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  1. Looks great. Looking forward to your work.
  2. Soviet tanks will be very welcome! And what kind of decals are you planning on? I like your work, 2125, and it's good to see talented modders join the community. Your welcome may have been a bit frosty (for understandable reasons to be fair), but we can use fresh blood here. In my opinion your work is top notch!
  3. Thank you. Would it be possible to have a seperate download for the 251 series and Russian and German guns please? And are you planning to improve winter trees? They are quite good already, but there is room for improvement.
  4. As always your words are like a beacon in the darkness.
  5. Thief is also active on Steam for quite a long time. And the Panther and StuG files he kindly allowed me to dl are okay. So, no guarantees, but I think he's an asset to this community. Besides, someone with bad intentions wouldn't 'admit' he's Russian and wouldn't have chosen this name. I think. But these are bad times for an honest Russian, Thief, so bare with us please. 😀
  6. Don't have the time to take a look at it right now, but I wonder whether it is included in CMFB.
  7. Is the 8.8 cm Raketenwerfer 43 included in CMRT? And if so where?
  8. I did. I can see something happens when I hit the dl-button, but no file is downloaded. Perhaps someone else had another experience?
  9. 😀 Yes, i did get that far. But nothing happens when I click on 2.
  10. This link. I can't seem to find out how to download.
  11. Mord, or Lethaface. In what differs a i7 7700K from a i7 7800X? And why is that K so important?
  12. Thief, can you also please make a seperate download for the StuG III series?
  13. Thanks, Mord. If that isn't the ultimate recommendation I don't know what is.
  14. Ha! Ik heb een AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor, dus dan weet je het wel 😀 Er werd mij gegarandeerd dat het een monster was. Dat klopte ook wel, maar niet in de goede zin van het woord . Maar ja, ik heb hem al weer een hele tijd, dus tijd voor iets beters.
  15. Much appreciated Lethaface, thank you. My nightmare is to buy an expensive pc, just to come to the conclusion that the performance of CM has hardly improved. I will buy with more confidence once I know for certain that the system can handle it.
  16. Very impressive, Lethaface. Curious to know how the Ring der 5. Panzerdivision performs with your system.
  17. Looks like smooth going indeed, Mord. That's the performance I'm looking for.
  18. Did you guys ever tried the really big scenarios like for example Der Ring der 5. Panzerdivison (CMRT) or CW Schnelle Truppen Angriff (CMBN) and do they run smoothly on your system? Because that's what I'm aiming for, to run the biggest battles fluently.
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