaign. There's a US campaign as the 10th Mountain Division and a South African one as the 6th Armored. It sounds like you have good reasons not to try this one out. The SS are definitely in it, but as it is Italy its more defined by the use of the Fallschirmjaeger. Fortress Italy being my favorite game it was kind of a no brainer for me to pick this one up. Also the Brazilians are actually really fun to play, they're like US light infantry with bolt actions.

    Thank you. Well, for the moment I remain unconvinced to buy this module. Perhaps later. On the other hand, still so much to play and explore in the other games and modules. Perhaps I'll wait for the CMRT module. Whenever that will be.

  8. I'm struggling to convince myself that this module is worth buying. I've bought all CM games so far, although I never play CMBS and seldom CMSF2. My sense of loyalty towards BF isn't what it used to be after the endless delay. So buying it without a good reason is out. Winter in Italy is interesting, but not interesting enough for me. Brazilians, Indians etc. don't interest me at all. Goumiers might have, but they are unfortunately not in. The role of Waffen SS in Italy was small, so that's also not a good reason for me to buy this module. What about the campaigns and scenarios? Can anyone give me some details on the German campaign and German scenarios?

  9. 17 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

    Sorry guys, they were cut way back in 2016 in an effort to get this thing done.  A few other things were cut at the same time and not added back in when we picked up development again after CMSF2 was released.  I double checked our webpages and didn't see any mention of them, but maybe I missed a spot?

    For the record, Goumiers were cut because they required new models, textures, and tailored TO&E.  As we were already struggling with the totality of such force specific customizations we decided a line needed to be drawn or we'd never get the dang'd thing done.  Even with the cuts it seemed like we'd never finish.  But we did!



  10. 32 minutes ago, umlaut said:

    Realistic? Really?
    Some of the sources of this site are the books published by the Grabert Verlag. This was a publishing company founded by the former NSDAP member Herbert Grabert. They are called right wing extremists and Holocaust deniers by the german internal intelligence agency "Verfassungsschutz".


    I'm not recommending the site. Everyone can see that they have a thirst for cheap sensation. But the articles i've referred to contain the truth about what happened in Italy and German cities like Stuttgart. Don't need Grabert Verlag for that. There are enough sources that confirm these crimes. If mentioning that makes me a nazi apologist, than i kindly ask to be banned from this site. Waste of time and energy. This site ain't a shadow of what it used to be anymore, with a bunch of self declared moderators who suffocate any normal, open discussion and make more and more people leave. Freedom of speech, my dutch ass.

    This is the 21st century umlaut, everything is now a mix of lies and truth. Salute.

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